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I was bit confused how can I mint nft? could find the option though.
Maybe I forgot to add the "Add NFT" button.
(Plz check).

In the mean time I will be finishing the new sidechain so I can make NFT 2.0.

Ill post more about NFT 2.0 as the original ERC721 spec has limitations that we can solve.

- Orphan NFTs
- NFTs that encrypt the final high resolution payload
- NFTs that encrypt software licenses
- NFT with a low res preview only for the user
- NFT with atomic transfer on the new sidechain
- Better security
- NFT payload that is immutable and hosted by the sidechain rather than ERC721's problem where it can be "altered or removed" after posted

I was unable to follow why the staking stopped about a year ago, and what is the current stake of distributing the block chain.

Is there staking now and was it used as in traditional POS wallets?

Can someone else please answer this for Christblood and explain how Sanc mining works?

In the mean time you can go back a few pages and look at Temple, Sanctuary, and Altar and simply create a few Altar's to earn rewards.

If anyone would like to help test the new version of Unchained Web from your Desktop PC, the URL is here:

To read about it and comment about it please use this thread:

Good evening and God bless everyone.

Before going into the new site, let me review some of our older web solutions:

First we had the BBP Foundation web site, which was simply a Microsoft site that used a conventional centralized database and allowed users to watch God videos, do fractional sanctuary staking, post twitter like alerts and had some gospel features.

Then we had BMS 1.0, where we had node-to-node (server) communication with an independent sidechain but it was limited in that it was not fully synchronized with the core wallet and it didn't have a very good UI layer. 

Then we had v7.1, which was an MVC solution, and finally did integrate with a cockroachdb cluster, had a non synchronized sidechain, could send money independent of bbp core wallet, had an API, and offered videos stored on BBP-wrapped-storj, and even hosted the BBP softphone.  Although "warm", I was still looking for BBP to have a true synchronized and immutable sidechain offering, hence the reason for the rewrite.  I also discovered that the in-wallet version of Unchained received very little interest since we could not make phone calls without launching the core wallet (it would be much more useful to make a call from a web page).

Now we have Unchained-RedSeaParting v1.37 that is being released.  It is our MVP (minimal viable product release) of unchained.  Meaning that this time, features do not exist in it that are not fully finished; they are held back.

This version attempts to "fix" all of the shortcomings in prior versions technologically speaking as each foundation has a pro and con.  I have a plan to bridge permissions, business objects, the sidechain and the UI in a way that binds those fields to new pages in such a way as to make BBP a unique solution for certain apps.  So when you are reviewing the UI you may think that it oddly feels like Windows, but that is by design.  To give an example of what the vision is in the future, imagine this:
Rob owns XYZ corp, and grants (on chain) permissions to RWAD for two business object tables : property and lease to his BBP coworkers Alice and Bob.  Bob grants R to John.
Then Bob creates a new page for viewing Lease and Adding Lease with 10 new fields.  Each of these coworkers will be able to RWAD or R these pages respectively, all on chain.  Hence the reason for the look and feel of "an app" and windows.

First, if you are coming from Unchained and you have an NFT or a balance, you can log in to this new version by pasting your private key as your password, and using your email address as your username.

You can get your private key by finding your "Unchained" address in your core wallet, and typing "dumpprivkey your_unchained_address".  Once you are logged in you may change your password and hit Save.

Alternatively if you dont care about your old account you can Register as a new User.

Some things I would like to discuss:

Highlights of the new system
Things we Achieved (completed)
Things that are ToDo, and an updated roadmap
The Vision


- Create a Responsive view for mobile devices.  Right now the pages work on mobile, but they require you to pinch and squeeze.
- Linked immutable sidechain needs finished
- Permissions and Grants
- App sections backed by secured role views
- Sending a Note with a TX in the core wallet, and having the receiver read the note that is generated by the sidechain Inside the core wallet (demo hybrid integrated functionality)

Completed Items:

Note: The phone system now works from mobile phones as of today! 
[Add Completed Items Here]


