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Sanctuary Discussions / Re: Fractional sanctuary (shared masternode)
« on: November 07, 2021, 08:05:33 AM »
Ok, the problem is fixed now (some key sancs needed to be rebooted that were hung). 

I doubled the sanc reward for a while until I see everyone is overpaid for the loss.
Just a reminder to set it back to normal. I think the time period is probably over since it has been increased for longer than it was stopped. It looks like it is still set to increased payments since it says orphan charges deducted per day 242.29 bbp, which is way below daily cost of sponsorship.

Sanctuary Discussions / Re: Fractional sanctuary (shared masternode)
« on: October 24, 2021, 01:47:44 PM »
Ok, the problem is fixed now (some key sancs needed to be rebooted that were hung). 

I doubled the sanc reward for a while until I see everyone is overpaid for the loss.

Thank you Rob! I will let them know that it is fixed.

Sanctuary Discussions / Re: Fractional sanctuary (shared masternode)
« on: October 23, 2021, 02:43:12 PM »
Hi Rob,

Someone on discord alerted me to the fact that fractional sanctuaries is not working. They said the last payment they got was on the 16th. Looking at it, it says that a sanctuary gets 0 bbp per day, which is not the case. So I am guessing something is broken / stopped with it. Thought you would want to know.


TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Biblepay Unchained Mobile Wallet Thread
« on: October 17, 2021, 02:44:31 PM »
I noticed unchained has had a major overhaul. I created an account and sent myself some bbp and then sent some back. I have a couple questions:

Are the fees intentionally high? 3.34 bbp to send some back seemed high.

I noticed afterwards that there is a testnet thread on it. Does that mean it should not be used/tested on mainnet?

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Biblepay Unchained Mobile Wallet Thread
« on: August 25, 2021, 09:16:42 AM »
Ok, I'm finally back, finally corrected the error that I caused earlier (videos are showing again).
So, yes I also centered the wallet control , so it should theoretically be visible now on all devices (in at least horiz mode). 
Thats excellent you can see it on the android, and I can see it on the iphone now also.

Regarding the password field(s),  I did make them of the type password, so now they are hidden as you type.
Great. I used it and it is indeed hidden now.

Regarding the wallet control, yes, its an server control.  Its included in our distro, and added to the page as a distinct control, but the devs consuming our DLL will not have any access to the encrypted data flowing back and forth to or from the control.  So that is my solution for the 'convenient'  approach as we have right now.  Again, eventually we should be able to offer the chrome plugin as a second option.

I have not used much. I thought that server controls executed on the server, which could mean the wallet generation not being on the server instead of locally. Is that the case for this?

Now can you also test adding comments from the android, and test town hall, and test upvoting and downvoting, and sending bbp back and forth, and verify videos play in general on the android and pc?

Let me know if there are any other issues I forgot to address.

Btw, I did get testnet working again also (but its empty, as I changed the data format).  I recommend testing in Prod however for the time being, as I believe we only have one node running in testnet.  (Btw, our testnet node is running the lastest BBP core version, with -testnet=1, another words, its not running from the DEV branch, its running from the MAINNET branch.  This is because we are about to release a breaking testnet version in DEVelop soon).  Let me know if you need any extra BBP for testing.
I created a wallet and login on android and pc.

Townhall works as expected - comment, upvote, downvote. Videos play well, I think I tried all of the playback options. Receiving bbp also worked on both.

I sent a few bbp with unchained from the pc to the android. It worked fine. I was surprised though to see ~3x the transaction fee added to the transaction and burned(~1bbp). Is that intentional?

When I tried to send bbp from android, I got an error that the wallet is corrupted. In the error message it says to restore from seed words or decrypt the wallet. However, I had not encrypted the wallet yet, so I did not have the seed words as they are not given until you encrypt the wallet. I have a few ideas to try, but decided to see what you thought about the situation first.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Biblepay Unchained Mobile Wallet Thread
« on: August 17, 2021, 01:39:57 PM »
Regarding the last point, an actual page instead of a modal overlay, I don't believe that can be done because I'm trying to make the secure part of the wallet a 'user-server control' so that it can be secured (IE data can not be sniffed on the server, even when people host a copy of the biblepaydll) so thats why its a pop up.  However Ill work on positioning it, I do see that happening now on one of my browsers on the PC but not on the iphone.  On a side note, my goal is to make the same functionality in the wallet available as a chrome plugin (as an alternative) in the future - so we would basically have a Wallet for people that want the default convenience, and an alternative browser-plugin type wallet for those who trust plugins more.

