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BiblePay TV - Alpha
« on: June 24, 2021, 01:41:50 PM »
I am pleased to announce BiblePay TV for ROKU. 

Note that this is still in Alpha and is configured for TestNet.

- BiblePay TV:  Allow users to watch God related videos
b.  Provide Content-Creator channels (IE @Pastor-Dave) for our future social media platform (this means that our social media creators will have channels, and under that, videos,
and they will be mirrored here automatically for more coverage).
c.  Ability for the Viewer to star rate a video so we can establish a rating (eventually) (not released yet)
d. Provide Church Channels - this will allow a church to mirror their content inside BiblePay TV as a Church Channel

- Sponsor an Orphan:
a.  Mirror our Orphan NFTs inside biblepay TV, so users can spend BBP on their TV set, and sponsor Orphans

- Wallet:
a.  Provide the ability to spend tBBP on NFTs
b.  Provide a mechanism to withdraw the BBP back to their wallet (this will be added very soon)
c.  Provide a mechanism to deposit tBBP into the TV

- PR/Advertising
a. Provide publicity for biblepay on 150MM tv sets.

How do I install BiblePay TV?

From a PC go to:

Our vanity access code is "biblepay".
Once added click your "HOME" screen on Roku and you should see the biblepay Logo.

** Note, we are still a private channel, meaning you have to manually add us with the link above.  We need 3000 subscribers to make it to the "big time", meaning then we would be part of the channel store (and would be public).

To get started sync your testnet wallet at home so you have tBBP (launch bbp with -testnet=1) or from windows click BiblePay Testnet Shortcut.

From Roku navigate to Wallet.
Send tBiblePay to your Roku wallet.

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