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Title: Melchionda Network partnership
Post by: MIP on August 13, 2019, 04:07:07 AM
I got this contact in Discord:

Melchionda Network here. How are you doing? Nice to meet you.

I am the CEO of Cryptoselfmade, we host Masternodes with one click and want to support and have a partnership
with Biblepay. I think your Node has a good growth potencial. Let me introduce myself a little bit so you can know
me better. My name is Emanuele and the people know me as Melchionda Network on YouTube. We have a lot of clients
worldwide, specially in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and US. Actually we host over 130 different Masternode Coins.

My references are Masternode Pro - we have an official paid partnership together. Actually i have over 1800 Subscribers
on Youtube and all are Masternode Enthusiasts. Cryptoselfmade has already a partnership with,
Block Logic, Beacon, Birake, Snowgem, Bitgreen and we are expanding fast now.

You see here the reference and official post that we have an official partnership:

What we can offer:

Interviews in 3 languages
Video updates for Biblepay in 3 languages
Bringing other investors for Biblepay
Implement Biblepay on our Hosting Platform (We have over 1800 hosted nodes)
Writing Blog Articles in german/spanish for Biblepay

If you are interested in a longterm partnership write me a message. Looking forward to it. Thanks a lot.

My answer:

We are currently insterested in Hosting Platforms
but we are low on budget lately so we can't afford expensive listing fees

Concersation continues:
@MIP thanks for your fast response.
Today i wrote with Togo and i wrote with him about a partnership.
I can list your coin for free on our platform and as exchange we work
long term as partners together.

Does it sounds good for you?
i will bring new investors in, make interviews with you,
the same as i do with plenty projects.

for one biblepay masternode.

would love to work on long term with you guys

I checked the website and was not really impresed, maybe because I tend not to trust in any site that has "MLM" on it.
But might be worth a try.

He's asking a BBP MN which is 4,5M. I told him that this is roughly our monthly IT budget, so it would be a better idea to split that in pieces (if this gets approved anyway).

Some other references:

Hi mate, tomorrow i will talk in the next crypto friday episode about Biblepay.


3d coin
Block Logic

What do you think? Opinions and feedback appreciated.