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December 2021 Release - Barley

Welcome to TestNet - Barley!

This is BiblePays Q4 release for 2021!

Also, we will be testing a lot of unchained features to ensure full integration.

1) We still need 7 more testers:
     Please reply to this thread if you are willing to execute all of our test cases, and these will be explained in more detail to make it easier.
     We are offering a bounty of approx. $30 per hour to the FIRST 10 TESTERS.
     NOTE:  The Payment to you will be done at the end of the testing round, summed by the average time per test case for a grand total figure.
      We do not pay for Research, but, we will pay a padded time per testcase to give you more than enough time (rounded up to the next 15 minutes) to perform all cases easily.

Testing is Starting: Aug 31st, 2021
The expected End of TestNet for this version is:  December 4th, 2021
Expected go-live date for Barley:  December 25th, 2021

In this thread we will be testing:

- Dash changes:
   We have rebased to dash 0.17.3. 

- Legacy features:
   Our biblepay custom code has been migrated to
We will be releasing and testing those custom features from unchained, and we need to test the core wallet to ensure it works correctly without the features, and still achieves our mission critical goals.

- Known issues:
   Portfolio Builder needs rigorously tested.
   POOS needs ported and tested.

- NFT's:
  Test non fungible tokens from Unchained.

- Major sanctuary coverage:
   LLMQ Chainlocks in 17.3

- Mining:
   Verify RandomX mining works

- Sanctuary Governance:
   Ensure the monthly governance superblock works, voting works, and watchman on the wall works.
   Ensure the payments are correct for sanctuaries, and for POOS banned sancs.

Primary Test Cases:

- Ensure POOS (proof of orphan sponsorship) for sanctuaries works:

- Verify exec price works from unchained:
- Verify we have the ability to see Sanctuaries with orphan URLs (POOS) and the POOS status from either unchained or the wallet *TBD:
- Create a sanc:
(What do we do with Diary entries, unchained?) *TBD:
- Verify leaderboard for UTXO positions has been moved to unchained:
- Verify upgradesanc and revivesanc :
- Verify watchman on the wall (new proposal), vote for proposal, proposal trigger and proposal payment in monthly governance block :
- Verify gettxoutsetinfo:

- Test Chainlocks

Explain Important Changes to Entire BiblePay Network:

- Rebase to and ramifications
   I would like to explain the benefits in more detail of making our core wallet 99% compatible with Dash.

   This should allow us to be listed on bigger exchanges (little custom code, standard wallet), give the user more security and trust from the core wallet side (IE the code is now mostly pristine),  and easier for us to maintain from an IT perspective (merges, security commits, etc), and prevent rebase emergencies.

   The custom features will now run on our sidechain from   .  Our NFTs, portfolio builder, BBP Univ, memorize scriptures, everything from the top level menu will run over there. 

   Our code 'playground' will be in Unchained TESTNET going forward, preventing any possibilities of releasing dangerous code to MainNet.

   Our returning users seeking our features will theoretically gravitate and concentrate at unchained, for social media features and tipping and interaction. 
   (Technically making more sense, as the full wallet does not run on small devices anyway, and requires a full chain with full resources. )

Starting Version:

(Please ensure your version is greater than this, otherwise your testnet branch will not sync.   See wiki page for height and hash).

Testnet Download Links:

     Windows 64-bit:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:
     MacOS QT:

To self compile:
git pull origin develop



Create a biblepaytest.conf file with the following contents:
(optional:  debug=1)

Place the file in ~/.biblepay

Start testnet by typing:
./biblepay-qt -conf=biblepaytest.conf

(Note the blocks and chainstate will sync into the ./biblepay/testnet3 folder.

NOTE: This version will also work side-by-side our production nodes,
so, you also have the option if you are short on machines, to run TestNet side by side a prod node!

To run a TestNet Sanctuary:

How to create a deterministic sanc from scratch:


                                                                   OUR BIBLEPAY CORE TESTERS

#1 - Earlz 

#2 - AndrewScribner-Kairos Childrens Fund

#3 - Talisman


Active Discussions / Biblepay Unchained Mobile Wallet Thread
« on: July 06, 2021, 08:22:28 PM »
Please help test Unchained:

- Test unchained as a mobile wallet, so we can have an alternative to Breadwallet for mobile devices (think people who do not have a PC or are traveling etc)
- Test unchained add a prayer, add a comment, add a video in Prod

To start with unchained, go here either from a PC or from your mobile wallet:

To create your wallet, go to account and click Generate new address.  Note that the system starts in TESTNET.  You can now click the MainNet button and do some testing in MainNet also.

