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Pre-Proposal: Sanctuary Superblock or Emission Revision
« on: August 20, 2018, 05:48:17 PM »
Right now Sanctuaries and PoDC are supposed to each receive the same 38.5% of the emission.  However, due to DGW the Sanctuaries lag far behind this.  This does several things.  It weakens our whitepaper as our numbers do not add up correctly.  It weakens our marketing to Masternode buyers as the reward fluctuates for reasons that do not pertain to the Masternode holders.   It adds complexity to the overall system.

Putting numbers to it, the PoDC reward (and the reward until the next Budget Superblock) is currently 1,110,119.  This means the Sanctuaries to get the same 38.5% reward, need to average 5415 BBP per reward.  The maximum reward I've seen a Sanctuary receive over the last week has been just under 4600 BBP.  So on the BEST day, one Sanctuary got 20% less than the theoretical value it should have.  A quick look for August show the average Sanctuary reward has been about 4350, so the majority of Sanctuaries got 25% less than the theoretical value.

The two technical solutions (and admittedly very light on details) are either:

1) Have the Sanctuary reward static (subject to the 1.5% monthly emission reduction) and only subject the PoBH (heat mining) to the DGW.

2) Remove the Sanctuary reward from the block reward and move it to a daily Sanctuary Superblock.  Then award either the first 205 Sanctuaries in line the 1/205th value, or make it an equal distribution among all eligible Sanctuaries (this to me in the most interesting idea and would give all Sanctuary owners a daily reward).

Regardless of which of those ideas works best (or another idea that might work better still), I believe we need to correct the inequity that exists between the daily PoDC Superblock and the aggregate value of the daily Sanctuary rewards.

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Re: Pre-Proposal: Sanctuary Superblock or Emission Revision
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2018, 12:12:37 PM »
I agree that the Sanctuary-payout-fluctuations make it that they don't get paid the stated 38.5%. If it's fixable in a way that preserves network-safety and reliability, I don't see a reason why your proposal shouldn't be executed.

Having said that, I really don't have the expertise to really have any input on this topic.

Re: Pre-Proposal: Sanctuary Superblock or Emission Revision
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2018, 04:24:37 PM »

Pre-Prosposal: Daily Sanctuary Reward Superblock to replace block-by-block Sanctuary reward

Remove the block reward and Sanctuary payment queue system.  Replace with a daily Sanctuary Superblock, offset by 100 blocks from the PoDC Superblock.  The Sanctuary Superblock would pay all Sanctuaries that were active, detemined via consensus system similar to PoDCs.  The block payment would be equal to the PoDC Superblock, and divided evenly among all eligible Sanctuaries.  This would give immediate feedback to new users as to if they were configured correctly as opposed to the potential of having to wait days if the Sanctuary count got up to 750.

Benefits :
Easier for users to understand
Easier to predict rewards and ROI vs block system which is affected by DGW
Easier for users to determine if they were set up correctly (if they aren't in the reward block, they have an issue)
Eliminates back-to-back payments that occur in the queue system where the network pays the same Sanctuary back-to-back blocks
Positions BBP in a unique way

Unique solution would require new code as it would be breaking from the DASH model although the lessons learned from the PoDC Superblock might reduce issues.

Discussions?  Questions?  Anything I've overlooked or need to better explain?