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Hey Rob.
Could you post a monero adress that i could donate to.
Sure, thanks Earlz, added it to the OP post.

BBP wallet is offline on southxchange?
Yeah I see that in the wallet status ... But I know of no reason for it to be down.
My home node is in sync with chainz:

Ill mention this to them.

Evenin Brother Rob.

The viewing experience looks ok now.
Lookin at core wallet >transactions >portfolio builder i can see that i have received  tBBP on the 17th/19/20/22

Test Case # 7

Verify LLMQ quorums are forming:

Send a transaction by clicking Send, check the donate to foundation, populate an amount, click SEND.
Once quorums form, your transaction should change to a lightning bolt within 7 seconds.
Please try this after September 4th, 2021 as the sancs are forming LLMQs now.

Q1. Did your transaction turn into a lightning bolt?

No i didnt get any lightning bolt

Next, get the latest block number. Type 'getblock blocknumber'. Verify that the Chainlock=true?

Q2. Was the chainlock = true?

I will paste my information here. I did as the test case suggested. I sent 15 000 tBBP to "donate to foundation" button.  I saw no lightning bolt nor did it get any confirmations for 2 blocks i believe. Below is my output:

So no chainlocks i believe.

Think you have retip me, then i can check balance of the wallet.

Hi Earlz,
Good testing - revealing.
So on the NFT: I did receive the email about an hour later stating that you bought it from me, so I think we are good there.

On the portfolio builder, I think we are relatively solid.  The payout dates look fine to me.

On the LLMQ, I see these [llmqs] did stop before you got to your test, but, I do know for a fact they were running for a certain period and its like the engine is sputtering then they stop.  Im coming to a pretty firm conclusion that its because of the timing element (there is a timeout between each block and our testnet blocks are about 9 mins and should be 7, and the dash code is picking it up as a failure and "complaining"), I will confirm this.  If you will type 'getblockhash 132204' just see if it says chainlock=true.  Thats the block I sent my test tx that turned to a lightning bolt, and the chainlocks even worked at that time.  So the good news is, knowing what we know, Prod is definitely going to be fine because the params we have for prod are working and [we are mirroring those in testnet] and we at least confirmed that chainlocks and llmq work when they are actively in a quorum.  But nevertheless Ill read the logs again and try to see if we can keep the llmq running longer than this in testnet.  We may need a mandatory release to actually do that (IE force 3 minimum quorum members in and change the timing and mine with better intervals etc).  We can also try putting more miners on testnet. Ill try enabling an extra miner.

I retipped you 7777.7777 Mainnet biblepay on your checksum video.

We dont have a lot of problems left to fix in testnet though in general.  We just have a few small things on the list preventing us from wrapping up.

I have one major item that I would like to merge in before we go live however.
Right now we offer S3aas and Dbaas (in beta) and thats almost ready to release with our mainnet release.  But since we moved Unchained to social, there is a little gap in our service offering.  Basically last quarter, I wanted to release a sidechain social media system with everything on the sidechain.  But now we have a federated social media system with decentralized videos, but 'federated' timeline posts (IE some data is decentralized some isnt).  I want to ensure that we have bipfs (biblepay immutable public file system) in our service offering before we go live.  This lets a user store a social media post or video or file on the biblepay chain (with the sha256 hash of the file) in an immutable way.  The big difference between our s3aas and bipfs is the proven immutability.  With bipfs we will sha256 hash the source file, then store the file itself on storj, then store the url+hash on our bbp chain which points to it, and charge the fee.  This will be good if we want to charge a small fee for a timeline post that is preserved forever.  This would give us imho, a well rounded and useful release this quarter.

Btw, you can also test the bbp s3aas if you go back a couple pages you will see that wiki article.

Outbound Orphan Letters / Re: Please Add Outbound Letters Here
« on: January 22, 2022, 02:35:43 PM »
Letter for Christable

Outbound Orphan Letters / Re: Please Add Outbound Letters Here
« on: January 22, 2022, 02:35:09 PM »
Letters for Cameroon One Attached:

Outbound Orphan Letters / Please Add Outbound Letters Here
« on: January 22, 2022, 02:33:14 PM »
Feel free to write a letter to one of our orphans and we will pass it on.
Our orphan bios are located here:

Click on an orphan to view the bio.  Then you can write a letter.
Post it here.