We now have six separate sidechains running (3 in testnet and 3 in mainnet) holding our videos and DSQL data.  You will see that if you enter a comment or add a video to Prod, this video will only be in the Prod chain, while making a comment in TestNet will affect the testnet chain.  This will be useful as we build out our social media platforms (one for churches one for users).

One thing I am looking for is suggestions that we need to make this solution very usable as a mobile wallet.  For example, that it feels clunky to do something on the iPhone and the suggestion.

One definite feature that we need is the ability to enter a PASSWORD to spend funds.  Currently we have seed words, restore address and spend which appears to be fine for a person who always has control of their mobile device, but on shared computers and shared phones, someone can spend the funds if they can access your unchained page.  So I am aware of this and have it on my todo list to add a "password" (similar to our wallet unlock option in the core wallet).  The idea is your wallet will remain Locked and Encrypted if it has a password on it, and will require the password to spend from it (this password will decipher your key and will not be stored on the device).

Active Discussions / Amazon Storefront Integration
« on: July 03, 2021, 01:49:40 PM »
This thread is dedicated to testing our new Amazon Storefront.

This is possibly one of BiblePay's best use cases.  The ability to spend your cryptocurrency on real durable goods.

Could I hypothesize that this makes BiblePay a Top 100 coin?  A top 10 coin?  A top 5 coin?
Possibly, because out of 1000 cryptocurrencies, most of them have no real use case.

This means that we will be one of the first to actually be useful in the real world.
You can BUY biblepay (as a speculative cryptocurrency) on an exchange, we know that. 
But up til today, what could you do with biblepay?  You can't really spend it on much, unless you first convert it to BITCOIN.

But now, we have something that only a few coins have:  The direct ability to buy billions of $ of products with BiblePay, starting today.

You might remember that during our second year we started on this idea (An amazon integration) and due to technical problems, we never did finish it.  But today, its finished (or should I say, in beta).  The technical problems have been worked out.  Theoretically, there are not any expense caps either (you can buy a $25 gift card, you can buy a $200 construction tool, or a $1,000 computer if you want, this week, as soon as the bugs are worked out).  I feel our liquidity on SX has increased enough to handle the volume, although I admit we will crash the price and raise the price vehemently when we start stress testing, but those are normal growth pains.

Now we have something to talk about..  Anytime a user says in the trollbox:  What good is biblepay, do they even have a use case?  YES, you can buy Anything with biblepay, with free shipping, delivered to your house. 

Lets get started:

To use this new feature:
Click on Storefront

Doing your own research, you can look for absolutely any amazon item that is considered PRIME (because we want to offer free shipping to our users), copy the URL, and simply add it to our marketplace and the item will appear for sale.   (NOTE: When you add an item, do not add Whole Foods or Pantry items, those are not supported, however you can add a "Prime" food item as long as the shipping is free and does not say "$35 minimum order required for free shipping".  Notice all the cereals I added.)

We don't charge ANY markup at this time!  Shipping is free.  The taxes are included in the purchase price.  You can also buy a single item, such as a box of crackers and they will be delivered  to you with no surcharges.

To buy an item simply follow the Buy Item wizard (self explanatory).

I look forward to everyones input, testing, and most importantly growth!

Praise God, and may Jesus have all the Glory with Bible Pay!

If I never mentioned it, I envision BiblePay being a facility to provide a reliable service for Christians in the future (when cryptocurrency becomes more prevalent).

Bounties / UTXO Stake Giveaway of 1MM BBP
« on: June 28, 2021, 03:34:13 PM »
New Referral code added below, updated July 14th 2021:

We are giving away the equivalent of 1MM BBP in Portfolio Builder.

This is not "free money", it is an enhanced Portfolio Builder position.

