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Archived Proposals / Re: Crypto Bridge Exchange Listing
« on: May 17, 2018, 05:54:43 AM »
So I like the idea of crypto bridge - especially that it is decentralised.
The volume is OK, better than we have now, but not groundbreaking, BUT then I read this:

At the bottom is the roadmap.
They are adding new blockchains:

So without having ERC 20 coins they are already having better volume than our current exchanges!
In my opinion, after reading that, we should get on the bandwagon ASAP, because once they add ERC20 (huge market), OMNI (like Tether, Safex, MaidSafe), and Cryptonote (Monero) this thing could take off.

Having said that, I get the feeling that it may be difficult to use (more difficult than a regular exchange). So I think we should still pursue other avenues as well as CryptoBridge (such as Next Exchange).

Archived Proposals / Re: Crypto Bridge Exchange Listing
« on: May 17, 2018, 03:37:15 AM »
The minimum daily volume is on the edge I think, so I'm afraid we could waste 1 BTC. Is there a way to see our average daily volume over the last 30 days? Of course, we hope that having BBP on CryptoBridge will increase the volume, but one can never be too cautious.

Also, is it worth it to try and ask them if they could list a charity coin for 0.5 BTC? That was the original listing fee they were charging a few months ago.

You can see 30 day volume here

Archived Proposals / Re: Crypto Bridge Exchange Listing
« on: May 16, 2018, 08:54:01 PM »
For a bit more info:

Crypto Bridge
Twitter followers   = 23200   
Facebook followers = 155   
Discord members = 10882   
Reddit subscribers = 1261

Daily volume between 2 - 3 Million USD  (

Very interesting. It is nice that you do this.
I will look at the budget when everything comes in and if there is room I will vote for it.

Archived Proposals / Re: Revamping BiblePay university (P2P)
« on: May 02, 2018, 04:29:15 PM »
I mentioned this in the bitcointalk forum, but didn't get any responses...

What would people think about BiblePay becoming integrated with RightNowMedia (

There is a huge library of videos and study resources, leadership/mission training, etc. - the kinds of things that BiblePay U is doing, and a good P2P activity, in my mind.
Pricing is by user/attendee (basically, by church size), and I am not sure how they'd view us, or what kind of options they would give, but I'm happy to be the point guy exploring it if people are interested.

While I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I will say that my church (which is very large) uses this, and my whole family finds it a great resource.
I've also floated the idea of linking with GodTube ( )
I contacted them but no reply yet.

I really like the new wallet theme, especially the vertical tabs on the left side of the screen. I think it looks very professional.
An easy "Yes" from me!

Archived Proposals / Re: Phase 2: Biblepay Mass Embracement Campaign
« on: April 16, 2018, 09:22:18 PM »
True :) But I'm talking about total budget. So the 15M+ That budget has now exceeded the maximum.
Ah ok ok, wow, busy month!

Archived Proposals / Re: Phase 2: Biblepay Mass Embracement Campaign
« on: April 16, 2018, 05:26:54 PM »
I just added a proposal for Habib for 316,000 BBP. That was all that was left in the available budget at the time.

I later saw that Thomas also added a proposal at roughly the same time as I did, and that his proposal wasn't added to the total budget yet.

Anyway, I still hope that this proposal gets funded. The original proposal was for 400,000 BBP. If we get 316,000, we'll hope to get enough to continue our efforts.

If we get more dollars than was budgeted for, we'll use the excess funds to start our 'Biblepay Hardcopy Guide' a month early.

Cool. But surely one is PR, one is IT?