- Permisionless Zero Trust security architecture (this means even the devs cannot break the security of the sidechain.  Granted permissions are virtually impossible to hack-except by breaking a full key, even by the creator).
- Blocks are immutable and linked to the sidechain blocks in a forward only fashion.  Nothing can be squeezed in between or rolled back, therefore they are immutable and secure.
- Temples provide the database security for our Cockroachdb cluster; with each temple required to run one cockroachdb node in the future (current state we run 3 from the first 3 temples to bootstrap the project until it is stable)
- Cockroach automatically "fills in the gaps" on unsynchronized content, which is very exciting.  This means we scale.  And we scale automatically.
For example, if 3/4 nodes are synced, and one new temple comes online, it will automatically sync or fill in the entire sidechain without any BBP code.
Cockroach also streams content in parallel, so when you request a report it is fulfilled by many nodes.
- The forward only sidechain block index has corresponding database Views that represent table objects for user consumption.
These always maintain their integrity since even if one was altered or corrupted, it would regenerate from the cluster, which is based on the forward only sidechain transactions that
drive the view.  No user can alter the sidechain content, except by paying for transactions that go in it.
Transactions look like this:
BBP Core TX -> Contains Metadata
Sidechain TX -> Contains 1:many transactions that occur within one BBP block.
Each sidechain tx can alter a Business object, or can point to media (such as a video or a file).
Thousands of sidechain tx's can fit in one metadata tx that is secured by one BBP block.
The sidechain tx's are instantsend locked.
Sidechain transactions are almost instant because they run at the speed of our cluster.
Storage on the sidechain is cheap, and extremely cheap to use our sidechain to store videos or files, as we store the actual video or file on storj, and our sidechain stores the pointer to that data.
- Binding a new page to BBP objects will be simple once the foundation is released
- We have a new secure API.  You can access certain API endpoints and functions with the BBP keypair.
Other endpoints require a temple (such as interacting in debug mode in prod from a hosted satellite).
- Field captions in our dictionary and language literals
- A temple is required to Host an unchained web satellite instance
By requiring a temple signing key for every cockroachdb write, we can securely maintain the integrity of every zero trust object in the view.
For example, if I own NFT 123, and I sell that NFT to user B, that sidechain transaction will only "transfer" via a hosted tx that executes on a web node owned by a Temple and that
temple signs the tx.  This way, even our devs who debug the code cannot facilitate transactions in prod unless they debug from a temple, however we will have a Full testnet so that debugging is not a problem.
- Sanctuary voting for upcoming features

Let me know if anyone has any trouble signing in or testing.

Current state, unchained is meant to run on a desktop until we have bandwidth to tackle the Responsive Mobile endeavor.

I am only able to uncheck those boxes.  I am not able to put a check in an empty square box. 

I can hit unselect all and they are all unselected.  I can then select one at a time that once had a check in it, but not the original empty ones.

Most of these that I can select only have a small amount of coins.  I've encluded an image.  It says 27 locked and those are the ones with most of my balance. 

I was only able to send 500 to an exchange, thus far.

So to summarize the problem:  You just have 25 wallet tx's locked in coin control and they just need unlocked.  Nothing complicated.
Just right click on the first 5 or so and click unlock, and whatever the balance is of those "selected" just send yourself (to your own address) that amount minus 1000.
Then repeat for the other 20.

Then you can spend it all once you have your own coins back that are unlocked.

OK, I get the same result when I run

biblepay-qt -zapwallettxes=1

The amount exceeds your balance.

These are all coins I bought with about two months of profit from trading on SouthExchange. 

I also just resynced the wallet from scratch on Windows.

I found:
BBP Address BRYiUxjY6B1XM6d26sLGN9gsHnFDhntcWT Copy address to clipboard
Balance   Balance   
23,837.62 BBP
with 69444 confirmations 10 months 9 days

I'm not sure how I ended up with that little balance.

I locked away most of my coins in staking.  Then all the problems started happening and I noticed I wasn't getting any more stakes. 

My balance on my wallet shows 635 837 BBP.

Will I ever get those coins back left in staking?

Version:   Biblepay Core version v0.17.5.4-Red-Sea-Parting (64-bit)

It's the most recent version from the website, but why does it say:

Copyright (C) 2014-2021 The Biblepay Core developers
Copyright (C) 2009-2021 The Bitcoin Core developers

Hi CB,

1) Rest easy man, in 7 years Ive never encountered a scenario where we were not able to restore the legitimate balance.  It could be anything.  Probably saw about 10 cases of things like this but they were always resolved as long as the user has the wallet.dat file.
2) That BRY* address you posted just has 23K in it according to the BX.  But with BBP and similar dash coins, your balance is not stored just in one key, its across many keys.
3) We moved away from the whale stakes and internal staking model a long time ago, and moved to Sanc mining.  So no you would not get back coins that were earned by Staking on a fork after a mandatory upgrade, but, zapwallettxes=1 should have cleared those out of the wallet.  Thats probably only 60K or less anyway on 690K.
4) Try going to Coin Control (you may have to enable it in settings, then go to Send then click Coin Control) and just make sure all your coins are unlocked.  Sometimes coins can be locked.  Then unlock the coin and send those to yourself (to one of your wallet addresses which you get by clicking File | Addresses, copy to clipboard).
5) If you are synced to the chainz block Im sure you are on the correct wallet version (red-sea-parting is right).