To use this code:
1) Establish a portfolio builder position by launching the core wallet | click Misc | Click portfolio builder.
2) Add any amount of BBP and ensure you are in the leaderboard.
3) From the rpc type:
attachreferralcode 25191aadf59d5e21dbc3b8d3cd65b8a48d20a38bf4781fcce7a4c446ec9e8801
4) Wait a few blocks, and your position will increase by up to 1MM bbp (Note: we only match 1bbp per bbp, so in order to take advantage of the whole amount you need a position size of 1MM bbp).

Congratulations!  If you use the whole amount, your DWU can increase from 21.5% to about 38% in a best case scenario!

Active Discussions / BiblePay TV - Alpha
« on: June 24, 2021, 01:41:50 PM »
I am pleased to announce BiblePay TV for ROKU. 

Note that this is still in Alpha and is configured for TestNet.

- BiblePay TV:  Allow users to watch God related videos
b.  Provide Content-Creator channels (IE @Pastor-Dave) for our future social media platform (this means that our social media creators will have channels, and under that, videos,
and they will be mirrored here automatically for more coverage).
c.  Ability for the Viewer to star rate a video so we can establish a rating (eventually) (not released yet)
d. Provide Church Channels - this will allow a church to mirror their content inside BiblePay TV as a Church Channel

- Sponsor an Orphan:
a.  Mirror our Orphan NFTs inside biblepay TV, so users can spend BBP on their TV set, and sponsor Orphans

- Wallet:
a.  Provide the ability to spend tBBP on NFTs
b.  Provide a mechanism to withdraw the BBP back to their wallet (this will be added very soon)
c.  Provide a mechanism to deposit tBBP into the TV

- PR/Advertising
a. Provide publicity for biblepay on 150MM tv sets.

How do I install BiblePay TV?

From a PC go to:

Our vanity access code is "biblepay".
Once added click your "HOME" screen on Roku and you should see the biblepay Logo.

** Note, we are still a private channel, meaning you have to manually add us with the link above.  We need 3000 subscribers to make it to the "big time", meaning then we would be part of the channel store (and would be public).

To get started sync your testnet wallet at home so you have tBBP (launch bbp with -testnet=1) or from windows click BiblePay Testnet Shortcut.

From Roku navigate to Wallet.
Send tBiblePay to your Roku wallet.

Archived Proposals / July 2021 Harvest Press Release
« on: June 23, 2021, 09:00:47 AM »
I have created a press release for Harvest.

Im submitting this to CoinQuora for a professional release, which costs $250.00.

CoinQuora will list this release on their web site (where they have 30,000 readers) and provide a backlink for us.

Hi Rob.

Yes, we accept BTC-USDT-ETH as payment. We can publish this PR and share on our official social media channels.

BTC- 1Deq31NzSnXrQN4eB3f69CSCiECx7bLWud
USDT ERC20- 0xe40c5a1506709283d4a741fc0c3b922cd51855c9

On Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 5:19 PM Team BiblePay <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear Coin Quora,
I would like to publish this press release for BiblePay (informing users of our mandatory upgrade due out this week):
Iím interested in the single press release (the one for $250) as we have a tiny budget.
Please let me know what else I need to do, and how I should pay you for it. 
Best Regards,
Rob A.

Conversion rate = .0001209 = 2,067,824 bbp


We are pleased to announce a new user staking bonus.  Please follow these instructions to claim the reward:

1.  Buy between 512,000 and 50 million BBP on SouthXchange :
2.  Start a new wallet and change your Nickname to the TXID of the withdrawal:
Go to User Record | Edit the "nickname" field with your SX TXID | Click Save
3.  Go to the RPC console (Tools | Info  | Console) type:
easybbpstake txid_amount 1
(This will stake the biblepay into the leaderboard)
4.  Post the txid here

What we will do:

1.  Each month, you will be paid the extra interest after your stake is 30 days old once per month. 

Please join us at BIBLEPAY and be paid rewards on your crypto!

NOTE:  If you own other cryptos including LTC, ETH, BTC, DOGE you can make double the DWU reward, please see these instructions:

Hi everyone--

This bounty is for an enhancement to the MAC OSX biblepaycore home wallet.

The github source for the program is here:
(See our mainnet branch, building for MAC OSX).

Note that we have RandomX as our mining algorithm, so we differ from bitcoin in that respect.
See the specific section in our Build BiblePay doc on how to compile RandomX on the MAC:

So for a long time we were able to build the MAC version with RandomX support, and release this finished build as a DMG file.
However recently we started running into some new troubles.  We can still Compile our code for mac, and run it without a problem, however, when we build our DMG, and the user runs this as an official DMG:  They can do most things like load the wallet, see the overview page in QT, and sync up to a certain block number.