So far we have received $500 from Pat B. to be converted into BBP.

We continue to raise money for 14 days then I will send him the total.


Attached pictures:

Hello brethren,
Pray for our orphanage and the community. The pictures attached below show how hard times we have been undergoing as a community
 Since December 25 we have been experiencing drought in our region. The streams have dried up around the community. Maize corns have dried up before reaching the time for harvest. No water, no food on the markets but we can make orders for delivery though miles. We walk miles away to fetch water. We pray for water tanks, food and a borehole to help during the dry season.

Its hard time here  please pray for us
We need your financial & Prayer support!
May the Lord richly bless you as we look forward for a kind help. Sx depositing a/c



Good Stuff Rob as always.

Do we have a windows version compiled yet of the new wallet im happy to test.

Hi Bro. Stav,
Yes we have it ready, here is the link - in the op post - in the downloads section:

You do have to start with -testnet=1 as usual (or make a config file).


To get a handle on whats left, Im going to run through the test cases and mark anything significant that still needs finished for this release:

Case 1 - Download the wallet:
Downloaded wallet on windows, and synced it:  PASS
Synced it while running sanctuaries on ubuntu: PASS
Q1-Are you in testnet:  Yes  : PASS
Q2-Hash matches:  Yes, confirmed mine with Earlz: PASS
Q3: Build version > 1705: PASS

Case 2 - Sending BBP
I have sent BBP from my testnet wallet to my windows wallet to unchained and from unchained back to windows: PASS

Case 3- Tipping a video
I just navigated to Earlz video (how to check a checksum)

- Tipped Earlz 7777 bbp - earlz please verify you received it?  Looks like I received a TXID:  PASS

Case 4 - Portfolio Builder
Created a Portfolio Builder address in biblepay core.
Set up a few ERC-20 positions.
Navigated to Portfolio builder leaderboard, clicked details : PASS
Does position Summary and Details break out properly : PASS
Verify you are receiving daily reward : PASS
(Still waiting for others to reply to this question).

Case 5 - NFTs
Created 20 NFTs for children that we sponsor through Kairos that we do not receive revenue for.
Verify the NFT is visible in OpenSea: PASS
Bought Earlz paperwallet NFT : PASS
Put the NFT back up for sale for $3.14 in weth.
NOTE : Will someone please buy it from me to ensure it is transferred to you etc.

Case 6- RandomX mining
I verified that the Pool RPC commands have been ported (sendmany) : PASS
Verify that we can actually mine against the new wallet:  UNDETERMINED - NEEDS DONE!

Case 7 - LLMQ
Verify LLMQ is forming:  I sent a 555 bbp tx to myself and received the lightning bolt : PASS
Check for Chainlocks : NEEDS DONE!

Case 8 - Scripture Memorizer

Navigated to BBP | Gospel | Memorizer
Tested this, and with the same results as Earlz, both modes still work : PASS

Case 9 - BBP Univ Final Exam
Navigated to Final Exam.
Tested the ability to read an exam PDF : PASS
Tested the final exam: Tested in Learn mode.  Verified the system gives me a Questions Answer and narrative, and scores each question correctly.
Verified the Grading system is still working.
Verified the Clock.   PASS

Case # 10 - Erasechain
Resynced wallet with erasechain: PASS

Does wallet sync to the top in mainnet: 


Case #11 - Sporks:
Q1:  Does spork show work and show the correct values : PASS
Q2:  Can we change a spork: Yes, I turned off instant send and then turned it back on : PASS
Q3: Can we create a sanc for 4,500,001 and on a non standard port:  PASS
Q4: Answered in q3.

Case #12 - Greeting cards:

I generated a greeting card to my wife, and received it in the mail: PASS
Note:  I believe we need to disable the virtual gift card currency (so as not to pollute the new pristine wallet):  (Disabled the virtual amount until we receive demand for it in the future) : PASS

Case #13 - Proposals in

[This is extremely important and not tested.]
I believe our last stab at this: Andy created a proposal and I asked something about it and didnt receive the reply.