So try all that first and let me know what your total balance is when done and if you still cant send a Small amount to yourself, then a bigger amount (you need to isolate things and get some tx sent out just to ensure you dong have a lot of dust in the wallet - dust are hundreds of mini transactions- those get consolidated when you send small amounts, like 1000BBP to yourself).

If all else fails I can check your wallet out at the very end of the exercises but lets exhaust all tries back and forth first.
When you are about ready to post the results, also include a screenshot of your coin control page so I can see all those after the coins are consolidated (they are consolidated after you send yourself a few 1000BBP tx successfully and the new resulting tx's stay in the chain  -  you can see if those stay in the chain when looking at the tx list, they confirm and become checkmarks).

I was told to post this here.

I have newest wallet from website from two days ago.  I sync'd and now trying to send just 30 K.  I have 660 K.

It says "Amount exceeds your balance".

Why is this and how can I send coins from my wallet?

Hi CB,
I hope you are doing good!

So just wanted to start this thread to help anyone else who may be having a similar issue.

First, ensure you are synced to the best block and that your block matches the chainz latest:
(On my win wallet for example, I do match 482641 and its corresponding hash).

If you are still having trouble sending, then follow these steps:
Next, back up your wallet.dat file, for insurance purposes that you have the original file.

Next, try restarting the wallet with:
./biblepay-qt -zapwallettxes=1

That will clear out any orphaned tx's that might be in your wallet, keeping it from trying to send invalid coins.

Finally, I just want to point out:
- Coins mined on a fork are automatically subtracted when you zap them, and are not legitimately owned (therefore removed) and are not spendable
- Your balance should include the total coins that you legitimately purchased from exchanges plus what you mined over the years

Once you establish that you can try re-sending your tx.

Ive been following the Craig Wright debacle over the last two months, and if anyone wants my humble opinion, I believe Wright is not Satoshi, he appears to be a fraud and does not know how to code.

There are no substantial features in BSV other than a couple block size enhancements (all credit to the original Bitcoin developers).  And somehow he's lucked out on creating a crypto worth 1.4B.  (Surprisingly with miners and users who still believe in it, even after he said recently that he Owns the industry).

My prediction for BSV is that it inexorably drops to .01 cent.

Here is an interesting rebuttal about Craig failing his CS class the same year Satoshi created bitcoin:

Finally, the main reason I posted this is to A) warn anyone in BSV to decide if they should get out, because imho, its a complete fraud and there is no value.
B) I see Craig is patenting 4,000 bitcoin related patents.  However the spirit of that endeavor is completely greedy and the opposite of Satoshis vision.  Satoshi wants an open source free blockchain that changes the world by decentralizing all the financial systems.  Craig wants to "own the ecosystem" so we have to pay him tolls whever we use any of these loosely related functions that he steals from existing coins.  I took a look at the first 20 patents and they are all written by the Bitcoin devs and appear to be stolen.  All credit to core Bitcoin devs.

All Glory to God for decentralized code and finance.  And thanks to God for revealing a technology that will be useful when people no longer trust the banks.

Hi Rob,

I still cant seem to get my Sanc out of invest mode.

I revive my sanc and also seem to be able to telnet in. Ports are all open on the router too.
Any ideas?
Can you plz give me your ip address and port and then I can confirm my telnet results from my machine to you?

Also, you have issued 'exec revivesanc sancname' and it did not throw an error, right?  (That should keep you unbanned for a certain number of blocks; what is POSE score now in the Sanctuaries page)?

Production Proposals / Feb 2024 orphan expenses cameroon-one
« on: January 27, 2024, 07:07:18 AM »
We currently sponsor 5 orphans from cameroon-one, and this proposal is for the primary payment to cameroon-one.

I am seeking 7MM bbp (approx $250) covering a high proportion of the orphans (we pay $40 per month for each orphan) and we still have an outstanding balance owed to Cameroon-one ~$500 for the last month of 35 orphans as of Jan 2024.

Payout going directly to cameroon-one: BHxAQBE9YfZNW2Cwv9jqQ9KQn8nxdbm9Z9
** Note, this is now Todd F's Bololex address, as SX went out of business, please keep on file for future **

when i click unchained it says duplicate bms is running.
I think we are losing a big swath of users by forcing them to have BBP core installed to view NFTs and use the phone features; so I am writing Unchained 2.0 that will work on the web again, then we wont necessarily need to use the core wallet.

