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This proposal summarizes the changes to be made in Red Sea for our March 2023 release:

The preproposal discussion thread was here:

Summary of changes:
- Add Video Transcoding/processing to our suite of services that the sanctuary will be executing. 
- Remove the necessity to have a RandomX pool.
- Remove the RX pool and the UTXO staking pages from
- Make the mining non-competetive (this is so one sanctuary will not attempt to hog all of the rewards).  The video transcoding will be done in a non competetive way, rewarding the sanctuaries in round robin fashion using the deterministic rewards schedule already in place (the sanctuary block reward schedule).
- Decrease the Mined block reward by 99%, while increasing the sanctuary reward by that same amount (this removes the competetiveness of mining).  Two rules maintain block security:  One, we have chainlocks already in place (so there is no 51% attack).  Two, only sanctuaries may solve blocks, therefore the network cannot be attacked by external parties.
- Remove the UTXO staking reward, and increase the sanctuary reward by that same amount.
- Make the Sanctuary nodes assess Storage utilization (of videos and files) per BBP key, and bill for that usage monthly. 
- Block emission:
10% orphan charity, 5% governance, 85% sanctuary-video-mining.
- Sanctuary min server specs:  6 core processor, 400 gb hard drive :
- BBP core wallet will be modified to generate storage keypairs.  Anyone with a balance can store files or videos in our storage network.  The sancs will still act as CDNs.

General Support / Re: Wallet is not syncing
« on: November 23, 2022, 07:22:43 PM »
It's looking good.

I killled the process and launched the new wallet and it's syncing fine!

So, I guess the coins mature which finishes the first stakes you created,  and then you reinvest your balance again if you want to get more stakes?

Hi CB,

Awesome man, great to hear you synced!  Sorry that was such a hassle to get synced.

As far as earning rewards, check out  Right now there are 3 ways to earn (randomx mining, staking or running a sanc).

To stake you should set up a portfolio builder position over at unchained, and then it earns daily rewards.  Check out the portfolio builder page, there should be a wiki link on that page to get started.

General Support / Re: Wallet is not syncing
« on: November 22, 2022, 09:16:46 PM » Harvest.

It says "About QT " in the Mac menu so its probably a QT

OS 10.13.6

It's at 90% of Syncing Headers and it's stuck there.

I'm not sure how to find the log you mentioned.

Oh yeah that explains it; we are up to now.  Any version past the last mandatory upgrade wont sync anymore.

Btw, check out this wallet download page, we have the Latest Release ( version listed as 'text' which shows the last mandatory version that actually works.
Whenever that changes, please upgrade.

The other problem is I'm not sure if the mac version was even released so I re-released it (click on the DMG to redownload it).
See me screen shot to show it syncing on the mac.

If you have any problems now, after confirming you are on, you can delete your :
~/Library/Application Support/Biblepay/  (Block chain specific folders, such as blocks), or easier you can restart the app with
Tools | Wallet Repair | Rebuild Index

Note: Always back up your wallet.dat before deleting chain files.

Good luck--


General Support / Re: Wallet is not syncing
« on: November 21, 2022, 09:16:51 PM »

I don't always have the machine on but I've been trying to sync for about 3 days and it's not making much progress.

I do show connections.

Please tell me what wallet version you are running and if its QT and what OS are you on?
If your height is less than:

Then please post your log or e-mail it to [email protected] and we will get to the bottom of it.

No syncing problems imho have existed for about a year now on any of my machines or sancs.  Randomx has been Rock Solid.

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: Sanctuary Video Transcoding Mining - 2023
« on: November 19, 2022, 10:51:22 AM »
Ok all valid points and I agree. Thank you for that server recommendation because the ones I was finding had ridiculous prices.
Looks like it went up $1 a month since the last time I rented one:

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: Sanctuary Video Transcoding Mining - 2023
« on: November 18, 2022, 06:20:32 AM »
True where is the best deal for a server like that? Do you think it would be better if we raised the amount needed to lock significantly? I personally don't want to have to worry about 20 different servers or pay for that. I like being able to add to my portfolio builder and I can forget about it while it earns.
The server is about $12 a month at contabo for the Cloud VMS midtier.

