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Hey Rob.
Could you post a monero adress that i could donate to.


I retipped you 7777.7777 Mainnet biblepay on your checksum video.

I looked at the wallet in social > biblepay>mainnet and it looks solid Rob. Yeah the video donation is there alright.   

Alright back to cutting wood. I will check out the other things you posted tonight.

By the way i believe i added some liquidity to the  nipper pool on testnet the other day.
Have a good one.

Evenin Brother Rob.

Responding to the second part of this:  Portfolio Builder:
I did reproduce that problem Earlz (the incrementing counts on the portfolio builder leaderboard) and its fixed now, can you please retry viewing your position.
And verify you have received a daily testnet reward in tBBP?
Looking in my home tBBP wallet - I am receiving my portfolio builder rewards daily now!  So we are very close to 'wrapping up' things...

The viewing experience looks ok now.
Lookin at core wallet >transactions >portfolio builder i can see that i have received  tBBP on the 17th/19/20/22

Test Case # 7

Verify LLMQ quorums are forming:

Send a transaction by clicking Send, check the donate to foundation, populate an amount, click SEND.
Once quorums form, your transaction should change to a lightning bolt within 7 seconds.
Please try this after September 4th, 2021 as the sancs are forming LLMQs now.

Q1. Did your transaction turn into a lightning bolt?

No i didnt get any lightning bolt

Next, get the latest block number. Type 'getblock blocknumber'. Verify that the Chainlock=true?

Q2. Was the chainlock = true?

I will paste my information here. I did as the test case suggested. I sent 15 000 tBBP to "donate to foundation" button.  I saw no lightning bolt nor did it get any confirmations for 2 blocks i believe. Below is my output:

Code: [Select]
Status: 1/unconfirmed
Date: 1/22/2022 21:25
To: yTrEKf8XQ7y7tychC2gWuGw1hsLqBybnEN
Debit: -15 000.00000000 tBIBLEPAY
Transaction fee: -0.42203281 tBIBLEPAY
Net amount: -15 000.42203281 tBIBLEPAY
Transaction ID: 93a67a60f0effb60292688ccc7dcb11f247f456c96eafb146cfd3d8e961c3f1d
Output index: 1
Transaction total size: 419 bytes

Height: 132205
Time: 01-22-2022 20:41:13
Subsidy: 2732.2110

Debit: -5797.37717000 tBIBLEPAY
Debit: -5797.68551000 tBIBLEPAY
Debit: -5797.68551000 tBIBLEPAY
Credit: 2392.32615719 tBIBLEPAY

CTransaction(hash=93a67a60f0, ver=2, type=0, vin.size=3, vout.size=2, nLockTime=132203, vExtraPayload.size=0)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(944641859821646f6587046514e2fd751b879fda1f70913931ae9a4ac594dfa9, 0), scriptSig=473044022078311c12bd5710, nSequence=4294967294)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(a75b71686d8b838521e3d3c0074d2b07a126e81e1adb1cff23920bd446ede4c2, 0), scriptSig=47304402204afb15f7f85da4, nSequence=4294967294)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(e82e3e09502226c717e1cfadd3bbb565f86339d5edcbd6250ccabd0ea73e9b7e, 0), scriptSig=4730440220168e0cd863ced3, nSequence=4294967294)
    CTxOut(nValue=2392.32615719, scriptPubKey=76a9148e66fc26892b667d6ca37249)
    CTxOut(nValue=15000.00000000, scriptPubKey=76a914529b518f59a0f45beb1e1554)


Code: [Select]
getblock 132205

  "hash": "f21ef073a74c1533526e8c6e85a47835462b699e146867219cf40958ad178ff3",
  "confirmations": 1,
  "size": 1194,
  "height": 132205,
  "version": 1342177343,
  "versionHex": "5000003f",
  "merkleroot": "2a3f8f0c01e6b6b359427db8bba1f7c338ae6d7d9e6d00e842cb753b2f8e57e6",
  "tx": [
  "cbTx": {
    "version": 2,
    "height": 132205,
    "merkleRootMNList": "e755edaf4c5c7e1ca36b507d31d07f81de717340f594d01b87dcb85283f0bf73",
    "merkleRootQuorums": "edc65596f86cbb1746b27b93c9972d554737d872fe8f9ebeef4495f100065a06"
  "time": 1642884073,
  "mediantime": 1642881782,
  "nonce": 41010,
  "bits": "1f48acc4",
  "difficulty": 2.099564420261395e-06,
  "chainwork": "00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000016cef14d056ce",
  "nTx": 3,
  "previousblockhash": "48853df8a1462ae007ab4ef92d689e1a4eb8d468779dc95bcbf91601d89cf577",
  "chainlock": false

So no chainlocks i believe.