Ill let you know as soon as its ready to be tested.

In the mean time I would just close the message and use the existing open browser.

Happy  new year everyone.

I would like to explain the current limitations in what we have now vs what I believe (imho) should be improved, and Id also like to get the community input on a few different ideas.

So first of all with the last 4 years of geopolitical activity, the fight for free speech and instability in the world, on the positive end it has initiated the impetus to write features that are freedom related (sharing files freely, communicating freely, social media features, videos, timelines, chain storage, chain linked storage etc).  On the downside, this huge influx of new features is hard to get right the first time around (IE we are constantly trying to improve them to finally settle on one foundation that works for the users and ultimately provides a valuable service people are willing to pay for - not in the form of software or fees, but either as an embedded part of biblepay or as pay as you go etc).  This is definitely true of our blockchain storage and video features, they were 'sort of cool' but just not really scalable or ready for public consumption.  Ive been working in the background to make a more stable architecture in all these areas.  A scalable connection to StorJ that would actually host data for biblepay but in a decentralized way, and then a front end service that would allow the user to see the data in the form of a video, a post or an attachment to a parent object.

One other area of interest that Oncoapop had mentioned are that NFTs are actually pretty weak in the sense that anyone can technically pull down the underlying image, and this is true as well for OpenSea and all the ERC-721 type NFTs; the NFT is really a succinct contract with a root TXID that can be sold user to user, but where the weakness is, is the inside package of that NFT is just metadata that lives on IPFS, and is malleable.  A good example of this would be if someone sells an NFT that points to an IPFS share and then later the originator takes down the URL; the image would actually disappear.  So this is an area where we can improve NFTs, if we spend some time making a thread about it and re-writing NFT 2.0 as a new spec (to make sure we cover all the bases), then we go at it and release NFT 2.0.  I was thinking NFT 2.0 could include software keys (for buying copies of software with registration codes in it) as well.  It could also point to an immutable file share rather than a malleable file share (something we can talk about in the ERP thread).

I plan on discussing a few ideas and then making a roadmap for 2024-2025 to keep us busy with releases.

So I have 3 primary ideas for 2024 and would like feedback on these:

1) A quantum resistant blockchain.  Quantum computers are real, and now you can buy them for $5k from China (with 4 qubits).  Its only a matter of time before a QC can crack a 256bit cryptokey.  One possible area of growth for us is if we decided to release one of the first quantum resistant wallets.  I was thinking one way we could accomplish this would be (for backwards compatibility sake, as I would not want anyone who holds BBP to lose it in the current form), is to release a feature where users are generally expected to move their primary BBP holdings (lets say the dormant amount) into a quantum resistant address.  This address would have special characteristics where BBP could not be moved out of it in the memory pool unless it satisfies a 16384 bit key length (for a quantum computer that would make it almost impossible to break). 

2) BBP ERP system.  This ERP would be the system that allows us to finish the true BBP sidechain 2.0 that was started, but not what I would consider to be finished.  The sidechain idea as is, provides a loosely coupled CockroachDB sidechain synced to BBP blocks and is basically "cool", but not entirely integrated as tightly as Ethereum is.  I am thinking what we need is to rewrite that with 100% coupling, that makes it impossible to advance the sidechain without a strong and durable full node synchronized hash;  what this gives us is unlimited sidechain storage for NFT2.0, video and makes it fully trustable (permissionless); it also gives us the ability for users to create new organizations where they grant permissions to other users to access Functions or Data objects - giving us the ability to roll out an ERP system.

3) Parent Control Apps for Kids.  This type of entry would add an enhancement to the BBP core wallet where it becomes a parent control app (as long as the core wallet is running on each child PC).  What this does is let the parents control how long a child is on the internet for, and then it restricts the internet for that child. 

Let me know what areas sound the most exciting and areas we should create threads to talk about these features in detail.

God bless everyone.

I fixed our e-mail server problem where it was marking outbound messages as SPAM; so now hopefully more BBP users will stay in touch on this thread.

Thank you for the heads up!
Is there a way to get them to restart their BBP wallet so I can withdraw my BBP instead of selling it and crashing the price further...


Yeah, I DMed all 3 of my contacts at SX on discord, and left them a support message also but did not get a reply.

Ill keep checking on them over the period as well as Cameroon One still needs to liquidate one superblock.

Happy new Years, Loyal BiblePay enthusiasts!

Note that unfortunately, SouthXChange is going out of business:

Please withdraw your coins.

I think our main exchange will be Bololex now:

I just tested a withdraw on bololex, and it worked, so we appear to be good!

Good luck and God bless you.

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