Ill reply to the other parts on the next fix.
Does 'user-server control' mean it is an user(or server) control?

I see you changed the position. It is not covered now. On android the sidebar auto hides and the wallet screen is fully visible(vertical/portrait mode).  :)

Is there a new pool? I noticed an address get a lot of blocks in the last couple days (~20%) and they are not the 30 min timeout.
I think this is actually since on block 287327 it sent biblepay to many addresses. The highest payout addresses had more shares on's leaderboard than on the foundation's. The blocks solved by the new address do not show up on their block history though.

Your right, I didn't see that... If you look at Pool About page on each of our two pools you see that we solved 83+61 (only 144 blocks out of 205 daily blocks)... Some other pool, or possibly a randomX power user is solving the other 50 blocks.  (We've been in this situation many times with POBH, except the difference is I'm sure the RX activity is completely power-equalivalent to our pools in this case, but its still sort of 'bot activity' unless we find out who the pool is). 

I don't know who this pool or person is... Did anyone start another BiblePay pool guys??

Btw, I am considering adding a constraint in our Christmas release to require RandomX miners to have Social Media activity on Unchained.  What this means is, they would need to upvote/downvote things or post things over there, otherwise the block solutions would fail.  I think it might be good for our community (not only for the intrinstic activity in social media) but more for the miners ROI also.  It would keep the big Chinese industrial miners out (unless they decide to utilize unchained of course)...

While I agree in principle with foiling bot nets, I would strongly disagree with introducing a non blockchain dependency on block generation. It is also contradicts decentralization.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Biblepay Unchained Mobile Wallet Thread
« on: August 17, 2021, 11:27:36 AM »
Ok, I think that message should be enough to point people in the right direction.  :)

The overlay for the wallet is partway under the sidebar for me. Example: Wa is covered and llet is visible. I can close the sidebar and see the whole thing of course, but it probably should not be under the sidebar.

I went ahead and created a wallet. The overlay that pops up with the recovery words is centered and not covered by the sidebar.

When encrypting the wallet, the password is shown in plaintext. I think normal practice is to obscure it but have a way to make it visible.

I also tested on Android on several browsers. On all of them, the overlay is partway off the screen on the side. If it is viewed in landscape, then it is off the bottom of the screen instead. The page is scrollable, but not the overlay, so there appears to be no way to view the whole wallet overlay. It may work better across devices to have it be an actual page instead of an overlay.

Is there a new pool? I noticed an address get a lot of blocks in the last couple days (~20%) and they are not the 30 min timeout.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Biblepay Unchained Mobile Wallet Thread
« on: August 17, 2021, 12:55:48 AM »
Hi Rob,

If I go to Account->My User Record and try to set and save the User Record it gives this error:
Sorry, you must create a wallet first. (Wallets are completely free, but necessary for the system to store data). Please click 'Generate New Address' in Account settings.
There is no Settings in the Account section and thus no "Generate New Address" in Account settings. So this error message probably needs updated.

I see the Generate if the wallet icon / balance is clicked on of course, this is just testing to try to find anything that may confuse a new user or not go smoothly.

The explorer has been down for a few days. Do you have someone that you can contact to get it fixed?

On a side note do you prefer to be called bro. Joseph, or is your handle based on St. Joseph with the coat of many colors?

The tier 2 sanc still requires the normal 4.5MM collateral; but does not require sponsorship of an orphan.  So basically, with the full collateral + sponsorship, you receive the full reward.  With full collateral without sponsorship, you receive the 250BBP per block (tier 2 reward)...  Thanks for thinking of us though...  You can still invest a fractional sanc of course but it doesnt help the network in the same way a real sanc does.

8300 BBP
I actually like both of those, so either way is fine.  :)

I guess the only reason to run a tier 2 sanctuary is to help the network then. Since it currently rewards less than Portfolio Builder. That is as compared to with external currency, it is close enough to the same as bbp only.

Is the EasySanc guide the way to setup a tier 2 sanctuary? Obviously without sending the 4.5 million BBP.
I was thinking about setting one up to help the network since I do not have enough BBP for a regular sanctuary.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Amazon Storefront Integration
« on: July 09, 2021, 10:41:55 AM »
Right now our integration component is not compatible with any amazon charities, but we could definitely add on a checkbox to tithe 10% of the purchase to orphan-charity.

(We still have over 20 SAI orphans available that need sponsored, so they would be compatible with this.  I also have to look into making a few SAI orphan NFTs).
Ok, I was not sure if it would be. It's too bad that it is not; for normal browsing / purchasing the only change is the url changes from to

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