We notarize the file and set up the DMG (as an apple developer) so that the DMG is approved by gatekeeper to run it (it runs as an authorized dmg file).

But the specific problem is when RandomX hash library is called for certain hashes, a memory access violation occurs in the MAC OS, and it bubbles up to the user and crashes the program.  (Specifics:  This crash did not occur until approx Feb 2021, after some apple updates to MAC OS that made it more strict!).

Our mac developer, MIP can provide more information on this - please ask us more questions.  When we run the DMG in jailbroken mode (with gatekeeper disabled), no crash occurs during any hashing and the whole wallet works.

So I believe his opinion is that MAC is protecting a certain area of memory.

Now the randomx virtual machine executes machine language specifically for the hash, so it needs unprotected access to a chunk of RAM.

MIP has tried setting the compile flags that make the librandomx.a file statically linked, and he set the flag to allow full access to the RAM but his particular flag did not work (I believe he is not completely sure if this option was passed in 100% correctly or if the dmg honors it or not). 

If we have an expert out there that would like to take this on we would appreciate it so that we can have our home MAC-OS wallet run without disabling gatekeeper!

Thank you in advance.

See Subject line for amount

Kindly provided by Dynaxius:

This would be Biblepay's entry into the Liquidity and Yield Farming space of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

In a sense, a wrapped transaction basically holds the native token in escrow until that wrapped token is returned, allowing the user to then again receive a native token equivalent in exchange.

As you may already know, Ethereum's gas prices have skyrocketed over the past several months, making it difficult for smaller holders to trade ETH and other ERC-20 tokens because most of their ETH would get drained far too quickly via transaction fees (from making even the smallest transfers from one ETH address to another). As a result of this recent crisis, the heads at Binance created a separate blockchain network called "Binance Smart Chain" (BSC), with tokens similar to ETH's ERC-20 tokens called BEP20 tokens.

Instead of being powered by Ethereum, the network is powered by a BEP20 version of Binance's BNB token. This token has risen in value over the last quarter from ~$40 to just above $500 at the moment (it may have almost hit $600 earlier this past week).

So, the BEP20 token "Biblepay SmartChain" (Ticker BBP or BBPSC) would be a token on the BSC network available via apps such as MetaMask and TrustWallet. Basically, a BBP holder (either in Binance Smart Chain or via the current BiblePay wallet) would visit a webpage and make a request for the tokens on the other side. They would then be given a period of time within which they would need to send the tokens they initially hold to an address, and after being received by that address the "converted" tokens would be delivered to another address provided by the holder for storage on the other side desired.

Once BEP20 tokens exist as part of our BiblePay ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain network, liquidity pools can be created for them on DeFi exchanges like,, Cub Finance, etc. Yield Farming agreements can also be arranged so that BBP tokens held and farmed by holders on a particular exchange can be used to farm either more of the same token or a completely different token, based on the parameters of the contract agreed upon and created on each exchange.

If approved by the sancs, no funds will be required from the governance budget for this to be pursued and configured. (This will be an anonymous in-kind donation to the BiblePay Foundation. I have access to a team of trusted resources who should be able to make this happen for us within the next few weeks. )

I've run multiple BBP masternodes in the past for several months at a time, so volunteering for that would be no issue for me, if required as part of the solution recommended by the resources in my network.

Archived Proposals / UTXO Staking on Steroids
« on: March 31, 2021, 05:41:10 PM »
** New Concept - Possible to include this in Next Mandatory Upgrade (July 2021) **

So Togo and I were chatting today about HEX's features and trying to come up with two more positive elements for BiblePay that addresses: Referrals (1), and Mass Adoption for Stakers (2).  (Hex currently has 1B$ staked and we were looking at some of their network rules to see if any make sense for us).  This proposal does not address Referrals, it is simply about mass adoption rules.

One pro for Hex that Togo pointed out is that they make you lock your funds up for a designated time period, and they burn them (like we used to do with DWS).  Meaning that you cannot take it out early.  If you insist on pulling out early there is a very heavy catastrophic fee levied on your original capital.

