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Ok, if I understand correctly, then there is no integration with Trust Wallet currently. It just is the recommended wallet to use as it supports many blockchains. I would agree with that as I like Trust Wallet.

One thing with the Portfolio Builder so far:
It looks like the minimum you can add is 5,000 BBP, which is a 10% fee. Maybe that could be a % with a max of 500 BBP? Like 1%, so 5,000 BBP would be 50 BBP fee, 10,000 BBP would have a 100 BBP fee, etc. Then the fee would max out at 500 BBP when adding 50,000 BBP. Just a thought.

I would not say "there is no integration" with "trust wallet".  I would say there is no requirement to use trust wallet.

We spent a lot of time 'integrating' with trust wallet, its just that I decided that we would have more integrity if we did not require the users to download a specific version of trustwallet
 (IE a fork) from our website (with BBP included as a ticker) because then everyone would have to trust our code branch (IE that we didnt put something sneaky thing in there).  This way everyone can still use the plain vanilla trust wallet download. 

We have the code checked out and a lot of ideas being considered that integrates further with trust wallet.  I would say : The trust wallet integration allows you to store your biblepay in one central place but keep your keys, and this integration helps facilitate our weighted cryptocurrency index.  Just like our press release says.

To clarify what it means to be integrated with trustwallet:  All 10 of our supported cryptocurrencies work with ONE trustwallet mobile app (meaning that the HD key addresses will work in biblepay and will not erase your utxos as you receive more than one new tx to the trust wallet address), and we are actively testing and supporting these 10 currencies and they can all be 'added' to trustwallet easily (by clicking receive and choosing a ticker).  In contrast, if we didnt have trust wallet, I would literally be asking people to download TEN light wallets and it would be a disaster.  So our integration with trust wallet is as simple as making a single portfolio interface available for the user.  (Im also looking into adding BBP as a github commit to trustwallet main branch).

Regarding the 500 bbp being 10%, thats only ten cents.  I dont think its a problem, currently.  People can increase the utxo amount and save a significant percentage.  I think its good like it is.  We need sources of revenue in biblepay.  One utxo record is good for the life of an address, thats a good deal, actually its cheap.

** BiblePay TV is ready for Alpha Testing **

We could use a lot of help testing BiblePay TV.  Please join us over here:

7800 BBP

Very nice adding the Tools Wallet Repair. You've been super busy. Awesome work. May your labor show fruit and may it glorify Jesus Christ in unlimited ways.

Thank you Sun, I appreciate it my man.

7800 BBP

Active Discussions / BiblePay TV - Alpha
« on: Today at 01:41:50 PM »
I am pleased to announce BiblePay TV for ROKU. 

Note that this is still in Alpha and is configured for TestNet.

- BiblePay TV:  Allow users to watch God related videos
b.  Provide Content-Creator channels (IE @Pastor-Dave) for our future social media platform (this means that our social media creators will have channels, and under that, videos,
and they will be mirrored here automatically for more coverage).
c.  Ability for the Viewer to star rate a video so we can establish a rating (eventually) (not released yet)
d. Provide Church Channels - this will allow a church to mirror their content inside BiblePay TV as a Church Channel

- Sponsor an Orphan:
a.  Mirror our Orphan NFTs inside biblepay TV, so users can spend BBP on their TV set, and sponsor Orphans

- Wallet:
a.  Provide the ability to spend tBBP on NFTs
b.  Provide a mechanism to withdraw the BBP back to their wallet (this will be added very soon)
c.  Provide a mechanism to deposit tBBP into the TV

- PR/Advertising
a. Provide publicity for biblepay on 150MM tv sets.

How do I install BiblePay TV?

From a PC go to:

Our vanity access code is "biblepay".
Once added click your "HOME" screen on Roku and you should see the biblepay Logo.

** Note, we are still a private channel, meaning you have to manually add us with the link above.  We need 3000 subscribers to make it to the "big time", meaning then we would be part of the channel store (and would be public).

