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I was told to post this here.

I have newest wallet from website from two days ago.  I sync'd and now trying to send just 30 K.  I have 660 K.

It says "Amount exceeds your balance".

Why is this and how can I send coins from my wallet?

Hi CB,
I hope you are doing good!

So just wanted to start this thread to help anyone else who may be having a similar issue.

First, ensure you are synced to the best block and that your block matches the chainz latest:
(On my win wallet for example, I do match 482641 and its corresponding hash).

If you are still having trouble sending, then follow these steps:
Next, back up your wallet.dat file, for insurance purposes that you have the original file.

Next, try restarting the wallet with:
./biblepay-qt -zapwallettxes=1

That will clear out any orphaned tx's that might be in your wallet, keeping it from trying to send invalid coins.

Finally, I just want to point out:
- Coins mined on a fork are automatically subtracted when you zap them, and are not legitimately owned (therefore removed) and are not spendable
- Your balance should include the total coins that you legitimately purchased from exchanges plus what you mined over the years

Once you establish that you can try re-sending your tx.

Ive been following the Craig Wright debacle over the last two months, and if anyone wants my humble opinion, I believe Wright is not Satoshi, he appears to be a fraud and does not know how to code.

There are no substantial features in BSV other than a couple block size enhancements (all credit to the original Bitcoin developers).  And somehow he's lucked out on creating a crypto worth 1.4B.  (Surprisingly with miners and users who still believe in it, even after he said recently that he Owns the industry).

My prediction for BSV is that it inexorably drops to .01 cent.

Here is an interesting rebuttal about Craig failing his CS class the same year Satoshi created bitcoin:

Finally, the main reason I posted this is to A) warn anyone in BSV to decide if they should get out, because imho, its a complete fraud and there is no value.
B) I see Craig is patenting 4,000 bitcoin related patents.  However the spirit of that endeavor is completely greedy and the opposite of Satoshis vision.  Satoshi wants an open source free blockchain that changes the world by decentralizing all the financial systems.  Craig wants to "own the ecosystem" so we have to pay him tolls whever we use any of these loosely related functions that he steals from existing coins.  I took a look at the first 20 patents and they are all written by the Bitcoin devs and appear to be stolen.  All credit to core Bitcoin devs.

All Glory to God for decentralized code and finance.  And thanks to God for revealing a technology that will be useful when people no longer trust the banks.

Hi Rob,

I still cant seem to get my Sanc out of invest mode.

I revive my sanc and also seem to be able to telnet in. Ports are all open on the router too.
Any ideas?
Can you plz give me your ip address and port and then I can confirm my telnet results from my machine to you?

Also, you have issued 'exec revivesanc sancname' and it did not throw an error, right?  (That should keep you unbanned for a certain number of blocks; what is POSE score now in the Sanctuaries page)?

Production Proposals / Feb 2024 orphan expenses cameroon-one
« on: January 27, 2024, 07:07:18 AM »
We currently sponsor 5 orphans from cameroon-one, and this proposal is for the primary payment to cameroon-one.

I am seeking 7MM bbp (approx $250) covering a high proportion of the orphans (we pay $40 per month for each orphan) and we still have an outstanding balance owed to Cameroon-one ~$500 for the last month of 35 orphans as of Jan 2024.

Payout going directly to cameroon-one: BHxAQBE9YfZNW2Cwv9jqQ9KQn8nxdbm9Z9
** Note, this is now Todd F's Bololex address, as SX went out of business, please keep on file for future **

when i click unchained it says duplicate bms is running.
I think we are losing a big swath of users by forcing them to have BBP core installed to view NFTs and use the phone features; so I am writing Unchained 2.0 that will work on the web again, then we wont necessarily need to use the core wallet.

Ill let you know as soon as its ready to be tested.

In the mean time I would just close the message and use the existing open browser.

Happy  new year everyone.

I would like to explain the current limitations in what we have now vs what I believe (imho) should be improved, and Id also like to get the community input on a few different ideas.

So first of all with the last 4 years of geopolitical activity, the fight for free speech and instability in the world, on the positive end it has initiated the impetus to write features that are freedom related (sharing files freely, communicating freely, social media features, videos, timelines, chain storage, chain linked storage etc).  On the downside, this huge influx of new features is hard to get right the first time around (IE we are constantly trying to improve them to finally settle on one foundation that works for the users and ultimately provides a valuable service people are willing to pay for - not in the form of software or fees, but either as an embedded part of biblepay or as pay as you go etc).  This is definitely true of our blockchain storage and video features, they were 'sort of cool' but just not really scalable or ready for public consumption.  Ive been working in the background to make a more stable architecture in all these areas.  A scalable connection to StorJ that would actually host data for biblepay but in a decentralized way, and then a front end service that would allow the user to see the data in the form of a video, a post or an attachment to a parent object.