To lay the known groundwork, we already have an established dynamic DWU (rate of return annualized) set up with UTXO staking based on how many participants are in the leaderboard each day with stakes.  Right now its 14% for BBP-only and 28% for bbp+foreign.

So what I was thinking is why don't we offer a DWU bonus % of up to 2* your normal return, in exchange for locking up the coins with a penalty if you unlock them early.

Lets look at two scenarios, Scenario A is a user who decides to go the conservative route and does not want any penalties (this is our default):

Scenario A (conservative user):
Locks up 1MM BBP + $200 of LTC for a 28% DWU reward.
They get paid 28% annualized on a daily basis.  If they quit early (spend the stake) there is no penalty.

Scenario B (High reward user):
Locks up 1MM BBP + $200 of LTC for a period of 1 YEAR.  This yields 56% (a 2* multiplier is given for the longest term, 1 year.  A 1.5* for 180 days.  A 1.25* for 90 days).
If they successfuly hold the stake for over 365 days there is no penalty.
If they pull out in 180 days, they must pay the network fee of 28% (this is the extra component they were receiving rewards on!). 
We would charge a fee of 280,000 bbp payable to our BURN address.  This BBP would be destroyed (just as HEX does), to make our supply smaller.
This helps FUND the operation for when we pay out higher ROI to others.

You may ask, how do we enforce this if the original coins are not burnt?

We would accomplish this by making a new network rule that requires all transactions sent spending a UTXO would be reviewed, and if a FEE is owed, the FEE is levied to the BURN address.  If it is not spent in a transaction (as the UI will auto-calculate) that transaction will not be mineable, or spendable.  If however they PAY the fee in the TX, it will go through.

So for example, if John Doe tries to send this tx to an exchange, The original 1MM would end up being 750,000 for example.

I think we should make a poll on this idea also!

This might be a good way to really attract new users as high rewards are free word of mouth advertisements.

June 2021 Release - Harvest

Welcome to the Biblepay Testnet Testing thread for the Harvest release!

In this thread we will be testing:

- Dash changes:
   We have rebased to 0.16.  Include the major changes to be tested here.

- Legacy features:
   Ensure coverage of our legacy features.  List the main legacy features here.

- Known issue:
   List the remaining to do list here.

- NFT's:
Test non fungible tokens.
- Major sanctuary coverage:
   LLMQ Chainlocks

- Mining:
   Verify RandomX mining still works
   Verify UTXO Mining

- Sanctuary Voting:
   Verify GSCs still work, sanctuary voting works, POOS sponsorships etc

- Add vote to decrease sanctuary coinbase percentage, and decrease monthly superblock percentage, and increase coinbase emission and reasoning here:

For the first 30 days and for safety reasons, the initial releases of use this data directory:

Primary Test Cases:

- Verify dash literals that were changed to BBP (or BiblePay) literals are still captioned as BiblePay in this version:   PASS
- Ensure the randomx hash function works : PASS
- Ensure POOS (proof of orphan sponsorship) for sanctuaries works:
From the Sanctuary Page in QT, I verified the poos status has incremented properly when sancs are banned due to non-payment: PASS
- Show Difficulty and Prayers on overview page: PASS
- Merge biblepay red bezaleel genII theme into dash css files : PASS
- Test montserrat font:  MOSTLY PASS (there are some grids where the font size is slightly too big - we are tweaking those still)
- Test GSC contracts in the sense - are the sanctuaries allowed to vote daily and is exec health working?  PASS
(Sanctuaries appear to vote on the correct frequency).  The contract is being voted in.  The sancs appear healthy.
- LLMQ IX:  Verify quorums form: PASS
Verify IX sends within 7 seconds: PASS
Verify integrity of the quorums (IE chain is not falling out of sync) : PASS (been testing for 14 days so far, need at least 30)
- Test Memorize Scriptures: PASS
- Test BBP Univ:  Final Exam Sim:  PASS
- Verify -erasechain=1 : PASS
- Verify sync from zero in prod & testnet : PASS
- Verify sporks can be changed : PASS
- Verify exec price works: PASS
- Change sanctuary collateral back to 4,500,001: PASS
- Verify getblock blocknumber: PASS (yes not hash)
- Verify sanctuary page list double click has our fields in it : PASS
- Verify tx-desc double click has our debug info in it: PASS
- Verify rolling prayers and rolling diaries on overview page : PASS
- Verify leaderboard still shows prod UTXO lists: PASS
- Verify upgradesanc and revivesanc : PASS
(NOTE: Due to no bridge being present, all sancs need recreated from scratch in prod after mandatory cutover height!)
- Remove DWS, ensure payment path exists for last DWS (getfinaldwsreport is ported into MAINNET, and I ran it and it looks correct) : PASS
- Add Chained Locks icon for high-yield staking in coin control : PASS
- Verify harvest has all of our custom icons in the txlist decoration: PASS
- Modify windows installer to use our images: PASS
- Verify FTP deployment works: PASS
- Rename masternode to sanctuary everywhere: PASS
- Verify testnet llmq params: PASS
- Merge arm64 for SX: PASS
- Cut spam logging, in a way that is dash compatible : PASS
- Verify getblockchaininfo: PASS (Masked our hardcoded bit-state)
- Verify DGW timing to be compatible with LLMQ prod and testnet: PASS
- Verify watchman on the wall (new proposal), vote for proposal, proposal trigger and proposal payment in monthly governance block : PASS
- Verify getgovernanceinfo : PASS

