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Title: Masternodes.Pro Relisting Fund (Parts 2 and 3)
Post by: togoshigekata on November 16, 2018, 07:55:56 PM
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mnp_jaime Today at 11:41 AM

"Dear Team

As a reminder; your annual listing fee to is due. Listing renewals cost .10 BTC or equivalent in our native token MNPCoin. Your listing renewal to is greatly appreciated and we are continually working hard to make the site a great analytical tool for masternode coins and the communities that follow each of those coins.  We have many new features in development, and please keep in mind we will be raising our dues to 0.20 BTC in the near future so take advantage of our lower fees now.

If you wish to renew your listing with please email support at [email protected], or by visiting our discord channel atl:  and a member of our staff can assist with the renewal.Thank you for your time in advance, we appreciate your business and we hope you decide to keep your project on our platform; we look forward to hearing from you again soon."

"BIBLEPAY (BBP) Renew 12/20/2018"
"have grace period up to Jan 1st before it gets delisted"


Our next budget cycle should pay out November 29th, and I assume the next after that around December 27th?
Im worried how long it may take, if they may increase the price,

Also bad news, we missed out on the 10% discount promotion

Given the above Im requesting both parts 2 and 3 now so we can pay them right away

I have 375k already, worth $142 at current price of $0.00038 per BBP

0.1 Bitcoin at $5,567.99 = $556.79, so still need $414.79 / $0.00038 per BBP = 1,091,553 BBP

I am requesting 1,091,553 BBP from the PR budget


Our coin sticks out on,
on we are typically buried to the 3rd page
I think its still an okay investment
Title: Re: Masternodes.Pro Relisting Fund (Parts 2 and 3)
Post by: togoshigekata on December 01, 2018, 03:17:14 PM
Good news,

I was able to get 0.1 BTC from selling all the BBP coins (I did have to sell 50k BBP extra of my own coins)

MNP_Mike accepted direct Bitcoin payment, and confirmed receiving payment!

He also is offering us a free 7 days of banner advertising!
Desktop:   1000x60px
Mobile:     300x50px

I will probably need some help creating a banner if anyone is interested