One other area of interest that Oncoapop had mentioned are that NFTs are actually pretty weak in the sense that anyone can technically pull down the underlying image, and this is true as well for OpenSea and all the ERC-721 type NFTs; the NFT is really a succinct contract with a root TXID that can be sold user to user, but where the weakness is, is the inside package of that NFT is just metadata that lives on IPFS, and is malleable.  A good example of this would be if someone sells an NFT that points to an IPFS share and then later the originator takes down the URL; the image would actually disappear.  So this is an area where we can improve NFTs, if we spend some time making a thread about it and re-writing NFT 2.0 as a new spec (to make sure we cover all the bases), then we go at it and release NFT 2.0.  I was thinking NFT 2.0 could include software keys (for buying copies of software with registration codes in it) as well.  It could also point to an immutable file share rather than a malleable file share (something we can talk about in the ERP thread).

I plan on discussing a few ideas and then making a roadmap for 2024-2025 to keep us busy with releases.

So I have 3 primary ideas for 2024 and would like feedback on these:

1) A quantum resistant blockchain.  Quantum computers are real, and now you can buy them for $5k from China (with 4 qubits).  Its only a matter of time before a QC can crack a 256bit cryptokey.  One possible area of growth for us is if we decided to release one of the first quantum resistant wallets.  I was thinking one way we could accomplish this would be (for backwards compatibility sake, as I would not want anyone who holds BBP to lose it in the current form), is to release a feature where users are generally expected to move their primary BBP holdings (lets say the dormant amount) into a quantum resistant address.  This address would have special characteristics where BBP could not be moved out of it in the memory pool unless it satisfies a 16384 bit key length (for a quantum computer that would make it almost impossible to break). 

2) BBP ERP system.  This ERP would be the system that allows us to finish the true BBP sidechain 2.0 that was started, but not what I would consider to be finished.  The sidechain idea as is, provides a loosely coupled CockroachDB sidechain synced to BBP blocks and is basically "cool", but not entirely integrated as tightly as Ethereum is.  I am thinking what we need is to rewrite that with 100% coupling, that makes it impossible to advance the sidechain without a strong and durable full node synchronized hash;  what this gives us is unlimited sidechain storage for NFT2.0, video and makes it fully trustable (permissionless); it also gives us the ability for users to create new organizations where they grant permissions to other users to access Functions or Data objects - giving us the ability to roll out an ERP system.

3) Parent Control Apps for Kids.  This type of entry would add an enhancement to the BBP core wallet where it becomes a parent control app (as long as the core wallet is running on each child PC).  What this does is let the parents control how long a child is on the internet for, and then it restricts the internet for that child. 

Let me know what areas sound the most exciting and areas we should create threads to talk about these features in detail.

God bless everyone.

I fixed our e-mail server problem where it was marking outbound messages as SPAM; so now hopefully more BBP users will stay in touch on this thread.

Thank you for the heads up!
Is there a way to get them to restart their BBP wallet so I can withdraw my BBP instead of selling it and crashing the price further...


Yeah, I DMed all 3 of my contacts at SX on discord, and left them a support message also but did not get a reply.

Ill keep checking on them over the period as well as Cameroon One still needs to liquidate one superblock.

Happy new Years, Loyal BiblePay enthusiasts!

Note that unfortunately, SouthXChange is going out of business:

Please withdraw your coins.

I think our main exchange will be Bololex now:

I just tested a withdraw on bololex, and it worked, so we appear to be good!

Good luck and God bless you.

Production Proposals / Jan 2024 Orphan Expenses - Cameroon-One
« on: December 23, 2023, 07:59:40 AM »
We currently sponsor 35 orphans from cameroon-one, and this proposal is for the primary payment to cameroon-one.

I am seeking 7MM bbp (approx $500) covering a high proportion of the orphans (we pay $40 per month for each orphan). 

Payout going directly to cameroon-one: BF6qmwBMmnmb4FbSmRGTeWQL1m3rwh5n7b

May the Christmas Spirit and the Glory of God fill your houses.

Announcements & Fundraisers / Re: Empowerment!
« on: December 01, 2023, 03:03:15 PM »
Austin is a loyal member of the community who has been around for at least 3 years and he helps us out with testing and he also makes us videos.