- POOS:  Test that a PAID sanctuary POOS status returns to 0:
- Test Chainlocks (not enabled yet)
- Ensure sanctuaries can run on non standard ports (I ported the code in, but we have only tested Testnets STANDARD port so far)
- Update with all of the changes before pushing Harvest to mainnet
- Triple check the LLMQ params for MAINNET before pushing harvest
- Ensure voting for a watchman proposal handles the result properly:
- Test POP3 emails and smtp
- Test NFT system (add, edit, list, view) and foundation view
- Test referral system

Additional Wiki guides:
See the sections about High-risk staking and conservative UTXO staking here:


Physical Mail Delivery:

Guides by Dash:

Explain Important Changes to Entire BiblePay Network:

- Rebase to and ramifications

*** What still needs done in this version before released to prod ***

- Verify NFTs Add/Edit/List
- Verify randomx mining against prod
- Verify chainlocks
- Verify math on high yield staking
- Verify referral system
- Add poll to approve sanctuary and governance coinbase reward changes
- Ensure APM (automatic price mooning) still reduces payouts when price drops
- Test pop3 emails

Starting Version:

(Please ensure your version is greater than this, otherwise your testnet branch will not sync. 

We are at block  ___73446_____ as of March 23rd, 2021:  Blockhash bcd5757cbaeba04f4f6bb3e36e66d9341a83dba7aee0b0fad4a1bd51c4216f8c.

Testnet Download Links:

     Windows 64-bit:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:
     MacOS QT:

To self compile:
git pull origin develop


Create a biblepaytest.conf file with the following contents:
(optional:  debug=1)

Place the file in ~/.biblepaytest

Start testnet by typing:
./biblepay-qt -conf=biblepaytest.conf

(Note the blocks and chainstate will sync into the ./biblepay/testnet3 folder.

NOTE: This version will also work side-by-side our production nodes,
so, you also have the option if you are short on machines, to run TestNet side by side a prod node!

To run a TestNet Sanctuary:

How to create a deterministic sanc from scratch:


Archived Proposals / Mandatory Upgrade Changes
« on: February 12, 2021, 08:31:30 PM »
This proposal seeks authorization to change the following parameters to allow a transition to our new UTXO staking environment:

- Phase In UTXO rewards and start to phase out PODC rewards:  In month 1 (March 2nd through April 2nd) - Decrease WCG PODC GSC contract emission percentage from 95% to 45%.  Increase UTXO Staking percent from 0% to 54%.  Decrease Healing percent from 5% to 1% (NOTE: This is not at all because we want to penalize healing - this is simply to increase our rewards to hard rewards only - I would like to give this campaign a continuing life at 1% because of the great good it is doing).
- In Month 2 (April 3rd and forward), Decrease PODC rewards from 45% to 0%.  Increase UTXO from 50% to 99%.  Healing stays at 1%.
- Increase our annual deflation rate from 30% to 36% until our emission matches our schedule
- APM Changes: Emit coins when price is sideways or up (in contrast to Up)
- Disable new DWS whale stakes, but allow emission of unpaid existing stakes
- Disable DashStakes (note we allow these to be transferred to new UTXO stakes)

TestNet Discussion Archive / February 2021 Testnet Thread (Tribulation)
« on: January 05, 2021, 10:44:40 AM »
February 2021 Release - (Tribulation)

Welcome to the Biblepay February 2021 Testnet Testing thread for the Tribulation release!

