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Togo Backup Explorer and Guide
« on: December 15, 2017, 10:02:48 PM »
When happy_merchant's Block Explorer ( stopped working,
I stepped up publicly and created a new one:

I got beat to the punch by Alex and am running the Backup Explorer
I also created and published a full guide to setting one up
(interestingly the guide currently has 140 views and shows up in top 1-6 results on google searches)


(5 hours)
- research, setup and configuration of Iquidus Block Explorer and setup on AWS
- creation of Block Explorer Guide for future use

AWS (Amazon Web Services) 1CPU 2GB RAM server costs $12/month and I have been running it for 24 days so far

(1 hour)
- Moving forward I will transfer the block explorer to a $5/month 1GB RAM Vultr server
- Once the DNS address is updated I will turn off the AWS server
- I will also add the current config file to the guide (with credentials redacted)

After this I will bill the Vultr server and very minimal maintenance quarterly


I am requesting 23,171 BBP from the IT Budget.

6 hours work at $15/hr = $90 + $12/month AWS = $102 at $0.004402 BBP = ~23,171 BBP


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