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NEW Kairos Children's Fund recurring allowances for December
« on: November 05, 2018, 04:09:25 AM »
Most of you are familiar with Kairos Children's Fund already. Biblepay is supporting 10 kids at the moment. We are a charity in the Philippines sponsoring children's education.  The money we receive goes to prepay for the next month.

I am requesting 750,000 BBP, which at the current rate is $366. This will be enough to support these children for another month. The money will be used for their transportation, lunch, school fees, and uniform. The families will also be given a monthly 'rice allowance'.

Anything that is left over generally goes into our general fund, This can be used for various small things, not often admin fees (which is minimal since we have no salaried workers), Since it is almost Christmas, we are saving money from other sources for small gifts and a Christmas party.

The monthly amount per child is $20 for elementary students or $22 for high school students. We have 5 elementary and 5 high school students at the moment, so the cost is $200 per month. You can see the details below or on the website.
Check out our facebook page or website for information and updates...

Our Website:
Biblepay Children:
Facebook Page:
Video of a mom who walks around 18 kilometers a day for her children:

Also, for more information, you may look at our previous proposals.

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