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Luke did a great job creating an excel sheet and filling it with info,
I finally dove in and looked through the exchanges listed on coinmarketcap, looking for exchanges that have lower listing fees and have high volumes of masternode coins,
these are exchanges I think we should contact next:

Crypto Bridge
Yobit (What ever happened with Yobit?)

Are you open to sharing the google excel sheet Luke?

Hi all, I should also thank the anonymous user who added some exchanges and formatted it a bit nicer.

Go for it, submit to the pool so we can vote!
Only a week to go

Can anyone confirm this? I've voted successfully, but that was a couple of days ago...
I get the same error

Togo, I sent you a link to a draft spreadsheet

The goal of this proposal is to help the people who can understand Chinese but have difficulty to use Biblepay wallet as it only supports English. I believe the more people start use Biblepay, the stronger community we would have.

It's a good idea to integrate the Chinese version of bible if the wallet starts support Chinese and it should be very easy to implement.
I think you should be able to get a free Chinese translation online.
It would be great to integrate this into the wallet!

Hi everyone,
As part of my preparation towards the task ahead led the proposal I submitted for voting, I have already make a move with a test design of some of the communication materials I shall require for the  campaign. I have already accomplished the Biblepay logo in context, T-shirt and a banner (however, due to the attachment file size limitation, the  cannot load them here, due to the file sizes). All are design as part of my readiness to deliver to the expectation of the community. So if anyone is interested in seeing how they look and to feed your inputs, you can give me another medium through which I can send it to you.

I therefore plead on everyone that has the voting power to give a yes vote on this proposal and let's see the wonders that shall come when I  kick start this great project in Africa. Thank you all for your support in advance!!!

FYI, Habib showed me the designs via email. They look very attractive and fit well with our current branding. Well done Habib for passionately moving forward with your vision.

Hey Mate,

If it was to a vote, I would say no. China isn't exactly known for playing fairly, and your asking to translate code to make it easier for Chinese computer farms to understand and change if needed?

Does that seem fair?

I'd disagree with this on the principle that any Chinese person who downloads BBP wallet automatically has a bible built in that they can read. This is a fantastic step for Christians and interested people in China. I will vote yes for this translation

Archived Proposals / Re: Poll for Type of Staking: MAG or RAC
« on: March 11, 2018, 10:01:53 PM »
I'm thinking if the RAC is below 1000 you don't need to stake and limit it to Windows and Android machines and no Xeon processors.

I don't think this is a good idea. If someone has an RAC of 10,000 they can circumvent stake by setting up 11 accounts.
Also, if I understand correctly, the unbanked on cell phones will need no stake.

Re this one "Do you want a static aggregate stake amount or a growing stake amount?  Unless I missed something Total MAG always is 1000.  So 1000*50000=50 million"
As I noted on the forum, this is not true, since even someone with magnitude of 0.1 will have to reach a minimum stake. It is likely that many/most of our users will be in this situation, hence the value would be more than 50 million.

I'd also like to note that this is currently the status quo; someone with RAC=10 needs to stake 50,001 to take fulla dvantage of their RAC. This is the same stake as someone who has RAC of 100,000. So there is actually no change for the small user, but a large change for the large user.

Archived Proposals / Re: Poll for Type of Staking: MAG or RAC
« on: March 11, 2018, 09:25:57 PM »
One thing to remember, whichever one we do, we can always change it later. Although it is preferable to get it right first time.

Ok so I changed my vote to 50,000 per Magnitude.

Reason is this: When rewards drop to around 1.3 million BBP total, 1mag = 1(/1000)*1.3 million = 1300 BBP.
This means that it will take ~39 days to pay back your stake which I think is reasonable.

In fact, it is bad for myself personally because it is a lot of stake, but I think it is best for the coin overall.

EDIT: For comparison:

BBP/magnitude      days to pay back stake

250                               0.2 days
500                               0.38 days
1000                             0.77 days
2500                             1.92 days
5000                              3.85 days
10000                            7.7 days
20000                             15.4 days
50000                             38.5 days

Our Japanese friend probably has already 10M, and if he was our famous "botnet" guy (I would bet on that safely), he probably made more than 700k a day on the previous heat mining phase.

Not much we can do against that, even introducing any staking schema (which is still a good idea on itself)

Yes that's quite true.
So I can't sleep... Using something other than linear can be circumvented with multiple accounts. So possibly there is no advantage there.

I was thinking though, when rewards are around 1.3 million daily, magnitude of 1 will earn 1300 BBP per day. We could set the stake to be N days worth of rewards at that magnitude. E.g 30 days. Magnitude =1, stake=1300*30=39, 000.
Magnitude 10, stake =1300*30*10=390,000
Mag 100, stake 3,900,000

From the bitcointalk forum:



MAG1= 1000 BBP
MAG2= 2000 BBP
MAG3= 5000 BBP
MAG4= 9000 BBP

This is actually worth considering because if we could find an appropriate function we could set it low for mags <5 or so and have it increasingly difficult to get majority share. We'd have to think carefully about the form of the function. An exponential will probably rise too fast. Polynomial could work, or my own candidate, x^2.75.

I like x^2.75 because it nicely satisfies the requirement to let people mine easily at low magnitudes but rises rapidly for larger. For example

Mag (x):     x^2.75

1                  1
10                 562
100              316227
500               26 million

Of course the problem is always going to be that people will just create multiple accounts to get around this.
So how about a function

F(x) = 50,000 if x < 10
           x^2.75   if x>= 10

Or something like that.

Just an idea for discussion. I want to really make sure that anyone who is trying to control 50% of the Magnitude is really paying through the nose.

Please keep in mind, this Japanese Rosetta miner, if they get to 50% of total Magnitude (which I would not be surprised) they will be making ~ 700k BBP/day, so even a stake of 7 million they make it back in 10 days.

Ok, I'm tired and starting to not think straight. Goodnight all

It's good what you wrote, the whole point was to give more to lower computing power users. But to me, it's the same thing as saying we are going to penalized you for having too much money in your bank account!

I agree with Togo, if your going to stake, staking by RAC will result in more BBP being staked. With magnitude, you are limited to 1000*(whatever the community decides).

Interesting, I imagine our Japanese whale will reach 1,000,000 RAC in a couple of weeks. Under 10BBP/RAC he would stake 10 million. Under 10k bbp per magnitude I think it would be closer to 5 million (50% of our RAC, approximately)

The person from Japan already has 100k RAC from a couple days on Rosetta. He also roughly doubled his machine count in 24 hours. This guy is seriously on track to get 50% of our RAC.
Right now he has to stake 50,001 BBP. Under 10k per MAG he would need
5,000,000 BBP. And if he could he would make his stake back in less than 10 days!

I don't think we have much of a choice but to implement this, or something similar

Hmmm why Magnitude and not RAC?
There is only 1000 Magnitude split between all researchers
Whereas I assume RAC will mostly keep rising
Why not say 1-20 BBP per 1 RAC?

This isn't a bad idea.
Pro: you always know exactly how much you need to stake. If you have 100 RAC then you know you need 1000 BBP in stake (assuming 10 bbp/RAC)

Con: by itself personal RAC doesn't tell you anything about how your contribution rates against other users. Your 100 RAC may be 50% of the network today, but only 5% in a month.

Using RAC would work, but I like the idea of staking proportionally to your percentage of the network a bit better.
One cool thing about it is if your RAC is constant and network RAC increasing then your needed stake is decreasing, freeing up funds for masternodes or selling

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