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BiblePay Unchained TestNet development thread
« on: February 26, 2021, 01:20:02 PM »
  This Thread is under construction - please do not post yet 

I am pleased to announce the testnet thread for our upcoming product, BiblePay Unchained.

This product name is primarily associated with our new "Content Delivery Network" and "File Hosting" at the internet Edge, and our Chrome-browser-extension, and the features related to spending decentralized bbp transactions on the html5 web.   It has very little to do with the core wallet (biblepay-qt), although we will have a few small things to test inside QT such as file-upload and folder-upload for example.

The primary goals for Unchained are the following:

  • Ability to dump a private spending key out of your wallet and import it into the chrome extension for spending later on the decentralized web.
  • Ability for the biblepay chrome plugin to spend both 'checks' or 'currency'.  A check is equivalent to buying something on credit from a vendor. 
  • Proof of concept for pay-per-view web page.  This allows an html5 developer to release news or a blog or a video and be paid per hit.
  • Proof of concept for pay-per-byte web page.  This feature collects charges for bytes consumed by the biblepay user.  A good example of this is a very big video, for example a 900 megabyte video, the user will only pay for the bytes consumed as they watch it and if they click away they are no longer charged for the stream.
  • Ability to protect a biblepay-ipfs hosted file from unauthorized access or ddos.  This prevents bandwidth abuse.
  • Ability to decide at the cloud edge if a user is authenticated (by CPK), paid or not paid, and in good standing (IE not ddossing) the asset.  This feature means we are attempting to abstract this away from the application server and into the biblepay content delivery network.
  • Decentralized code running in VCL (varnish control language) at the cloud-edge to make a call if an asset should be served.  This removes the responsibility from the app server code.
  • Abstracting CPK authentication away from the app server.
  • High performance:  Leveraging the biblepay CDN, your file will be available globally at over 50 pops (points of presence).
  • Durability:  Every file uploaded to bipfs will be backed up at least twice guaranteeing the ability to pull the files back down if you decide to leave or if our network changes.
  • Anti-censorship-network:  Our files are deliberately going to be hosted on decentralized IT sources, away from amazon (big tech) and on Vultr and/or storj, and fastly meaning your content will not be censored.  As a matter of fact our goal is to provide an infrastructure to help grass-roots development for platforms that compete against big tech.  We invite you to create your own version of twitter and facebook to compete against big tech.
  • Automated charges.  We are developing the ability to charge for microtransactions seamlessly at the cloud edge, so you dont have to bill your user.  They will simply access areas for payment and we will keep the balance in a json file for you.  We will also support something similar to bitcoin lightning, a credit/debit balance per account that works in real time.
  • Dash has decentralized on-chain storage.  But its a pay per byte model making it exorbitantly expensive to use for storing any big file.  For example it would be impossible to store a video of 100meg on the dash chain.  However in BIPFS you can rent our CDN for pennies and we will host the file for the duration paid.  Additionally, the difference between BIPFS-CDN and IPFS:  IPFS has no SLA.  There is not a guarantee the other node will even be online or that your data will be preserved for even hours.  With BIPFS-CDN you will have an SLA.  With IPFS there is no SLA and the uptime guarantee can be as low as 0.  Ours will be closer to 99.9%+.
  • Decentralized dapp authentication on dash currently requires an entirely new browser (see Dash google chrome compile).  With Unchained we are looking at plugins to lower the bar on this.
  • Amazon s3 storage has great performance and scale, but absolutely no protection from unauthorized bandwidth usage; actually I beleive they are deliberately trapping users into high bandwidth spikes from unauth bandwidth use for those who are ignorant.  Yes they support amazon-user authentication but that ties your users to AWS credentials.  Our security will support both anonymous traffic and biblepay-CPK traffic, and will protect the files from unauthorized access at the cloud-edge layer.
  • We are looking to provide a seamless html5 (decentralized web) experience with crypto.  I believe we can provide a secure storage area for your private key by encrypting the key per session.  During each new session you can unlock your key with a wallet passphrase.
  • Another goal is to settle transactions immediately in VCL/JSON - no need to wait for tx's to be in a block.  This is similar to instantsend however this process is more about chaining and microtransactions from vendor to vendor.
  • Other decentralized blockchain file storage solutions require an HTTPS gateway!  We will however give you a personal CDN, free!  This means you can directly link your web site assets.
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