I don't think we can change the 4.5MM at this point (there are about 50 dependencies on that in different areas) and its very disruptive and Ive already changed it before :).  But more importantly the 4.5MM is really sized for future growth (not for making it easy for us).  Imagine when the price is 10* higher, it will be $4500 per sanc and just another stones throw away in the future, $10K per sanc then people will want it *lower* at that point; so we have to consider that future.

However we will always try to have fractional sancs available for people who dont want to run all the software.  One benefit to removing PB is the ROI will go up on the fractional sancs so its sort of a consolidation into making something standardized.

Note that you can run 5-10 instances of BiblePay Sanc on one of these VMSs currently (we only have a rule that the BMS must be hosted on this type of hardware, and that the port # is between 10000-10010 something to that effect).  Of course we reserve the right to lower that if this service takes off (from a usage standpoint) in the future but for right now its investor friendly.

Nice video explaining the collapse of FTX and SBF and CZ:

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Re: Sanctuary Video Transcoding Mining - 2023
« on: November 17, 2022, 06:10:10 AM »
What are the current requirements for a Sanctuary? The amount of BBP and minimum server specs?

4.5MM bbp, and a dedicated 6core ubuntu 20.04 VMS with at least 400Gb hard drive free.

Active Discussions / March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: November 12, 2022, 07:51:18 PM »
March 2023 Release - Red Sea

Welcome to TestNet - Red Sea!

Testing commences: Dec 12th, 2022
Testing Ends: February 12th, 2023

In this thread we will be testing:

- HLS264 Video Conversion Mining on Sanctuaries

- Verify emissions for core mining subsidy, core sanc reward, daily governance, and monthly governance

- Generating a deterministic Read Access token, and a BBP Upload token

- Monthly file storage debit process for a storage user

- Uploading a sample video, playing a sample video as a user, accessing or removing your files independently from the BBP network (disaster recovery) or customer exit

- POVS sanc banning

Explain Changes to Entire BiblePay Network:   

- Explain transition from RandomX to Video Mining

- Explain usage instructions from customer and user perspective

Wiki Articles:

Older - Create a Sanc:

Older - Installing BMS:

Starting Version:

(Please ensure your version is greater than this, in order to sync.  See post #2 for current hash.

Testnet Download Links:

NOT Ready:
     Windows 64-bit:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:
     (Inquire first before downloading) MacOS QT:

To self compile:
git pull origin develop

TODO during release:
Move Mobile Endpoint for mobile wallet unchained:
From to


Create a biblepaytest.conf file with the following contents:
(optional:  debug=1)

Place the file in ~/.biblepay

Start testnet by typing:
./biblepay-qt -conf=biblepaytest.conf

(Note the blocks and chainstate will sync into the ./biblepay/testnet3 folder.

NOTE: If you only have one machine, you can run in testnet side by side a prod node.

To create a TestNet Sanctuary:


                                                                   OUR BIBLEPAY CORE TESTERS

#1 -

#2 -

#3 - Rob Andrews

#4 -

General Support / Re: Wallet is not syncing
« on: November 12, 2022, 07:32:46 PM »

I have Biblepay on a Mac and since I'm a windows user I do not use the Mac as much.  It's strange that so much time has passed since I ran the wallet.

I love this project just have staked about 25 other coins and only about 5 have been worthwhile to this day.  About 5 others are still going but not that great.

So, I booted up the Mac with a commitment to keep it going and found that after about a day Bible pay is still not sync'd.  I looked in the Repair Wallet function
and was going to try one of those but thought I would check here first.
Sorry for the late reply, but I didn't get the auto e-mail notification on this.

Are you still having this problem?

