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  • Rob Andrews
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    • June 05, 2017, 08:09:04 PM
    • Patmos, Island Of

We are pleased to announce a new user staking bonus.  Please follow these instructions to claim the reward:

1.  Buy between 512,000 and 50 million BBP on SouthXchange :
2.  Start a new wallet and change your Nickname to the TXID of the withdrawal:
Go to User Record | Edit the "nickname" field with your SX TXID | Click Save
3.  Go to the RPC console (Tools | Info  | Console) type:
easybbpstake txid_amount 1
(This will stake the biblepay into the leaderboard)
4.  Post the txid here

What we will do:

1.  Each month, you will be paid the extra interest after your stake is 30 days old once per month. 

Please join us at BIBLEPAY and be paid rewards on your crypto!

NOTE:  If you own other cryptos including LTC, ETH, BTC, DOGE you can make double the DWU reward, please see these instructions:

  • rwalden
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    • April 21, 2021, 10:02:35 PM
Hello Rob

I am following your instructions but am getting stopped at number  2. I am getting a message that the nickname is too long "Nick Name must be shorter than 33 bytes". The TrnxID I am using is 60fc39ed785b4e986889d8b878864dce41415cfc378cde92c46fbe2f2f6f7b1c . Is this correct or did I misunderstand something?