To get started sync your testnet wallet at home so you have tBBP (launch bbp with -testnet=1) or from windows click BiblePay Testnet Shortcut.

From Roku navigate to Wallet.
Send tBiblePay to your Roku wallet.

If we missed the mandatory upgrade, is an erasechain required? or try exec reassesschains?

If I do an erasechains, are all my utxo mined transactions forgotten or unlocked? should I give it a day or two to see if get a utxo mining payment without doing anything further?

The erasechain is still required, because we added two more databases to the index.
Note from the QT wallet you can now just do it from the Wallet Tools menu, instead of command line.

Your wallet tx's will not be erased - erasechain only erases the blocks and reloads them.

7800 BBP


Is there a guide to the trust wallet integration? It is not clear how to set it up. I found Portfolio Builder, which mentions Trust wallet integration, but then says you can use any wallet, which is how it was before the update.


First let me clarify Trust Wallet vs. Light wallets:  You *can* still use our portfolio builder along with a light wallet and create a position, as long as the amount suffix matches the BBP pin, yes.  The idea with Trust Wallet is to additionally bring biblepay a facility to store an entire portfolio in one place, provide a cryptocurrency index for our users (that match the prices on those 10 currencies in Trust Wallet), and as a starting point to "bring in" more future 'vetted' currencies directly from trust wallet (assuming that they add their currencies to trustwallet based on very popular demand).

So yes you can do both.  If I could ask you and others here in the community to gather the top 5-10 difficulties with portfolio builder then I can go ahead and write a dedicated wiki page for trust wallet.  For now we don't have a dedicated doc for it, Im here to help answer questions until we establish some positions and I will take a stab at creating one soon.

7800 BBP

Nice work Rob. I am definitely looking forward to the prod version. All of the features look really nice, and I am confident that this is a really solid upgrade to the previous edition. I will now be looking into contacting the businesses, Youtube channels, and other organizations that I have a list of pertaining to the acceptance of this currency, and I will let you all know as soon as I finalize what I will say. I want to make sure that the wallet is fully in prod before I send them, and possibly get a few of the other wiki related features updated like Jo was referring to earlier. Again, really nice work, let me know if you want to do another testnet equivalent, or what usecase the tbbp have at this point. Also, I will be doing a cross custom NFT in varying color schemes as a sort of set soon, and all of the BBP that the set makes will be donated immediately. Be on the lookout for it in the next few days if you all are interested! Thanks, and may God bless you all.

Thanks a lot Twinkle;  This plan of attack you lay out sounds excellent.  I look forward to our new relationships as God opens more doors for us.
I will have the press release ready within an hour; she is finishing it now, praise God.
Sounds great on creating a prod NFT; that will be sweet.  On a side note, I did add the ability to switch between TestNet and Prod chains in (in your account settings you can populate TestNet CPK and Prod CPK, and you can choose to switch chains with the two buttons) -- so now we can create (and "see") both testnet NFTs and Prod NFTs.   (See the NFT marketplace menu items on the left menu bar in the pool).

Btw, the marketplace is now in Prod so people can go ahead and start making prod nfts right now!

On another side note:  Greeting Cards have been enabled in Prod, so if anyone wants to send a greeting card to a relative in the United States go for it - it will be physically delivered to their house.  I suppose we need to block mail delivery in other countries  :P  (with an error code!).

7800 BBP

Sorry, one last thing, what is the DWU on TrustWallet staking?
Thanks, and may God bless, I will be back later to test some features, and work on that NFT plus company letter I referenced.

Hi Twinkle be blessed as well by God!  Yeah, DWU% is equiv. to the banking industry APR% and its displayed in Portfolio Builder.  The new release fixes it.