Production Proposals / Dec 2022 Cameroon One Orphan Expenses
« on: November 12, 2022, 02:47:52 PM »
We currently sponsor 35 orphans from cameroon-one, but our monthly budget will not cover the entire portfolio.

I am seeking 12MM bbp (approx $1100) which should cover approx 30 orphans of our 35.

Payout going directly to cameroon-one: BF6qmwBMmnmb4FbSmRGTeWQL1m3rwh5n7b

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Sanctuary Video Transcoding Mining - 2023
« on: November 07, 2022, 06:40:36 AM »
I'm making the case for a change to Biblepay in 2023 that I believe has the potential to make us more valuable and efficient.
It's widely believed that real world use cases are the key to success in this industry and I believe if BiblePay provides a solid real-world use case, it can rise to become a top crypto.

(Aside from the fact that we do have real world use cases for Christians covered, such as funding orphan charity by sponsoring orphans, accepting tithes from crypto users and being a Christan branded wallet) but further from that:

RandomX is good in many ways, its fair and full of integrity because it provides honest rewards for any type of hashing power.  But where I see the problems with POW mining:  the mining concentration ends up going to these small pockets of consolidated miners in areas where electricity is cheap and ends up being a small handful of people that have the machines and power to mine (not the everyday random user we expected).  The original vision was for the small time end user to simply hash the KJV bible and every small random miner gets a reward and thats clearly not happening.  Partially because we have discovered you cant trade anonymity for security, and with the POW protocol, the bigger players consolidate into a monopoly because they can afford to.

Enter video-transcoding mining from sanctuaries.  Video transcoding is a very popular use of computing power.  Look at Transcoding Libx264 HLS transcoding APIs on the internet and see there is a lot of competition and it costs a fair amount of money per video (usually half a cent per minute etc).  The idea is to accept jobs for free as a network (emphasizing Christian videos if possible that get uploaded as mp4s to our network) and our sancs process these instead of the mining function (by accessing a backlog queue) and they store these in our dec. storage network for viewing.  When our partner sites use these videos and pay for storage fees we keep these otherwise they get purged.  (We can discuss storage fees in a different proposal, this proposal is for mining).

The miner in the sanctuary would be modified to run at a non-competitive hashrate (so that some sanctuaries do not act in an arms race fashion to take all the rewards), the rewards would be round robin and fair based on the existing deterministic pay schedule.  The mining reward would be reduced by 95% so as to remove this competetiveness but the Sanctuary standard reward would be Raised by the same amount to compensate all Sancs equally for this workload.

The wallet itself would be modified to only accept Sancs as valid miners (blocks would only be solved by sancs).  The randomx pool would be retired.
New miners would need to lock funds to run a sanc to be a miner.

For the small investor who does not meet the capital requirements, we will still offer Turnkey Sancs on unchained for that use case so that even the small investors can participate for  network rewards.

At the same time, to maximize ROI per sanc, we will retire UTXO staking as well, thus simplifying the IT requirements behind the scenes.  Those rewards will also be added to the sancs rewards to make it very lucrative to do video mining.

Thus in the end, our block emission would be:  10% orphan charity, 5% governance, 85% sanctuary-video-mining.

Longer term picture looks like this:

- Companies use BBP to transcode videos and to Store videos
- We as a network bill for transcoding and storage fees for videos stored on our network (real world use case)
- Videos that are not paid for are purged from storage
- We set up a channel for God related videos to be encouraged to be uploaded.  They are reviewed by users and if legal, the foundation continues to pay storage fees for those videos so they can be watched on our social media system.

Production Proposals / Nov 2022 Cameroon One Expenses
« on: October 22, 2022, 08:37:54 AM »
We currently sponsor 35 orphans from cameroon-one, but our monthly budget will not cover the entire portfolio.

I am seeking 12MM bbp (approx $1100) which should cover approx 30 orphans of our 35.

Payout going directly to cameroon-one: BF6qmwBMmnmb4FbSmRGTeWQL1m3rwh5n7b

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