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1 Commandment states: "Do not make adultery". It maybe lot of commandments are of eternal nature. Not only, but also, are mentioning marriage as institution. In other words, Elohim plans are making eternal couples, eternal marriages per type of cloth. (Husband & Wife)
For example, if Eve (and Adam) didn't made sin with forbidden tree, after about 6024 years from creation (in today's present) they would still live in marriage (for ever!).
Jesus this period completed 2024 years, and....
I personally believe based on Genesis 1:26 and 11:7 that YHWH actually always had (and always will have) Wife [not us as poetic, but real Queen, who is also God without beginning]

By the way @Rob Andrews, you are apostle Peter 2 or 3 or whatever, I love biblepay idea, yesterday I found it..
Can I buy BBP for $5 for start (via paypal), am living in North Macedonia, exchanges can be cumbersome sometimes for non US citizens, I simply want to have some BBP (to skip 0).

Elohim's bless


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