Case 3- Tipping a video
I just navigated to Earlz video (how to check a checksum) :

- Tipped Earlz 7777 bbp - earlz please verify you received it?  Looks like I received a TXID:  PASS

Think you have retip me, then i can check balance of the wallet.

Active Discussions / Re: New mobile app - BETA testing
« on: January 16, 2022, 07:51:46 AM »
Hey Reaver, did the unchained wallet end up working properly?

So i believe that this is the problem.
When scanning QR for receieving adress the scanner adds
Code: [Select]
biblepay: before the adress and then its not recognised as a wallet adress.

I did this test between 2 android phones.


*** NFTs 2.0 are ready to Test ***

I successfully created a NFT called "Holograhic protection" 
I think the NFTs store looks solid, i noticed that the price in USD  that you see after the eth on polygon logo shows in USD but for the value of ethereum hence Bald Head for example thats sold for 0.75 Matic says "

So yeah feel free to buy my NFT then i can buy it back.

*** Portfolio Builder 2.0 is ready to Test ***

First i created a tBBP only stake, opened up Biblepay core>File>Receiving Adresses>New>(right click, Edit)>Changed name to Portfolio Builder.
 Copied the wallet adress and  went to Send and pasted the wallet adress. Populated the Amount and sent it away for staking.
After a few blocks it showed up at    @ Biblepay>Portfolio Leaderboard

bug: On leaderboard when you click on Summary/Details it doubles/increases the total amount of assets, for me i noticed this when i hit the summary and details my original staked amount doubled and thereafter after each click.
This seems to reset when you move away from portfolio leaderboard and reenter later its back at normal but then when you start looking details etc it begins  increasing again.

I also have some MATIC in the portfolio and the coverage seems about right the percentages.

Hi Earlz:

See attached pic:
This shows that your sanc and my sanc have gone to POOS 0 (0 is Good Standing) and these are the two with the Bios of children (see the very last column of the Bio Url) that we set up last night at 1am Sweden time.

So this means we should now be getting sanc rewards.   (100 bbp for a non orphan sanc, 2700~ bbp for an orphan sanc).

Its looking all nice on this front.

Test Case #14

Let's test POOS (proof-of-orphan-sponsorship). Note, we need to be upgraded to v. for this.[/b]

Q1. From the Sanctuary List page, can we right click on a sanc and view the child biography?

Indeed,  I went to core wallet>Sanctuaries>ChoseSanctuary>ViewChildBiography and it opens up url for me. Works fine.

Q2. Can we right click and sponsor a child?

Hence its testnet im just pretending i sponsored with BBP  out of the payments options.

Q3. Find a poos banned sanc (one that has a POOS ban score of 700 or higher). Verify that the payment for this sanc is 100 bbp (not 3000+bbp). Note: you can skip this if you don't have a sanc.

Yeah i shecked the wallet and i see im getting more then when it was pose banned.
i used to get :
Code: [Select]
Status: 151 confirmations
Date: 1/1/2022 09:42
Source: Generated
Credit: 100.00000000 tBIBLEPAY
Net amount: +100.00000000 tBIBLEPAY
Transaction ID: da7ec275f5bd562c723de7112c573deeac94895a39a583846426832c4aa62885
Output index: 1
Transaction total size: 246 bytes
But now i see:
Code: [Select]
Status: 76 confirmations
Date: 1/2/2022 01:22
Source: Generated
Credit: 2732.00000000 tBIBLEPAY (matures in 25 more blocks)
Net amount: 0.00000000 tBIBLEPAY
Transaction ID: a128e4b5cbad47f98c453a7a3e264797204e5fd7eec731d90a14bcf39e6c5be2
Output index: 1
Transaction total size: 246 bytes

Generated coins must mature 101 blocks before they can be spent. When you generated this block, it was broadcast to the network to be added to the block chain. If it fails to get into the chain, its state will change to "not accepted" and it won't be spendable. This may occasionally happen if another node generates a block within a few seconds of yours.

Height: 129661
Time: 01-02-2022 00:22:25
Subsidy: 2732.0000

Credit: 2732.00000000 tBIBLEPAY

CTransaction(hash=a128e4b5cb, ver=3, type=5, vin.size=1, vout.size=2, nLockTime=0, vExtraPayload.size=70)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, 4294967295), coinbase 037dfa0104d8b5d161)
    CTxOut(nValue=2732.00000000, scriptPubKey=21032f57e97dd220a17b1f6e37536f)
    CTxOut(nValue=2732.00000000, scriptPubKey=76a914465db991b9427fa3f7689bdd)


Q4. Find a non-poos banned sanc, and verify your sanc is receiving the full amount (Non poos banned is one with POOS ban score of 0). Note: You can skip this if you don't have a sanc.

