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This is my boincinfo. I've joined team Gridcoin and don't seem to be receiving any payments :)

Code: [Select]

exec getboincinfo


  "Command": "getboincinfo",
  "CPID": "c852da1a620ad630b70c8ec1ccdee366",
  "Address": "yb3AGeCR9xDge8chVwi6TuDtxuMy7w4DD7",
  "CPIDS": "c852da1a620ad630b70c8ec1ccdee366;",
  "CPID-Age (hours)": 426706,
  "NextSuperblockHeight": 56836,
  "NextSuperblockBudget": 542174,
  "c852da1a620ad630b70c8ec1ccdee366_ADDRESS": "yb3AGeCR9xDge8chVwi6TuDtxuMy7w4DD7",
  "c852da1a620ad630b70c8ec1ccdee366_RAC": 100.02,
  "c852da1a620ad630b70c8ec1ccdee366_TEAM": 12575,
  "c852da1a620ad630b70c8ec1ccdee366_WCGRAC": 0,
  "c852da1a620ad630b70c8ec1ccdee366_TaskWeight": 100,
  "c852da1a620ad630b70c8ec1ccdee366_UTXOWeight": 423,
  "Total_RAC": 100.02,
  "Total Payments (One Day)": 9424,
  "Total Payments (One Week)": 28416,
  "Total Budget (One Day)": 1626522,
  "Total Budget (One Week)": 2168696,
  "Superblock Count (One Week)": 93,
  "Superblock Hit Count (One Week)": 5,
  "Superblock List": "56539,56143,56044,55747,47629",
  "Last Superblock Height": 56737,
  "Last Superblock Budget": 542174,
  "Last Superblock Payment": -1,
  "Magnitude (One-Day)": 5.793957905272723,
  "Magnitude (One-Week)": 13.10280463467448

Hi Jaap,
It might be easier - if you already rent one node somewhere - to get testnet sanc and ipfs running there first, then circle back to the house and try googling the issue as maybe the cloud vps will be revealing.  Id try to offer assistance, but IPFS is not working for me at home either, and since our sancs require a public IP anyway with watchman, to me its more straightforward to recommend you run testnet side by side a running prod sanc with ipfs.  (unless you dont have a cloud vps).

Anyway, Yes, originally IPFS was added to solve the block-sync issue to ensure DAHF could be decentralized properly.  However, this turned into a pretty strong value-add feature for our coin.  We can potentially say:  We have side-chain document storage, with 200* redundancy.  (The ipfs merkle dag *is* a side chain of blocks and a filehash *is* related to one of our txids on-chain).  Thats a pretty strong feature.  If we can guarantee that the document is available for the life of the lease, that is a great value add for biblepay.  We rent document storage for a fee.  I added the feature last night that quotes and charges:  When you make an attachment, we quote a price and it appears in the confirm fee dialog as a separate PODS fee now.  The fee is tithed to the orphan foundation.  Sancs only poll and verify Paid for non-expired docs in the next version.

So I think from a PR perspective, we can say we are offering PODS (proof-of-document-storage) and side-chain file storage.  We should not try to claim we offer hard drive space as I feel thats too competetive.  And yes we do need to ensure we have at least 1 gig of space for DAHF, as I feel we will have the ability to sync financial blocks in the future.

I'm going to run the testnet IPFS on a seperate (AWS) VPS. I'm also going to leave the on at home running and I'll try to fix the issue with that one.

And thanks for the explanation about IPFS and DAHF.

Offtopic: I'm thinking maybe we could create an interview-style explanation about the DAHF-plans in the near future? I'll just ask a lot of noob-questions (acting as if I never heard of any of the terms before, and I don't have the slightest clue about what such a DAHF could be beneficial for me), and you could give me answers. I think that might be a good PR-thing to explain what we're trying to do to the general public.

I specifically mentioned that he might already be running a sanctuary in prod.  Not recommending that he rents a host just for testnet.

Id be wary to recommend anything other than ubuntu64 on vultr which is only $5 per month - but if you guys have actual experience with it do what is best for yourselves.

I actually have an AWS instance that I can use for testnet. They have a free-tier program, and they basically give you a 1-core, 1GB RAM, 30GB SSD instance :)

Im *.*.88.12, and the problem was I was running watchman in PROD mode, update to testnet mode - now I see myself as ENABLED, Jaap do you see me as enabled now?