Test 1 : I created a proposal in by switching the chain to TestNet, then I created Plumbing.
Did proposal Enter and after 6 blocks create: PASS
I copied the Vote Yes to the clipboard and pasted it into my core wallet.  Did the governance proposal list (gobject list): PASS
Did the vote count increment properly:  PASS
Earlz, since you have a sanc, feel free to vote on this....
Todo:  We need to see if this proposal is paid, and test watchman on the wall.
Waiting for block 133455 (got this from getgovernanceinfo).

Case #14 - POOS (proof of orphan sponsorship)
Tested this extensively with Earlz.
Added a Cameroon-One orphan in
Verify the reward is reduced when the user is not sponsoring an orphan : PASS
Verify the reward is high when they are sponsoring: PASS
Verify the POOS still picks up an authentic cameroon-one bio: PASS
Can we still view the orphan bio from the sanc list page: PASS
Can we right click and sponsor: PASS
Find a poos banned sanc: PASS

Case #15 - Watchman on the Wall:

This test was done early on and passed; but I think it warrants a retest.
Placeholder to enter a new proposal here.

Case #16 - Orphan NFTs:

Todd from Cameroon one just entered an orphan in opensea last night:
Verified the Add, Edit, and the attributes: PASS

*** LLMQ Started ***

LLMQ has started, so now guys you can also test the llmq test case(s).

*** De-fi Pools are ready to test in testnet ***

We have a new feature being released: Polygon erc-20 Defi pools.
This lets anyone create their own pool (and their own erc-20 asset and contract) which allows the global users to invest in your pool for a reward using your specifications.

To create a new pool, simply change your wallet to TestNet first (from | Biblepay | Wallet | Change Chain).
Once in testnet go to Pools | Create New Pool.

Set the total supply, emission characteristics and deflation, symbol and pool info (be sure to use a good pool image  - a direct link to an image).

Then we will create that erc-20 contract and erc-20 asset in Polygon for you and initialize the contract for trading.

[To jumpstart testing, the fee is only 512 bbp for now - but when we go to prod we can raise that to 512,000 bbp].

Once your pool is created, you can invest in it by going to "Pools" | Add Liquidity.

We also need to test Remove Liquidity.

The pool uses our own automatic market maker, so you dont have to worry about liquidity.

Whats nice about this feature is we will inherit a new DEX on Polygon with this feature!  That could be worth quite a lot to our community in the future crypto/defi landscape.
I believe we will have BBP->Matic trades and Matic->BBP  and  Wbbp->Matic and vice versa also.

This will be amazing if you simply want to buy $100 of MATIC with some BBP as a lot of people need to start from 0 with polygon.


*** NFTs 2.0 are ready to Test ***

I successfully created a NFT called "Holograhic protection" 
I think the NFTs store looks solid, i noticed that the price in USD  that you see after the eth on polygon logo shows in USD but for the value of ethereum hence Bald Head for example thats sold for 0.75 Matic says "

So yeah feel free to buy my NFT then i can buy it back.

*** Portfolio Builder 2.0 is ready to Test ***

First i created a tBBP only stake, opened up Biblepay core>File>Receiving Adresses>New>(right click, Edit)>Changed name to Portfolio Builder.
 Copied the wallet adress and  went to Send and pasted the wallet adress. Populated the Amount and sent it away for staking.
After a few blocks it showed up at    @ Biblepay>Portfolio Leaderboard

bug: On leaderboard when you click on Summary/Details it doubles/increases the total amount of assets, for me i noticed this when i hit the summary and details my original staked amount doubled and thereafter after each click.
This seems to reset when you move away from portfolio leaderboard and reenter later its back at normal but then when you start looking details etc it begins  increasing again.

I also have some MATIC in the portfolio and the coverage seems about right the percentages.

Responding to the second part of this:  Portfolio Builder:
I did reproduce that problem Earlz (the incrementing counts on the portfolio builder leaderboard) and its fixed now, can you please retry viewing your position.
And verify you have received a daily testnet reward in tBBP?
Looking in my home tBBP wallet - I am receiving my portfolio builder rewards daily now!  So we are very close to 'wrapping up' things...

On the NFT:
I did receive an email when I bought your paper wallet for $3.15, did you receive an email also?
Yeah, so now I suppose I will put your paper wallet back up for sale for $3.15 again so other people can rebuy it if they want.

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