7800 BBP

BiblePay Core Wallet - Mandatory Upgrade for Entire Network at height 278014

- (See changes from -
- New Montserrat font (smooth font for non windows OS), new CSS background
- LLMQ Instant Send + ChainLocks
- BiblePay Portfolio Builder (Retirement Accounts) with Ten major cryptocurrency staking options in "Misc | Portfolio Builder" including Stellar and Ripple!
   b.  Add Ripple and Stellar support for UTXO staking (v1.0), and modify getpin for this also
   c.   Add Trust Wallet Integration (Allows the user to use ONE trusted mobile wallet for all of their crypto, including our 10 currencies and earn UTXO rewards on the portfolio)
   d.  Add the BiblePay Cryptocurrency Index - this is an index of 10 major currencies.  To view it, click Misc | Portfolio Builder.
    e.  Fixed the DWU % display.
- Block Subsidy changes:  Increased Portfolio Builder emissions and Less for Sanctuaries : Sanctuaries (20%), monthly budget (5%),  UTXO (50%), RANDOMX (25%), with a calling for New Users
  b. Enhance listutxostakes to actually be JSON
- NFT 1.0 (Non-Fungible Tokens) and NFT marketplace.  Dedicated marketplace for Orphans and for Digital Goods
   b. Add NFT Auctions (Buy It Now Amount and Reserve Price)
- Referral Codes 1.0 (allows user to generatereferralcode, listattachedreferralcodes, checkreferralcode, claimreferralcode).  This type is used for viral PR.
  b. Note: referralrewards bonuses decay over 2 years similar to RAC (this keeps our emissions schedule perfectly aligned and phases out viral rewards over time).
- BiblePay Greeting Cards and phrase protected virtual gift cards - to use click Misc | Greeting Cards
   b.  Add Christmas, Easter and Kittens Greeting cards.  Make the greeting card fields customizable by the user.
   c.  Add CSV Greeting Card generate process
- BBP Transaction Fees have increased to small levels from dust levels (should be about 1 bbp per 1K of size now)
- Added Tier2 payment for non POOS sancs. This gives tier2 a 250bbp reward to run a sanc that does not sponsor an orphan, simply for network stability and voting rights
- Recaption Duffs to Pence (This gives a name to our microcoins) (Purely in honor of the archaic currency).
- Coin Control: Display gift icon when it is a gift from a gift card
  b. Auto unlock the gift if they run 'acceptgift', secondly, lock gifts on wallet boot by default (this prevents gifts from being spent by the giver).
  c.  Add gift key to givers wallet so they can recall the gift if it is never redeemed.
- Add Alpha Invoicing and Payments and Statements v1.0 (This is mostly integrated but still disabled and in alpha).
- Unchained feature: Add DSQL to server side (this supports an insert and a read) in alpha.  This feature is still in Alpha (see our unchained project:
   b. Add rest pushtx, getaddressutxo. This is also for unchained, allowing a decentralized client to relay a tx, allowing a c# consumer to query utxos, and query DSQL data.
- Add rpc getvalue command - Allows you to convert from BBP to USD
- Remove Randomx calls on MAC making it an SPV client (this allows us to notarize the mac software)
  b. Update build instructions for mac cross compiling
- Add erasechain UI (to wallet tools)

1.  All sanctuaries need to be re-created (because we have transitioned to DM blocks, and our old sancs were created inside non-dm blocks).
    a.  You must re-create your sanctuary as a deterministic sanc.  Please see this guide:
    b.  Please contact cameroon-one with your new public key (copy the orphan bio from the Sanctuaries UI page and send to cameroon) so that your bio can be updated.
2.  All leaderboard UTXOs need to be re-created as Portfolio Builder positions.  Note that we now monitor Cryptocurrency Addresses (in contrast to individual utxos).
    a.   We still use pins.  Since the leaderboard is empty, I will explain how to jumpstart some position easily and then you can move to the more elaborate positions later.
    b.   To easily create a BBP position, simply click Misc | Portfolio Builder.  Select BBP from the Coin Ticker dropdown.  Populate an Amount.  Click Send.  BBP will allocate that much into your position (which is equivalent to our old easybbpstake command).  Then you will be in the leaderboard.
3.  When you upgrade, if you are running QT, you will need to click Tools | Erase Chain and restart (this will start with a clean chain).  If you are running a full node, start with -erasechain=1.
     The reason why is we have added the timestampindex and the addressindex as a default option to our chain which consumes two more database index positions therefore a rescan is required.  The address index is Required for all sanctuaries.  (If you do not erase the chain you will go out of sync).
4.  Both pools need to upgrade immediately (these DM blocks are not backwards compatible). has upgraded already and fun has been notified.
XMRig miners are not affected as the miner will seamlessly mine through the mandatory upgrade.
5.  Note to self compiled nodes:  You will need to cd depends, and rebuild the dependencies, rerun and rebuild.  (We have a new set of dependencies in this branch).  Follow Build Biblepay for more information:



