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(Disclaimer: Not a Financial Advisor, DYOR)

Hello, Fredo...

FYI, as requested - There is now a group in the YF Discord for BiblePay Hodlers:


Regarding your Field purchase: YF has an interesting value proposition as a result of its solution provider arm (in addition to its umbrella-like original token MonetaryUnit - MUE/WMUE - which can be staked natively for around 30% annual yield).

As you probably know, locking value on the YF platform for long-term hold with wBBP and several other coins provides you a feature with Field somewhat similar to the BBP Portfolio Builder.

In efforts to move the price of Field back closer to $0.014, you may want to refer other native tokens like BBP which exist outside of Binance Smart Chain to reach out to the team at to provide them with a BSC wrapped token variant. This will allow for more farms and pools to exist on the platform, and as well for more members of your partner communities to have incentive to lock coins members are hodling on BSC for farm yields.

By the way, the price has been hovering for some time now at around $0.003-$0.004 per Field. With between $350K-$400K in total locked value currently, this is likely to be a much better time to grab some Field while cheap for long term HODL.

(Disclaimer: Not a Financial Advisor, DYOR)

Have a blessed one,
Brother Dynaxius

It would be nice if Yield Fields denied referenced BBP on their discord ... 😵😷😊.  There are all their pools and farms except BBP.  Why?
Thank you

Hello Fredo...

In the YieldFields Discord menu there is section called Field.Farms, where many tokens have channels created specific to the farms that have been created. Are you saying that there are no channels there referencing Wrapped BiblePay (wBBP)? If so, we can request that the one of your preference be created.

Currently, the farms that we can stake to at are:

- wBBP-Field

One thing great at the moment about the latest farm wBBP-BNB is that the BNB required to create the liquidity pool can now be acquired at Southxchange:

If you are already out on YieldFields, you can also acquire additional BNB and other tokens (including additional wBBP!!) using the platform's exchange feature:

Of course, any BBP already in our possession still be moved back and forth from Binance Smart Chain via

Hope this helps, just let me know if there was anything else you were looking for!

Brother Dynaxius

Greetings, all. The time has come.

I am pleased to announce that you are now able to wrap BiblePay on Binance Smart Chain. This will empower BiblePay holders to participate in DeFi activity on any BSC Platform where services such as liquidity pools and Yield Farming are available.

You may now begin using the site below to exchange your native BiblePay token for Wrapped BiblePay (wBBP):

Swap native BiblePay (BBP) for Wrapped BiblePay (wBBP) at

This system can also be used to unwrap your BiblePay and return it to native tokens to allow for the continued benefit of features already available within our BiblePay ecosystem. Note that the wrapping system features an advanced option that allows you to receive email confirmation of your conversions.

(Please allow 10-15 minutes for conversion from native BiblePay to Wrapped BiblePay. )

When working with Wrapped BiblePay, make sure that your wallet is configured for the Binance Smart Chain Network.

We have the team at to thank for this, and because of this I would also like to announce that this same team will be providing our BiblePay community exclusive opportunities to add value to Wrapped BiblePay in June on the BSC DeFi Platform YieldFields, which can be found at:

This platform will be a great first place to begin creating your liquidity pools and trading wBBP and other tokens for BNB, Cake, USDT, BUSD, DOGE, and the like.

To create a liquidity pool (LP), you need two different BSC BEP20 Tokens. For example, say you have Wrapped BiblePay and Wrapped MonetaryUnit. By pairing those coins together at equivalent values with one another and locking them into a platform's exchange, you add to the pool of tokens available for purchase on the platform.

When viewing your wallet address on the BSC explorer ( ), you will see platform-level LP tokens that remain in your wallet until you remove your token pair from out of the LP lock.

By participating in the farms and pools at YieldFields, you will be rewarded by earning their FIELD token, which at the time of this writing is valued at $0.04.

To add Wrapped BiblePay as a token in your Binance Smart Chain wallet, use the contract information below:

Token Name: Wrapped BiblePay

Token Contract: 0xcb1eec8630c5176611f72799853c3b7dbe4b8953

Decimals: 18

Transactions Explorer:

(And another reminder: BEP20 BNB is used to pay for transactions on Binance Smart Chain, so make sure you have some handy or get more at YieldFields once you begin working with Wrapped BiblePay. Enjoy!)

Greetings, all.

