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so will be enough 1 wallet on ryzen and all other my machines enough to install only boinc and add to group?   :o

Yes, 1 wallet on Ryzen.

On other machines just do

1) sudo apt-get install boinc-client

2) boinccmd --project_attach ACCOUNT_KEY

Then all machines are on same Rosetta account (same CPID) and you get all payments to 1 BBP wallet on your Ryzen

Ok cool, when it is closer to the time I will figure out how to do that.

On another note, it seems another advantage of PoDC may be solving the multiwallet issue.

I'm still testing and I want to give it a few days, but running a 4 core physical machine (with a pretty old/slow cpu) and comparing it to two different VPS, I am getting much much better Average Credit from the physical machine (even though on the pool the hps wasn't that much greater than the vps server).

I'll give it a few days to average out then present my findings


I think what we will do is "recommend" a prod sanctuary owner to run in QT mode, and Ill make it kill the node (IE the node will die) if its a chosen sanc and cant process the file.  Then if the owner does not reboot it they will eventually not get paid or have to manually restart it.

Is this for after PoDC is implemented or should I look to do this now?
How do I run qt in headless mode (I am on a vultr virtual machine).

My rewards seem to be around 150K at present


exec getboincinfo


  "Command": "getboincinfo",
  "CPID": "8f273b30f8e0a298ed26e242762df701",
  "Address": "yMC3QWwddFKgQGbMdJnZ9zZRCStj87Apvh",
  "CPIDS": "8f273b30f8e0a298ed26e242762df701;",
  "NextSuperblockHeight": 5445,
  "8f273b30f8e0a298ed26e242762df701_RAC": 453.53,
  "LastSuperblockHeight": 5346,
  "Payments": 153915,
  "Budget": 1386000,
  "Magnitude": 111.0497835497836

Who can send me 1 test bbp to my address yZ7Gqa8sikKsT8L211JRRqur1LEZXPZ1Nh

I wan to associate my boinc account with biblepay,but it said Balance too low to advertise DCC, 1 BBP minimum is required.
I sent some. Hope it worked buddy!

Hi all,

Please let's take a breath, a step back and remember that we are all brothers and sisters who love the Lord.

I was thinking about the falling back to PoBH mining in the case of an issue with boinc and I have a (possibly naive) suggestion. What do you think of

1. Create a proposal for voting, that we appoint a moderator between BiblePay and Rosetta (likely Rob, but could be voted on to be anyone who is "qualified"). This moderator has the power to suspend boinc payments to BBP users if it seems like something nefarious is going on. In this case mining reverts to 100% PoBH.
2. If the moderator suspends boinc payments then they must provide a full report to the community. There must be a proposal added before the next superblock with a solution to the issue, or we revert back to 100% PoBH until a solution can be determined

In theory we could vote on who that moderator is so it solves/reduces one aspect of the centralisation, or there could be a team of moderators...

What do you think?

I recovered the 200k you sent me but I guess I will have to mine for more unless you can send me another 300k to yXbN5kN9kJiKNU5W7PGd4MFBe8rAM5baxF.


I sent 300k


Hi Rob,

"I don't see a risk here, because Rosetta is serving millions of users, and the integrity of their SQL server is paramount.  If its been hacked, it will become obvious in our reports, as something will not match.  Id rather focus on writing reports that ensure all the numbers roll up correctly.  "

This is not verifiable we'd have to take your word for it, also this still means the network will be centralised. Why even make a cryptocurrency if we're going to trust a centralised system we might as well just use VISA or MasterCard and simply donate 10% to orphans.
Allowing this change of the consensus algorithm would break the trustless nature of crypto currency as put forth by Satoshi Nakamoto as described in the original Bitcoin Whitepaper.

We cannot give up the fundamental principles of crypto currency to stop this bot net even if it would benefit scientific research it would be breaking the fundamental decentralised nature of crypto currency.

We cannot trust BOINC not to be hacked
We cannot trust BOINC not to alter results
We cannot trust BOINC not to block account
We cannot trust you or whomever soley to steer the blockchain (even if only intended in case of system failure).

Additionally this will make BOINC a target for hackers not only to infiltrate but also to  launch other exploits such as social engineering and denial of service attacks negatively impacting them especially when BiblePay will grow.

It is my professional opinion that a system wherein we depend on a third party for record keeping even if validated is fundamentally flawed and unsuitable for block chain consensus.

Hi Swongel,
Great to see you are passionate! I am not an expert in centralised/decentralised anything! But I just thought I'd add my two cents.

"We cannot give up the fundamental principles of crypto currency to stop this bot net"

For me I would say that we can't give up on our fundamental principles as Christians to help where we can, even at the cost of some centralisation. For me personally, if it is a choice between a level of centralisation and the ability to contribute to finding the cure for cancer, then I will always choose the latter.

I agree with you that the botnets could just simply switch over to boinc, but if they did so, at least they we are adding power to Rosetta. Also I hadn't thought of the point Rob raised, that they will lose some level of anonymity in doing so.   

Anyway, that is all I am able to add without passing my ability level!
Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you will help us work out some of these issues.

p.s. thanks to whoever (Rob?) sent me some tBBP, I think I'm all going now :)

Ahhh, I installed the new BBP wallet, went to testnet and all of my old tBBP were gone.
Could someone please send me a few so I can do a burn transaction?

Thanks :)


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