NFT Marketplace:

NFT Orphan Sponsorship Area:

Direct Mail Delivery and Greeting Cards:

Greeting Cards:

Creating a DM Sanc from Scratch:

Upgrading a Sanctuary to Deterministic Mode:

Referral Codes for creating Viral PR and Referral Gift Codes:

Portfolio Builder:

Press Release #1:

7800 BBP

** Next Steps **

Alright everyone, I've been testing with NFTs, Portfolio Builder, Greeting Cards, DWU, etc, trying to find any last minute "cracks" that need fixed before we release our actual github 'release' (this is the release that BX's and exchanges will use).

I did find one small issue that we have the luxury of fixing right now:  Currently the portfolio builder is not displaying the DWU% on the screen (its 0).
And the double click (of your entry in the leaderboard) is also displaying 0%.  (Its because Bitcoin is being squared).

My intent is to fix this right now, so everyone please look forward to upgrading to, and this will be our release.

Please be on the lookout for the Production version.

7800 BBP

Hi Rob,

Ah ok, that explains it. Thank you.

I put a notice at the top of the wiki PODC, PODC Setup, DWS pages about them being disabled so it does not cause confusion for new users. And the UTXO Mining page about Portfolio Builder. The Main wiki page needs updated with new Block reward, remove exchanges that are not recommended, etc. I do not have access to update it. Same with pages on the website.


Hi Jo,

Thanks, as you know Im kind of pressed today because of BBP issues coming in (someone is writing a press release for us), I would be happy to give you access so you can help us with this; could you email me your username to [email protected] and Ill edit the wiki perms?  Let me know if thats the only system you need unless you want to do web editing also.


7800 BBP

Thank you Rob for the hard work. I published notes in Telegram, Discord, Twitter and LinkedIn

Users are asking about when the SouthXchange wallet is going back online.

On my side, I added some entries in the investment portfolio section and it works nicely!

I hope these exciting new features catch the attention of many new users.


As far as SX,  we will be releasing the github release later today and then our block explorers and SX will be notified to upgrade; I would tell them ~48 more hours.

7800 BBP

Hi Rob,

2) That would seem like a reason it had to be on a DM block, which could have been set to a DM block 1 week away, which would allow everyone to update in the meantime. I may be missing something though.
3) Thank you, I realized that after the wallet finished updating. The blockchain explorer is apparently not updated, so it was not showing there.
4) Where would I see such messages? I did not see any message, and there are none in the My Messages tab. I am subscribed to the update emails.
5) Glad to hear such a short upgrade time window is not the norm. I think though that the more stable blockchains normally have longer than 1 week though.
6) I would suggest that if there is a mandatory upgrade it should be posted to github immediately. If it needs another update due to an issue, it can be updated.

Is there a guide to the trust wallet integration? It is not clear how to set it up. I found Portfolio Builder, which mentions Trust wallet integration, but then says you can use any wallet, which is how it was before the update.

Regarding the press release: I think it is a great idea to have a press release. However, the website/wiki should be updated before it is released in order for it to be effective. That way new users are not turned away by confusing/conflicting information. As it stands now, the press release points you to the post about the update, which does not explain how it works. The website does not have the information either, and still points to DWS which was disabled a while ago. And PODC, which was disabled even further ago. I know I spent many hours trying to get PODC working only to discover it was disabled.