In this thread we will be testing:

- User Record:
     Verify the user can store their RSA keypair, long/lat pair, POP3 preferences

- P2P Chat and General Chat:
     Verify the Encrypted and non Encrypted Chat Features work
     (Tested Encrypted Chat user to user:  PASS)
     (Still need to test General Chat room and more user to user chat)

- POP3 and SMTP Decentralized Email:
     Verify the Network works as a pop3 server (mail from the network to your e-mail client)
     Verify the Network works as an SMTP server (mail from your e-mail client to the network)
     Verify functionality - sending encrypted and non encrypted e-mails, receiving emails, and attachments
     Verify the SMTP fees and propagation behavior and backfill
     ToDo:  Mini User Guide to explain how to set network settings and actually use the Decentralized E-mail feature.
     (Test Send email through BBP:  PASS  -  tested charges plus attachments and cc and bcc and multiple recipients)
    (Test Receive email from BBP:  PASS)
    (Test encrypted EMAIL:  NOT TESTED )
- DAC:
     Verify you can report on the Dac Engine:
     We need to test listdacdonations
     Verify you can make an anonymous gift to the DAC:  PASS
     Verify the DAC allocates the gift properly to the charities and or to the children:  PASS (We allocated 76% + 24% to two voted in recipients) and we tested 'exec dacengine'
- TxOutsetInfo:
     Verify actual money supply, and outstanding DWS effect shows the exact money supply

- UTXO Mining:
    Verify you can be paid for UTXO mining
    Verify the integrity of a BBP UTXO stake, and the integrity of a foreign UTXO stake

     Verify the Sancs can vote in an orphan or a charity
     Verify the orphan list and the charity list

-  UTXO Staking from UI
     Verify you can stake a UTXO from the UI, or from 'utxostake'

- RPC commands
     Verify 'exec give'

- BIBLEPAY University 1.0
    - Verify Course Material links brings you to each course in Module 1
    - Verify Final exam material for each course
    - Verify Exam room works properly

Additional Wiki guides:

Explain Important Changes to Entire BiblePay Network:

For those following us this is easier to understand nevertheless the intended changes starting at Tribulation_Height are:

- DWS will temporarily stay enabled for existing payments only (but will be disabled for new stakes) until all old stakes are paid.  This is so we can promote UTXO mining instead.
- UTXO mining is more efficient than DWS.  With UTXO mining you can be rewarded the coinbase mining block reward when you add a new UTXO stake, and, additionally you can receive a perpetual reward in the UTXO leaderboard (daily).
- DashStake will be disabled, but, you may re-stake the dash stakes as UTXO stakes.
- BiblePay will support more crypto-currency partners for UTXO mining!  For example, at the cutover height you can stake BBP, or BBP+Dash, or BBP+BTC.  Once successful, we plan on voting more pairs in!
- UTXO mining appeals to 17 million Dash addresses, and 450 million unique Bitcoin addresses, giving us a large potential new user base!
- RandomX merge mining is still fully implemented for block security.  Since we are merge mined, no one can come in and "buy" BBP with hashpower.
- For all the blocks that are Not new UTXO transactions, our RX miners still get the subsidy!  The UTXO subsidy only goes to new staked UTXOs as a reward to bring popularity to our network from other (foreign UTXOs) - IE newbies.
- When you stake BBP only, you receive approx. half the reward.  When you stake BBP+DASH or BBP+BTC, you receive up to double the reward.  The reward is based on the lower of the two values * 2.  For example, if you stake $200 of BBP combined with $150 of Dash, your UTXO is valued at $150 * 2 = $300.   If you stake $200 of BBP alone, the UTXO is valued at $200.  If you stake $150 of BBP + $200 of bitcoin, the stake is valued at $150 * 2 = $300.00.
- We will hold a sanctuary vote for the efficacy of UTXO mining vs. PODC for the coinbase reward.  This vote will suggest that UTXO mining is phased in and PODC phased out.
- Depending on the outcome, the PODC campaign percentage will be decreased first by half (to allow UTXO mining to start) then in decrements of 25% per month until PODC is phased out and UTXO is phased in.  All PODC miners can transition into making UTXO positions to receive new rewards in the UTXO model effective when PODC is disabled (sourced from UTXO mining).