Cover Report on Expenses for Biblepay Campaign By Habib (Cryptoshot)
Hi Respected ones,
I once again salute you all with great honour, for making the determination I develop to spread the message of Biblepay Cryptocurrency to all boarders in Ghana and Africa at large, a reality. We had a successful conference by the grace of the lord, with over 70 people as participants.
On this writeup, I present to the stakeholders, an accountability report, regarding how the BBP funds you entrusted into my hands were expended or used.
To kick start, as you can all recall, I submitted to the community a total budget of $1375 worth BBP at an Average BBP market price of 0.0033. However, as at the time the disbursement was done and I did the conversion, BBP was trading at a market price of 0.0021. This resulted in the slash down of the total budget I submitted to the community. So after the conversion was done and exchange into fiat money was also completed, I had a total amount of $815 USD. So my accountability is taking the later amount into consideration. However, Jaap personally donated 5000BBP for me to use as a tipping token to the participants to demonstrate how easily Biblepay can be sent and receive. So everyone should help me wage an applause to Jaap, in fact he is very instrumental to this course, I can't hide that. Also to thank include: Luke Fullard, Togo, Rob and the entire community.
Design and printing of a banner.      =  $68
Design and printing of t-shirts.         = $190 ( I reduced the number)
Payment for conference Hall.          =$205
Transport fee to and from the
 host city (2 people, thus myself
and the other support speaker) .       = $105                                                                                     
Accommodationfor a day (2 People) = $ 90 (combined)
Participants Refreshment.                = $115  (72 participants)
Motivation to the support Team.    = $35. 
TOTAL EXPENDITURE.                     =$808 out of  a total of $815 realized
So in summary this is how the expenditure I kept record on went through. So due to the slight dip on the market price of BBP which led to the realization of the amount mentioned earlier, I am compelled to run only one conference instead of the two i targeted. So please everyone should pardon me for that, it wasn't my making as you can all see. But I promise to do my best as far as I am alive to help a course that help to put a smile on the faces of the motherless and fatherless children in society. This is one of my motivating factors for committing myself to the Biblepay project.
So everyone should have a look at it and give me your inputs and feedback. I also plead on all Sanctuary holders to Look critically into my Phase 2 proposal and do justice to that effect.
Thanks to everyone.
By: Habib (Cryptoshot)
  Pictures from the conference are seen Bellow;
That's amazing! Well done Habib!
If you can get 70 people to our first ever conference, how many will you get when you run the 50th? haha

Yes please put in another proposal. Things are moving forward!

Proposal created. Kindly consider to vote for this proposal, included in this month IT budget, if you find it interesting:

gobject vote-many 03aa25b80bf951bcaaed1589a52c8cd8cf58893912df176c2b4bafef47d90296 funding yes

Thenk you


I just wanted to say that you are doing a fantastic job. I will be voting for your proposals.
Also, I am not sure if others are like me, but I usually wait intil the last week before the superblock to vote, just so that I get a good idea of what is in the budget.


Archived Proposals / Re: Biblepay Advertisement on
« on: April 03, 2018, 02:00:14 AM »
No many users visit the website, It's just now launching.  I can't give a specific amount of time, but regardless it would be free for the BBP community.
The price is right  ;D

Oh Yeah!!! With much pleasure, I will like to extend my appreciation to the entire community and with a heavy one to all master sanctuaries for making this adventure a reality. As Jaap Rightly conveyed, our first ever official Biblepay campaign will be witness in the next coming weeks. With the confidence reposed in me, i stand by standard virtues to ensure i carry Biblepay Cryptocurrency awareness to all boarders of Ghana and Africa at large.
The Phase (1) of this project as I outlined in the Proposal is going to target two major conferences with our noble Tertiary institutions. Other side of my activities during the phase (2) shall be mind blowing too.
During the presentations, I shall include a live broadcast on Twitter, for all my followers to benefit. So I therefore plead on the noble members on this platform who wish to witness the event live to follow me on my twitter handle at
Cryptoshot @HabibAd49.
The date and time shall be communicated to all in due time. I will entreat everyone to keep raining the support as I dedicate myself to promote and sell the Idea of Biblepay across Africa.
Watch out!!! For my next move...
Thank you all for the honour...
Self-acclaimed Biblepay Ambassador for Ghana and Africa..#on the joke side

Haha, awesome! You will be fantastic, I am sure. I'll add you on tweet tweet

Archived Proposals / Re: Biblepay Charity Commission - Revised
« on: March 27, 2018, 08:17:04 PM »
I like it!

Okay everybody, if you want to vote 'yes' on this proposal, please use this command:

Code: [Select]
gobject vote-many ff91d38d5c8048a34ae006c23389befaa7d9945d2a6eeae4591ec40b4e4b694a funding yes

Of course, you can also check this in the pool. I've named the proposal 'New Exchange Fund (NOT fee reimbursement)'.

Maybe it's a bit confusing to have two proposals linking to one forum-thread, but since the discussion took place here, I've linked to this thread and didn't make a new one.

I'll keep all the funds locked in the paper-wallet address until we decide one what we'll do with it. The one thing I am thinking about, is maybe sell the BBP for BTC outside of exchanges (for example to someone who want's to get a Sanctuary but doesn't want to drive the price up on an exchange).

Voted yes

Great work everybody!

I have an enhanced account at bittrex, but that account is on my gmail email-address. I could contact them from my biblepay email-address (give both email-addresses). That would probably qualify me as a 'core developer'.

I'm pretty positive about Crypto Bridge btw, because it's a decentralized exchange, so I see a lot of room to grow for them.

There is enough room left in the budget to get about 1 BTC in two superblocks I guess :)

I could request 1.5 million BBP in this one, and 1.5 million BBP in the next. And we can see what route we'll take from there?

Please do. I hope that in this superblock the remaining BBP is taken up for exchange listing or getting ahead with orphan payments or a mix of both.

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