I hope my comments / suggestions are not taken the wrong way. I like BiblePay and think you have spent a lot of time improving it. I am especially looking forward to the wallet integration. I want BiblePay to be successful and think that the new user experience is currently a significant hinderance.


Hi Jo--

On #2, the problem with that method is you are making the assumption that if everyone is ready to upgrade in the future block, that everything will go well on that particular day.  I chose to start the upgrade as soon as we were in maintenance, in case we needed another emergency update in between.  Without causing any arguments over this, the real deal killer was that our classic chain was already in dip3 mode, and no new pool blocks could be mined in the pool unless they were upgraded FIRST.  That set an extraordinary problem ahead of us meaning we had to upgrade both pools first in order to mine, and in order to mine new clients already had to be running (as users).  So no, dash would not have had this problem because they were not in dip3 mode when they upgraded. 

On #3, I had to wait for my internal green light before releasing the Mandatory notice for BX's and exchanges.  Its going out right now.

On #4, there are two ways.  First be sure you have Notify clicked on this thread.  Our will Tweet you an upgrade notice if you are subscribed here.  The other way is triggered *after* the mandatory is checked in to github.  So I recommend both until we start our social media platform.

On #5,  I agree with you here, but to clarify my position, I was referring to exchange minimums.  Basically we should give a 30 day upgrade notice to our users in general, but a 10 day exchange minimum to our partners.  We do have a history of doing this, but we were not organized well this quarter.  I like to set a very accurate date in testnet as we close on our testing (and we did, but again I didnt KNOW that our pools would cause an emergency honestly until it became an emergency).  I think what we should do is add a phase at the end of testing to start to notify everyone that the upgrade is *coming* in only 21 more days .. etc.. We can definitely do a better job in that area;  thank you for the suggestion.

On #6, Yes, we always will in all normal circumstances.  In this case it was not possible.  A mandatory upgrade in github triggers our partners to upgrade and we did not want that in phase #1.

7800 BBP

Hi Rob,

These seem like a lot of really useful upgrades. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into it!

May I ask though why this upgrade needed to be done in such a rushed manner? World breaking changes should have more time given to upgrade unless there is a very good reason why it has to be done right away. It seems like this could have been set to a block height that was more than 1 day away. I am not able to check the forum every single day.

Also, there is no build posted on github. And no email was sent out about the mandatory rush upgrade.

1) Thank you Jo!
2) It had to be done in a rushed manner this time because the very first block of the new client had to be deterministic (that is, a DM block), and our old sancs were not compatible with those blocks.  That means that there was a very short time limit available to upgrade our sancs and make the daily GSC block (and we made it) - those happen every 205 blocks!.  So in this release I had our 3 exchanges put us in maintenance, and then the moment we were in maintenance I started the upgrade process.  One other unique issue with this upgrade is our biblepay-classic client (running in both pools) would *not* allow the miners to mine any DM block due to a classic branch constraint - they are not backward compatible.  So we also had a pool deadline also.  That led to the decision that it had to be done this way.
3) Note that you did not really lose any revenue, because xmrig miners were able to transition through the height and continue earning (even if your biblepay client went out of sync)-- as the pool keeps your share of work in the database.  Also, since the leaderboard is empty you have plenty of space to create portfolio positions now  (we only have 5 people in there right now).
4) I did tweet this out to every forum user and I posted it on bitcointalk also.  Its possible those emails are lagging however (unless you are not subscribed).
5) I think this is a one-time unique situation.  We always strive for a 7 day notice during upgrades, and will in the future.  We are on the new codebase now, so things are back to normal!
6) The github was updated (see build biblepay); The code was checked in, but you are referring to the mandatory release in the releases list; I deliberately did not check that record in yet because I needed to know everything worked out -- and it appears everything worked.  That will be checked in either tonight or tomorrow.

7800 BBP

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