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Oh to be a master node :(

Started TeamBiblepay on BOINC - WCG January 6, 2020. Crunched viruses, cancer, etc all summer. As a former ICU patient when I was just 27 and a lung surgery survivor - PODC appealed to me.

FF to today. I never stopped updating and testing, crunching, and running BiblePay. I finally figured out UTXO mining last week and staked my DOGE as well as two of my larger quantities of BBP, one with the DOGE and two solo - so I suppose three. I am not SELLING this coin, it is a project that hits home.

I love the development, the technological advances not only provide meaningful work for my poor Core i3 CPU, but enough for me to leave RandomX, BOINC Manager, etc running almost 24/7, stopping for short times when I have to use my only PC.

And I bought about 1/5 of what I've accrued in BBP, maybe more, having given much away for a guppie my size to donations and the various philanthropic projects you run on this project when I come across them.

But alas, here I am. I remember the first fork I had on July 4, 2019 and I thought I hit the mother load to make a difference. Turned out it helped me realize on the dot when I need to update software. And update I have. I don't wait to be reminded, I regularly check.

Rob, Sunk, MIP, Togo - everyone else I haven't named. You make this worth while. I just put what little cash I had into boosting my organic 670,000 BBP into the 850000 region. I feel I may never make it to master node. This coin is catching steam and why should it not - its Dash meets FIlecoin meets the core protocol of Bitcoin, plus Education, Monero merge Mining (fair CPU mining yields for all! Even my poor Intel Core i3 from 2017 --- I hope to make it to the top of that 4500001 mark because I wanna be here validating txs when the herd comes and joins us. I grew up Catholic, I am not a saint. In fact, God probably would put me on timeout the day I arrive in heaven, but my heart is pure - always had a soft spot for humanity.

Rebrand or not, keep the bible inside, it makes it special. Everything in Bitcoin is Genesis this, Exodus that anyway. We are involved in a top 10 project. Nothing and I mean nothing I run of all the coin daemons and platforms has the potential and ingenuity of this one. It's almost as though Rob, Sunk, the testers, MIP Togo and other devs have tied together the perfect vision.

And I'm thankful for that.

If you have ways for me to achieve masternode status by working hard toward it - feel free to float it by me in PM or email me at [email protected] I work as a developer with Devcoin, but if you need anyone to test software (I already do), market by writing reviews, or spread good word - I'd do it for free.

I only wish I got here in 2017 instead of the end of 2018. But I am happy never the less.

Thanks fellas. You are the type of people that lure me to projects. Sometimes I just can't take the greed in this space. The project and the vision will take care of the value in our pockets long run. I mean this project freaking Roku mined. Rob, you're ahead of your time brother.

Kind regards,

Daniel Treccia
Chicago, IL based dreamer

Oh and I have tons of Devcoins if you ever wanna use some for staking. I have a feeling our third altcoin ever created after Bitcoin (7.22.2011) will have its day. And I like to share. Checkout our genesis block and then checkout the one on BTC Block 0 on ;) - notice a similar P2PKH?? Haha.

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Hash: 0000000062558fec003bcbf29e915cddfc34fa257dc87573f28e4520d1c7c11e
Next Block: 000000002f751a5066b708d65240c63128183fb67e009027f52cac8a6eb4f81a
Height: 0
Version: 1
Transaction Merkle Root: e61339a40aa4e90e983fe0d64cf09eed5fa1e6eac227b6761f06ac7af1929baf
Time: 1311305081 (2011-07-21 23:24:41)
Difficulty: 1.000 (Bits: 1d00ffff)
Cumulative Difficulty: 1.000
Nonce: 3085127155
Transactions: 1
Value out: 50
Transaction Fees: 0
Average Coin Age: 0 days
Coin-days Destroyed: 0
Transaction Fee Size (kB) From (amount) To (amount)
e61339a40a... 0 0.225 Generation: 50 + 0 total fees [b]1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa: 50[/b]

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