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Hello Rob

I am following your instructions but am getting stopped at number  2. I am getting a message that the nickname is too long "Nick Name must be shorter than 33 bytes". The TrnxID I am using is 60fc39ed785b4e986889d8b878864dce41415cfc378cde92c46fbe2f2f6f7b1c . Is this correct or did I misunderstand something?

BiblePay Current Discussion / Re: Idea: Advertise Biblepay BBP
« on: May 15, 2021, 10:27:02 PM »
Good idea, but Togo has tried advertising with Theymos from bitcointalk, but they declined our business (calling us a scam, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?)

Unfortunately this is how it works with those in the world.

For now we dont have much in our budget to advertise with so we need to let our financial position improve first.

A good solid trend line is the best free advertisement one can get. If needed fake the trend line till you make the trend line if you have to.

Use drives value making it as useful and easy to use as possible seems like it should be a priority and not overly expensive except in time maybe. And being new to the community IMO it could be easier to get going. TOL

BiblePay Current Discussion / Re: Promoting BBP Usage
« on: May 15, 2021, 10:14:24 PM »
I have been contemplating use cases.

Has anyone else explored the idea of a market place where BBP can be used to trade for Care Packages? Order things that are recommended for the orphans and can be delivered by the different Charities serving them. I am thinking it could be expanded from pencils and other small items to larger things for the household even larger community items rather quickly if it proves efficient.

If you really want to expand on it you could gamify it. People love picking stuff out or even go SimCIty style virtual representation of a village and people participate in getting it done. Bring in a reality TV show about the process of the first internet community built village and you could have some thing of interest to many people with positive benefits for all involved. I am just thinking out loud so to say.


What on that list hasn't happened in the recent PAST? Its interesting to see peoples reaction when they are talking politics and I tell them it's all going according to Biblical Prophecy

** Possible Failure of the Banking System Soon **

I was listening to a Christian prophet banker, and she said Oct 15th, the Rothchilds will be forcing banks to include an addendum called 'force majeure' and 'arbitration' in every customers envelopes this month (effective one year ago!).

The rule says: If a bank cannot perform its duties due to civil unrest, martial law or weather the bank will be held harmless (IE wont have to pay you). 
It also says we will be subject to the arbitration hearing (with their attorney or the government attorney) making a final decision.

This is pretty wild, because it really seems like something is under wraps that is aligned with a currency reset.
I remember a couple years ago, I was jogging over a bridge and I heard in my spirit that our money will be worthless.

If you pray about this, it is up to each individual if you need to take it out of the bank.  I feel the freight train coming, but I am standing on the rock (Jesus). 

One other thing that happened this month, Youtube did start admitting censorship of anything deemed a conspiracy theory.  This is a definite milestone into the new Orwellian era.


We are starting to see this play out just a few months later pretty spooky these things are known ahead of time and still get done anyways.

** Off grid water production with only air and sunlight **

$6,500 for a system, link to website:

It would be cool if this price came down for those in 3rd world countries.

Here are a couple other solutions to that might fit the bill?

Rob, thanks for posting this.
I watched the video. I am a little disturbed there was such a discussion at such high levels. However, I am confused about when this occurred, what exactly the vaccine was for (to fight against what exactly?) and which religious extremism they were discussing to try to eliminate? All of it - regardless of the religious text that was read to the individual? I mean, if I were in the testing chair and someone read to me a "religious text" from some pagan religion that exulted in child molestation (for example), then I am pretty sure my mind would "light-up" in disgust as well. However, if they were to have me sing some praise songs and love on Jesus, then a whole different situation would be evoked. Explosive? Yes!

1000 BBP

I have known for a while that it was DNA manipulation and this was just an unexpected use case, but not unbelievable from people who think Love is nothing more and a chemical reaction in the brain. This decent into matter warned of could very well refer to transhumanism. I read an article on using DNA therapy to develop a new organ to facilitate a computer interface port. Another thing that maybe related was when I worked at SST we had a Motorola Project and all the talk was about a glad in the brain that sent and received wireless signals (ref. 100th monkey effect).

One interesting thing I picked out of this video below was about a new vaccine delivery method that leaves a type of tattoo behind >.< Think on that a bit.

This video adds on that one even if a bit long.

BiblePay Current Discussion / Re: Promoting BBP Usage
« on: May 08, 2021, 10:06:40 PM »
Did you ever get something worked out? Would be interested in hearing about it.

Looks like this may have been decided already, but better late than never.

" I am almost wondering if Decentralized or Digital Autonomus Currency will lead more general masses in (and be happy to find we do tithe , and have Christian principles later).  Or, should we be known as Digital Autonomous Charity right off the bat, etc."

I think this is important concept. As it's a bad image to come off as a TV evangelist trying sell a product using Gods Kingdom. This type of image will turn even Christians away. Much better if people join the mission then become aware of it's foundations (don't let the left hand know what right hand is doing kind of concept Matthew 6:3). This way if the mission is successful the Glory will be Gods thus inspiring new Christians on their journey and others to join in the journey.  As opposed to imparting the feeling they were scammed in Gods name if it comes to an end. Jesus's reputation if far more important than our projects.

How about INVI for a ticker symbol?

"Code": "B5ymmYvN9ux4VAH1CJBQfAoU2HtXLLDFdp-1-23-126-185-88"


Hello All

I am new to Bible Pay. I am wondering what is the best way I can contribute to the project. There is a lot of reading to do and a lot to learn. I am hoping to work my way to running a Sanctuary any advice on the most efficient way to get there would be greatly appreciated. I have a few ideas for projects which after reading all the posts in the projects forum if they are not already in there I will post for feed back.

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