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General Support - Solved / Re: BBP staking
« on: March 15, 2021, 12:15:22 AM »
Now I'm waiting for maintenance to finish on Freefaucet so I can send a couple over.

Are you trying to withdraw BBP from  They don't seem to be fixing that.  It didn't work for me a couple of weeks ago, and if you search this forum, you'll find that it wasn't working last fall.  It seems the only thing you can do on their site with BBP is to convert it to BRAZ and withdraw that.

General Support - Solved / Re: PODC setup
« on: October 09, 2020, 12:58:01 AM »
One last question. What happens if my wallet is not running for one or more days? Will I lose the PODC rewards of these days? Or will they be sent cumulatively to my wallet the next time the wallet sends the staking transaction or I issue the transaction manually (I think through "sendgscc wcg")?

Each of these is only good for one day.  If you run "sendgscc wcg" manually, you have to do it every day.  The window that you can do it in to get a day's reward is fairly large, but I'm not actually sure when it begins or ends.  If you don't send it in time, you won't get that day's reward.  If you leave the wallet running continuously, it's taken care of automatically.

Because we didn't enforce the sanctuary governance version, and 51% of the sancs upgraded early, you went on a fork before 217K.

The sanctuaries drive a hard consensus for the daily GSC block - making them an additional decision maker in our chain (in addition to POW). 

4200 BBP

OK, but my computer went on a fork three days AFTER I updated to, and was receiving PODC rewards during those three days.

1) I agree first of all that a *non-updated wallet* on the old chain before the mandatory cutover height should not have forked til *after* 217K.  That is something we will definitely prevent in the future by enforcing the version of the sancs up to the cutover height.

2)  On your question, Why would an up-to-date wallet end up on a fork 3 days *after* the mandatory height (updating later):
This is defintely possible in the dash world.  Here is how that happens.  If you accept a block on the main chain after the mandatory height on a non-upgraded wallet, these wallets will never erase the dirty block index flags without an -erasechain=1 (or an exec reassesschains command).  So basically at that point, the other wallets will ddos you (because you are then sending them invalid block headers).  So thats why we always need to erasechain if we upgrade late.

On the missing funds feel free to paste your CPK and estimated amount lost and I will give you a tip.

4200 BBP

I still don't understand.  I updated the wallet on 8/22, which then forked on 8/25.  This was days BEFORE the mandatory height, on 8/29 or 8/30.  I actually started trying to figure out if it was on a fork before the mandatory height had been reached by starting the wallet on another computer on 8/29.

Hi Dave,

The issue is that the supermajority of the sancs upgraded early and forced the protoversion up before the mandatory height started, and the GSC contents were being voted on by the wrong chain (because the sancs have communication no matter what chain they are on), then everything worked itself out yesterday now that we have 51% on the  We'll have to consider that on our next mandatory to stop that behavior.   Anyway all the exchanges upgrade to so we don't have fork risk so thats good.

I sent you an estimated payment from my account - please let me know if I didnt send you enough.

Have a good one!

4200 BBP

I updated to 1.5.22 on 8/22, and and was receiving PODC rewards through 8/25.  Then they stopped, along with the automatic GSC transmissions, though I sent them manually.  Yesterday, I started the wallet on a second computer, and discovered that the first had been on a fork since some time after the last PODC reward on 8/25, around the same time that davebbp said that he stopped receiving PODC rewards.  The second computer showed everything through the 8/25 PODC reward, but none of the later manual GSC transmissions.  One thing that seemed strange to me is that the first computer, the one on a fork, reported a larger number of sanctuaries, around 170, than the second computer, the one that isn't (I think) on a fork.  It also looked like blocks were regularly being generated on the fork, though the count was lower on the fork, which is how I finally concluded that the first computer was on a fork, and the second one wasn't on a (different) fork, by comparing the block counts with the block explorers.  In the end, I shut down both wallets, copied all the data from the second computer to the first and restarted the wallet on the first computer to fix things.

Why would an up-to-date wallet end up on a fork three days after updating?

Hi Alee,

Will this work for you?


4200 BBP

Thanks!  I guess I wasn't clear that I had already successfully downloaded the wallet from, after multiple attempts.  I tried the download from Github, and it works much better for me.  The downloader (wget) knew the size of the download, and the download didn't stop early so I was able to get it in a single try.  It would be helpful if binaries of future versions continue to be available on Github as an alternate download site, since I've had the same problem downloading the wallet binaries from on previous versions, too.  Using Zip files makes it easy to test that the download is complete and error-free, though it does adds an extra step to install, which might not suit some people.

I made my first forum post, a complaint / suggestion.  My faucetcode is B5EWXaw4K9chi42LyD4f9wKwBeDLDm3zD1-517-64-18-10-192.  Thanks!

Regarding the wallet binary downloads, I've found that my browser or other downloader can't determine the size of the file being downloaded, and if the download doesn't finish, it can't be resumed from where it left off, but has to start again from the beginning.  Part of the problem is that my connection isn't that reliable, but I have more trouble with the BiblePay wallet download not finishing than with downloads from most other sites, and these two things often require me to try downloads multiple times.  I don't know what's involved with changing either of these on the Web server, but they could also reduce bandwidth usage on the server.  Could the binaries also be provided on Github in addition to the source code?  Downloads from Github don't have either of these two issues.

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