*** What still needs done in this version before released to prod ***

- Reporting the DAC metrics:  Show the sponsored children, the totals, the audit data you would normally find in ''
(this decentralized accountability)
- Reporting of the accountability Historical data.  This would make our history available so a user does not need both prior web history + blockchain data to see our giving history.
- Test BITCOIN staking
- Make sure this release is user friendly from the UI
- Ensure we have the wiki guides ready

Starting Version:

(Please ensure your version is greater than this, otherwise your testnet branch will not sync. 

We are at block  ____58050 (hash 936794dadbbeba1625e1410f9a2e9a44645b6c0ee70678337d385f834077b999)_____ as of January 8th, 2021).

Testnet Download Links:

     Windows 64-bit:
Not Ready:
     MacOS QT:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:

To self compile:


Create a biblepaytest.conf file with the following contents:

Place the file in ~/.biblepay

Start testnet by typing:
./biblepay-qt -conf=biblepaytest.conf

(Note the blocks and chainstate will sync into the ./biblepay/testnet3 folder.

NOTE: This version will also work side-by-side our production nodes,
so, you also have the option if you are short on machines, to run TestNet side by side a prod node!

To run a TestNet Sanctuary:

How to create a deterministic sanc from scratch:


Archived Proposals / Dash Easter Egg Reward Program
« on: December 25, 2020, 07:36:39 PM »
*** DASH Easter Egg New User Campaign ***

Welcome to the Dash Easter Egg new User Campaign!

In this campaign, we are excited to show Dash users some of our features in hopes that Dash users may decide to use both Dash and Biblepay.

Some of our features include:
- Ability to read the KJV bible inside the core wallet
- Ability to create prayer requests in the wallet (Click Send and check the Prayer checkbox)
- We tithe 10% of our Mining emissions to orphan-charity
- We embrace the RandomX algorithm, meaning normal home CPUs can mine bbp
- We have sanctuary governance, meaning if you sponsor a child you have the right to be a sanctuary which earns you a reward
- We have dynamic whale staking - this gives you a staking type reward on holding extra biblepay (see 'dws' in the rpc console)
- We have daily smart contracts which allow us to pay our PODC participants for cancer mining
- We have pop3 and smtp mail forwarding in the wallet, and in-wallet chat

We have created our first promotional campaign for Dash.  In this campaign we have allocated 375 million bbp (allocated over 73,000,000 dash addresses), with a randomized reward between 5000, 10000, and 1 million bbp.  These addresses are DASH addresses that received DASH between block 1 (inception) and block 1,395,000 (Dec 2020).

You can find out if your public address is in our reward list here:
NOTE:  Since there are now 73MM addresses, we can't list them all, but know that every single dash address used is in the reward program!

If your address is on the list, you may claim your reward by following these instructions:
1.  From Dash Core, enter the RPC console and type:
signmessage <reward_address> bbp
(Where reward_address equals the address on the report with the reward).  If you do not own that public key the command will give you an error, otherwise it will give you a signature.
Copy the signature to the clipboard.  If you do not have a clipboard, you can use "".

2.  From BiblePay, enter the RPC and type:
claimreward <reward_address> <signature>
Paste the signature from your clipboard in <signature> and paste your reward public key in <reward_address>.
If you are a winner, biblepay will report the amount you won in the command and unlock the funds for you to spend!

Note that you must have BiblePay or higher (this version is not released as a mandatory yet, so please download it from here until our Feb 2021 mandatory upgrade is released):

     Windows 64-bit:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:

To self compile:

Archived Proposals / ROKU Mining Launch Thread - Get Paid to Watch TV!
« on: November 25, 2020, 02:29:30 PM »
We are officially launching ROKU Mining on Wednesday Nov. 25th, at 3PM CST!

To become a Roku miner, please follow these instructions:

Follow the getting started guide here:

Please post here if you have any questions.

EDIT: The reward has been changed to be 100K per day for 7 days until we retire the program.

The payments will be based on your Sanctitude.

To see the Roku Leaderboard, click here:

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