Indeed im getting the payouts for a enabled sanctuary that is sponsoring a child.  On the sanc page im seeing information:
Code: [Select]
Status: Enabled, PoSe score: 0

Hello Rob.

my adress:
Code: [Select]

It was pretty strait forward to compile from source , ofcourse changing the machine prefixes and such to aarch64 etc.
Also i remember that i installed the berkley database manually.

The syncing went pretty fast , perhaps from boot til fully synced 20 minutes to 1 hour. Wasnt sitting next to it so not 100% sure of the time there but it went fast.

I got another pi with 4gb ram that i am thinking i do a step by step approach an document it  so i remember how i did it all .

I also have another thing coming up "how to set up biblepay mining on hiveOS"   

Its pretty cheap for cpu mining rigs their special linux OS.

Recon you got a full plate with social and migrating everything.
 I read your post on the Storj application sounds sweet.

Nice, actually I could use the help for the third sanc.  Because I only re-created two sancs, and I have them running now, but we actually need three sancs for LLMQ to start back up.

Let me know if you get it running and Ill try the llmq test again thanks man.

Hello Brother Rob.

I got testnet Sanctuary up and running on my pi 4 now. I had some issues with syncing up on the testnet, then i realized i had forgotten to set up the ports on ufw *facepalm*
Anyways its up and running, OS version: Ubuntu 21.04  and i gotta say its running smooth over wifi, no ethernet cable needed.

 Temps around 37 celsius (98 Fahrenheit)  Cpu usage on conky seems to be around 4-5%.
8GB ram and 220GB m.2 sata ssd so i skipped the swapfile setup.
I ran in terminal:
Code: [Select]
[email protected]:/opt/biblepay-develop/biblepay/src$ ./biblepay-cli mnsync status
  "AssetID": 999,
  "AssetStartTime": 1640865359,
  "Attempt": 0,
  "IsBlockchainSynced": true,
  "IsSynced": true

And it looks fine.
I also ran the
Code: [Select]
./biblepay-cli masternode status  and received   },
  "state": "READY",
  "status": "Ready"

So looks fine from what i can tell. 

I will redo the Greeting card test case on social now.

Test Case # 12

Logged in at
Code: [Select]  then top left menue path: Biblepay>Greeting Card  then i populated the fields
Q1. Does the card appear to be correct?

Indeed it worked just fine, got 2 pop up windows as follow:

Then i simply clicked the link to the greeting card. Looks solid to me.

So i was thinking about this greeting card thing.
It would be real sweet to on the mobile biblepay  wallet to be able to cash in the greeting cards with a qr code , kinda like you get an invoice and you can just scan the qr code and sign the transaction more or less...

Well was just an idea i had to step up the game  8)

Its looking good Rob.
So much new things to check out.
I will retest the Greeting Card on social and check out some other stuff.

Think i will be able set up testnet sanc on the pi tonight hopefully. I managed to compile latest bbp  so lets see if it works out for me.

General Discussion / Re: Kairos Christmas
« on: December 20, 2021, 01:43:39 PM »
Thank you brother earlzmoade. I just received 2M in BBP. I think this was yours.

No, i cant take credit for that donation.
I sent my donation 14th december.

Anyways i wish you and kairos children all the best. Merry Christmas and Happy new year.
Lets look forward for a new year with hope, blessings and opportunities.

Announcements & Fundraisers / Re: Mobile Wallet Announcements
« on: December 16, 2021, 04:32:02 AM »
It might be easier to publish an APK file, as long as you can install it (which seems to be possible in most Android flavours)

If not, we can check how this Huawei app gallery publishing works

APK, thumbs up from me  ;D

Test Case #13

Hey Rob.

Could you check out test case 13 and see if it works for you.

So after i log in to foundation  >ACCOUNT>SWITCH TO TESTNET and then the Chain says Testnet(saved) . Well it still just shows the Prod BBP adress and not an testnet adress for me.
I also tested to create new account and see if anything changed but same thing as far as i can see.

Active Discussions / Re: New mobile app - BETA testing
« on: December 13, 2021, 06:34:33 PM »
For some extra feedback , features that would be sweet:

  • Ability to  swipe with between wallet>send>receive>transactions 
  • BBP in  your local currency if possible.
  • Adressbook

General Discussion / Re: Kairos Christmas
« on: December 11, 2021, 05:13:25 PM »
Hello Andrew.

I will send some BBP your way for Kairos Children.
I read this bible verse 
Isaiah 58:10 and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry
    and satisfy the needs of the oppressed,
then your light will rise in the darkness,
    and your night will become like the noonday

In Jesus name i pray that the children will have a christmas full of joy and happiness. Amen.

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