Yes :)

Still can't get IPFS to work though >:(

And about the feature in general: the original reason for it's conception is to use it for DAHF right? And the ability  for other users to store data is a - welcome - side-effect, right?

The main reason for implementing this short-term is to add value to the coin, but we really should explain to all the users how this is also one of the building blocks for DAHF. At least, I hope to use this angle for marketing.

Or am I mistaken in this?

So whats your IP Jaap, Id like to see if your sanc is enabled on my node?

Hmmm... Can't get it to work.

When I use the localhost ip the deamon starts, when I use the external Ip it doesn't...

Hi Jaap,

Looking at my vultr node when I bring up ipfs daemon, I see in my case, the line that says "swarm listening on" with the port of 4001:  Mine is listening on the External IP, looks like you have two adapters, and it binds one to one internal ip and another to another internal IP on yours.  Could you try binding 4001 to your external IP (I think you have to edit the config to change that), and also point the 4001 port to that machine in the firewall then restart the daemon and see if it changes the behavior of 8080.

Btw, on your Sanc, does it actually flip over to ENABLED eventually?  Edit:  Your sanc address should start with a "y", I cant see your status on my node.

Thanks for the help Rob!

Yes, I already though it was strange that it was listening to two internal IP's. The other internal IP is my second testnet rig (Win 10 with just a mining wallet), and I actually already tried closing programs on that other rig.

Hmm... Going to look into this a bit later.

About the Sanctuary:
It's actually 'ENABLED' in my own list, but I'm the only enabled sanctuary in my list, two others seem online but they have a 'WATCHDOG EXPIRED' label.

Well... If both the IPFS and the Sanctuary don't work like they're supposed to, then I'll just have to fire up another VPS.

Jaap, sounds like you are close.
This is a guess, but could you double check the IP and format you typed into the config?  I would first go to your host, and check your public IP address, and make sure it matches.  Also you can type 'ipfs daemon' (after stopping the daemon) and check to see the lines it prints out that it is binding your IP address to other ports; write down the IP that is the public one- see that it matches your host (is your host vultr?) if it does you may just have an error on your gateway entry; it may be case sensitive also, compare the original entry from another node before changing it to the new entry?

One other thing to see: maybe you are already running a service on 8080.  Try to stop the ipfs daemon first, then type 'telnet localhost 8080', see if it replies.  If it does you are running something else on the box, maybe another type of web server.  You would have to stop that other thing first, then start the 'ipfs daemon'.

EDIT:  I just saw your post above that you run the linux rig hot at home; thats probably the issue; if running from the house, you would need to open up the firewall port 8080 and forward it to the linux rig, then it should bind the port.  One side issue with running at home:  check to see if your sanc says ENABLED in our list - the new PODS enforcer requires a sanc to be ENABLED to check its PODS quality.


This is strange.... I'll just post the entire startup proces here (and delete it later).
The firewall on that rig is disabled and the port was already forwarded to that rig in my router.

When I telnet it (making sure the daemon is off) it says 'telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused' so I guess there is nothing else running on that port.

Code: [Select]
[email protected]:~/.ipfs$ ipfs daemon
Initializing daemon...
Successfully raised file descriptor limit to 2048.
Swarm listening on /ip4/
Swarm listening on /ip4/
Swarm listening on /ip4/
Swarm listening on /ip6/::1/tcp/4001
Swarm listening on /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560:0:1703:2523:7b47:8758/tcp/4001
Swarm listening on /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560:0:3868:73f5:7c0f:da76/tcp/4001
Swarm listening on /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560:0:4366:95b0:9e9c:d91d/tcp/4001
Swarm listening on /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560:0:8c52:a032:7b4a:f626/tcp/4001
Swarm listening on /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560::25e/tcp/4001
Swarm listening on /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560::595/tcp/4001
Swarm listening on /p2p-circuit/ipfs/QmeUCRZ8edAvqojUZgWBsQ69XaSdWozhwHK39UMrskfYky
Swarm announcing /ip4/
Swarm announcing /ip4/
Swarm announcing /ip4/
Swarm announcing /ip6/::1/tcp/4001
Swarm announcing /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560:0:1703:2523:7b47:8758/tcp/4001
Swarm announcing /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560:0:3868:73f5:7c0f:da76/tcp/4001
Swarm announcing /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560:0:4366:95b0:9e9c:d91d/tcp/4001
Swarm announcing /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560:0:8c52:a032:7b4a:f626/tcp/4001
Swarm announcing /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560::25e/tcp/4001
Swarm announcing /ip6/fdbe:33bf:560::595/tcp/4001
API server listening on /ip4/
Error: serveHTTPGateway: manet.Listen(/ip4/ failed: listen tcp4 bind: cannot assign requested address
Received interrupt signal, shutting down...

