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Archived Proposals / BiblePay & CameroonONE
« on: January 17, 2018, 05:20:32 PM »
Hi Everyone.

My name is Todd and I am the director of a 501c3 registered charity organization called CameroonONE that sponsors orphaned children in the Republic of Cameroon. The children in our program have been transitioned to family care, which means that they have been removed from the villages' overcrowded and under-resourced orphanages and placed in the households of extended family members in their communities of birth. We then sponsor all education and health needs and help to strengthen the family unit so that they are able to provide for their own nieces and nephews.

Our charity is being endorsed by BiblePay and Rob and Jaap have reviewed our financials and are very supportive of our orphan-care approach and family-preservation practices. We look forward to our partnership with BiblePay and thank you to all of you for supporting the parentless children of this world through your transactions!

You can learn more about CameroonONE at:   

CameroonONE is the first organization in Cameroon placing orphaned children in the household of surviving relatives while ensuring that they receive an education and proper healthcare within a secure family environment in order to bring hope and opportunity to a large population of the country’s orphans.
To create a culture in which all orphaned children in Cameroon have the opportunity to grow as a member of a family and become productive citizens who will impact and lead their community into a better future.


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