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Oct-November payment for Kairos Childrens Fund
« on: October 06, 2019, 07:34:16 AM »
Kairos Children's Fund is a small sponsorship organization. We are a charity in the Philippines helping children to get a good education, knowing that this is the best way to help them climb out of poverty.

Go to our website to learn more about KCF. You can download our brochure and form here (

Pictures of the Biblepay Kids:

We also encourage sponsors who will want to develop a relationship with their scholar and desire to encourage them throughout their education.
I am requesting 1,400,258BBP, which at the current rate is $465.90 (as of October 6). This will cover the monthly expenses for 9 children, as well as allow them to pay school fees. Since I was late and didn't get funded last month, I will have to make up a little bit.

11B   Helena NARCISO1 - EL $20
14B   Princess CABUGNASAN4 - EL $20
12B   Tajana Veroso5 - EL $20
13B  Pepe Gabriel12 - SHS $25
16B   Earl Darren Chiu5 - EL $20
Rowena Paladar11 - SHS $25
12B   Dante Balansag10 - HS $23
10B   Jovelyn Cadusale11 - SHS $25
17B   Kate Rebutazo10 - HS $25
These 13 children have been placed under Biblepay but they are paid up until the year.

22SE19   Lorenzo Paladar  -  paid through 2019
23SE19   Brent Aaron Cresencio  -  paid through 2019
24SE19   Rhyejiam Cielo Alqiza  -  paid through 2019
25SE19   John Gabriel  -  paid through 2019
26SE19   Elijah Boladola  -  paid through 2019
27SE19   Eda Mae Omotong  -  paid through 2019
28SE19   Shane Marie Francisco  -  paid through 2019
29SE19   Wendy Domik  -  paid through 2019
30SE19   Jill Jangin  -  paid through 2019
31SE19   Ruth Alos  -  paid through 2019
32SE19   Angel Ozoa  -  paid through 2019
33SE19   John Dave Rendal  -  paid through 2019
34SE19   Diana Deguit -  paid through 2019