Update: BiblePay is still in the project delivery pipeline for wrapped tokenization on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). ETA for release is early June. Extended utilization for the token will be established very quickly for current hodlers (can't say any more than this on that for now), so please remain patient and continue getting acclimated to maneuvering BSC and compatible wallets while our wait comes to an end.

Given the recent volatility that has occurred for so many top coins/tokens, it will prove greatly to our advantage that this new use case for BBP was not released earlier than now.

(Remember: The BEP20 version of Binance Coin (BNB) is the driving token of Binance Smart Chain, the way ETH is the driving token for ERC20. You will need BNB for BEP20 transactions the same way you need ETH for ERC20 transactions. Our wrapped token will be a BEP20 token.)

Trusting His timing as always, and looking forward to sharing the next update.


FYI - Happy to report that everything is moving along smoothly. Expecting an update early this week for initial post-test deployment of the 1-to-1 swapping functionalities.

You'll definitely have another update by mid to end of the week. Should be good news.


Great questions, Rob!

If the proposal passes, my go to team for the wrapping would be They already have a number of coins they've delivered wrapper solutions for, and they have a multi-year history of keeping native coins they manage stable for exchanges like Bittrex and Abra.

Trust in DeFi usually needs to be earned, which translates to DeFi devs at any table delivering what is promised and their preventative measures and crisis responses under pressure. One risk historically that is possible with these pools and exchanges is that the devs running a platform can "pull the rug" and steal coins. Another would be the same DDoS and other threats that can arise if infrastructure preparations have not been made ahead of time, with attempts historically made to hijack website traffic. This has not happened on exchanges with well-coded contracts and secure infrastructure designs. Having their contracts audited by an agency like Certik to validate security protocols are in place is a big deal in the space that puts hodlers and investors at ease.

In addition, for example, exchanges like Pancake Bunny have made names for themselves recently to the point that a rug pull would no longer be to their advantage:$16-Million-Strategic-Investment-Round-for-MOUND

High reputation and effective crisis mitigation results in high usage and ever-increasing investment. If you take a look at and sort by marketcap, you can see the extent to which communities are staking their claims in certain places.

CAKE (PancakeSwap's token) was priced at around $0.87 in mid-January. It has averaged in the low to mid 20s ($20-$25) for the past couple of weeks. Here's a pretty decent article that breaks down the why and how it can hold that kind of value with gradual depth:

In addition, it then comes down to the variations of benefits being offered on each respective platform (farming, lending, borrowing, trading, etc.) and the benefits of utilizing those features of specific platforms versus others to varying most manageable degrees. This is where DYOR and each trader's particular dev or investment approaches come into play to allow them to create strategies best customized to meet their needs.

Remember that a liquidity pool allows you to hold a pair of tokens ($100 worth of BBP and $100 worth of a Stablecoin, for example) on an exchange for trading. Anyone holding either of those coins can affect your holdings by purchasing the token they don't hold from you at the value you've set, thus ending either you up with "more BBP, less Stablecoin", or "more Stablecoin, less BBP." If you were to stake that liquidity pair for yield farming, you can be still affected by price movement on an exchange, but your ongoing profit is the token you staked the pair to have yielded to you in the first place. These are two standard scenarios that don't touch on the lending or borrowing. Check and and filter on BSC to get ideas of the platforms one might want to keep aware of as they design their best fit approaches. To answer your question: Properly positioned, yes - the ROIs can be real for those who do their homework across the space.

Looks great, Rob. I'm definitely looking forward to this as well.

I'll continue to stay on the lookout and once the proposal passes governance, we'll get the ball rolling.

For anyone interested in checking out Binance Smart Chain in the meantime, take a look here:

If you're already using MetaMask for your ETH or plan to in the future, see the links below on installing and/or configuring for BSC:

Keep me posted as you need. Hope you all have a great week.  8)


Hi, Rob. Is the current plan for the upcoming BBP migration involving Stratis to create a fork of Stratis, or are you hoping to leverage the new sidechain tech they have released in recent months and actually deploy BBP beneath the Stratis Blockchain?

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Is 501c3 status at the federal level being pursued for the BiblePay Foundation? If so, a pdf of the letter of exemption might be good to provide. This would be in addition to the Texas SOS registration that you note is in place.

Even if the application is currently in process (i.e. has been filled out and mailed in to the IRS with the corresponding application fee), you can show a copy of the initial letter they send (showing that the application has been received) or just state that the IRS non-profit exemption has been applied for and is currently pending.   

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