The adjusted line in my config is:
Code: [Select]
"Gateway": "/ip4/"
The rule on my router is:
Code: [Select]
8080 test
From any host in wan
Via any router IP at port 8080
IP, port 8080 in lan

I triple-checked the external-ip.

Btw, I don't think I had problems running Sanctuaries in testnet this way before. The necessary ports are open, and the external IP almost never changes (only sometimes after a reset of the providers modem). My Sanctuary is:
Code: [Select]
I will try and restart the rig. See if that helps.
EDIT: restarting didn't help :(

Do I see two proposals? One is for and one is against?

Yes, Rob lowered the requested amount to make the budget fit, so one (the higher request) was downvoted on purpose.

Trying to figure out how to set up masternode for the first time. Getting close I hope.

I found this guide to be good for testnet:

I just run the testnet-sactuary hot on my home linux rig.

Hi Jaap, please try
ipfs stats repo

The Repo path should be in there.
Then cd to it and nano config.

Thanks! I looked into it and the path is correct now. I adjusted the config and tried to start the daemon. Got this error message:

Code: [Select]
Error: serveHTTPGateway: manet.Listen(/ip4/MYIP/tcp/8080) failed: listen tcp4 MYIP:8080: bind: cannot assign requested address
Also, I have joined team Gridcoin (teamid=12575) and have connected my wallet to [email protected] :)

cd ~/.ipfs

Hmm... This is strange...

The IPFS seems to be installed without error, and also running, but this directory doesn't seem to exist.

Hi guys,

Bit late to the party, but didn't have physical access to my computers, so I couldn't start my dedicated testnet-rig. Fired up two testnet wallets now. One on Win 10 and one on Xubuntu 16.04.

The Win 10 one is synced and I successfully sent a file to the ipfs:

The Xubuntu-one has some trouble connecting to peers (already did the 'addnodes') and also seems to have a lot of tBBP although it's a brand new Xubuntu installation and the wallet says it's only synched about 400 blocks thus far.

I haven't started a Sanctuary yet (still waiting for the Xubuntu-wallet to sync), but I did install the IPFS without errors (it seems).

I also started a teamless boinc-account that is building up RAC as we speak :)

One question: my Sanctuaries are hosted on a low-budget VPS, with I think 20GB HDD-space. Can it be possible that Sanctuaries become 'corrupt' (don't know the right phrasing here) when people start sending very large files?

Archived Proposals / Re: BiblePay in France
« on: August 30, 2018, 02:26:39 PM »
Hi SiwMaster,

Thank you for your post. Very interesting and glad to have you on board!

We have talked about translating to other languages (Chinese and Russian for example), but of course, a French translation would also be great.

Is it maybe an idea to (also) translate the original BiblePay website into French?

I can see your point. Volume problem you describe will not be solved neither by MCT+ nor by a big exchange listing. MCT+ could rather add some more BBP visibility and safe p2p trading platform. Current exchanges where BBP is listed have quite decent volume for many other coins but BBP is still lacking there. It means BBP is not attractive to traders from one reason or another. It needs to be addressed.  Imagine BBP is miraculously listed on Binance, what would happen? Spike first day, then hard drop, then volume declining close to zero in no time a and soon BBP would be delisted. We need to think about why volume is so low on CURRENT exchanges. What needs to be done  to reverse it. I have some ideas and right now I think BBP trading bot would be the best way to address this right now. Also BBP needs to be visible on as many emerging platforms as possible mainly (also for PR reasons at this time). I have no doubts about MCT+ platform. These guys are doing great having clear roadmap that is implemented in time. Of course as everything in crypto space, there are no 100% assurances. MCT+ listing on CMC is delayed (probably because of duplicate symbol usage) but in progress, that's not an issue.

I absolutely agree with your points about exposure, volume and PR. I haven't researched MCT+ yet. I will when I find the time.

I think it's interesting what you say about a trading bot. Having volume is important to get noticed on our existing exchanges more. Do you have any experience with bots?

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