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BiblePay Current Discussion / Re: Hope for orphans center
« on: November 18, 2022, 03:18:15 AM »
Phase Iv

Hello brothers and sisters,

Receive much greetings from Kenya family. We are writing to seek for your prayers and any kind support towards our orphanage centre.  You have made us achieve some 3 phases. We say thank for all who have been of help. We look forward to do the above item.
stumble guys
 In a number of days things have not been going well on our end. We seek from you friends a support to help in food, clothes, school supplies (books, pens and school uniforms) on this food is the major thing to make them strong. We pray for God to open ways this phase to be complete. Once the project is done will attach all pictures

For those at heart to help here is the south exchange depositing : BMqkugTgJdEXMZa7uTxdPFsAbQTrMkqSSc

 or you can do western union through; Joshua oendo Isaiah. P.o box 8 ogembo 40204 Kenya Africa. ‪+254 725 564 930‬.

May the Lord richly bless you as we look forward for a kind help.

Hope for orphans center.

Pastor Joshua.
Hey bro, I want to donate some clean food like vegetables that I have grown myself and some clothes for them. How do I send them back?

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