I highly recommend helping Austin if you have the financial capabilities.

He is going to Seminary full time with a passion to be a preacher, and he is a lifestyle Christian, out on the streets praying for people.

His character is good, and he has high morals.

I wish you the best Austin in this fundraiser.


Production Proposals / Dec 2023 cameroon-one expenses
« on: November 23, 2023, 12:04:43 PM »
We currently sponsor 35 orphans from cameroon-one, and this proposal is for the primary payment to cameroon-one.

I am seeking 7MM bbp (approx $540) covering a high proportion of the orphans (we pay $40 per month for each orphan). 

Payout going directly to cameroon-one: BF6qmwBMmnmb4FbSmRGTeWQL1m3rwh5n7b

Thanks Rob,
So first of all in the location " %appdata%/Biblepay " there isen't the file " deterministic.conf ". I create it manually

After execution of " upgradesanc altare 1 " i have the error belowe:
exec upgradesanc altare 1
bad-protx-collateral-check-proreg-tx (code 16) (code -1) 

I think the 1st issue is on a create the sanctuary altar but really don't understand why.


Hi Lalex,
So thats probably normal that deterministic does not exist yet, because it is created after a successful "upgradesanc".  We automatically create Or append an entry in there whenever you add a sanc.

So on the root issue, upgradesanc altare 1 not working because collateral does not exist, if you could please go back a step, and ensure the "altare" sanc has the proper collateral referenced in the "masternode.conf" file.
Here is an entry from mine to show you the structure:
altar1 mnp 476181e8236bf7e51feea7a1e325691b6d2d3d30e0d5ff4a31367df6ee906xxx 1
Note that the TXID and vout ordinal must be correct and populated.  You can check by doing a command like this:
getrawtransaction txid 1
If that responds, you can see the vout ordinal in the command to make sure it matches the one in the masternode.conf.

Just getting everyone warmed up for the next phase of development on BBP.

We have some major camps in Crypto, with BTC being the King and giving the user the ability to send digital cash with the users balance is the sum of their wallet addresses unspent outputs.  Their code is relatively pristine in that they do not like to add a bunch of things (other than misc data) to the blocks, and therefore leave other use cases to be off the blockchain (like lightning network).

Ethereum, a virtual state machine computer, maintains a ledger of balances and allows smart contracts to be stored and run in provable sequence as blocks tick by.  Both users can have balances, and contracts can have balances.  One distinction is that Ethereum allows balances to be transferred by Account (similar to XRP), rather than UTXO.

And then we have Storj, who has over 5000 mining hard drives storing fragments of files around the world.  So they provably allow reconstruction of files pointed to by transactions.  Essentially file storage on the blockchain, but still require gateways to be added downstream to make sense of all the cool storage.

Revisiting the Difference Between UTXO and Account Balance Model
UTXO and Account Balance Models are two different ways to track funds and transactions; Bitcoin uses UTXO, while Ethereum uses the Account Balance Model.

Bitcoin is based on the UTXO blockchain model where a transaction is divided into different parts inputs and outputs. The users wallet balance keeps track of all the UTXO transactions.

Ethereum is based on the Account/Balance model. This model ensures that the account balance is large enough or at least equal to the transaction amount to be spent.

In general, most developers consider the UTXO model to be more secure and it requires less storage compared to the Account/Balance model, which needs more storage for big blocks of data.

So in summary we have:
BTC -> Ability to transfer cash easily.  Pros: A pristine codebase.  Cons: Functionality must be built off the chain.
DASH -> Instantly transfer cash with instantsend.         Pros: A reliable way to instantly send money, developed Masternodes.  Cons:  Cannot execute code contracts or store massive amounts of data.
ETH -> A virtual state machine executing smart contracts.    Pros: Smart contracts for financial purposes can be transacted.  Cons:  Limited variable states per contract can be memorized, and only limited data storage can be represented.  Expensive tx fees when busy.  NFTs are simply URL pointers that can die after a while.
BBP -> "The plan can be discussed" to make a place for us.  The use case can be along the lines of a provable unlimited synchronized global database.  This allows serialized transactions to run as blocks tick by that are synchronized across the cockroachdb nodes, and each tx will affect the state of each db sub-tier.  NFTs can be rewritten using a new spec that make them immutable and more useful than now.  Front end business systems can be written that will use BBPs built in tx's rather than a database.  BBP itself can use its own storage system to replace its database storage for Expenses, Revenue, Videos, Timeline, GospelLinks, and Email, etc.

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