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Title: Biblepay Paper Wallet
Post by: dwebster on December 28, 2017, 01:30:47 PM
Dear Sanctuary owners,

During the course of December (2-3 weeks) I developed the first and only beautiful paper wallet for Biblepay. The wallet was released on Christmas eve and included a christmas theme design for gift giving. The wallet has received positive feedback from community.

The wallet features

1. Modified fork of proven,hardened  code base from
2. Simple UI focusing on address generation and private key validation
3. Includes biblepay-cli commands to import addresses to client
4. Beautiful design to enhance Biblepay brand
5. Christmas themed gift card with Biblepay logo
6. Single file self contained code (including graphics) to run offline

The wallet benefits

1. Promotes Biblepay through gift giving to non-technical users
2. Allows non-technical users to create addresses quickly without installation. Useful at exchanges for deposit/withdrawals.
3. Allows cold storage of Biblepay balances
4. Securely generate addresses offline
5. Beautiful design enhances Biblepay brand

Budget Requested: 186,493 BBP ($780 USD) (26hrs @ $30/hrs)

Calculation is as follows:

1BBp = 0.004182 USD (30 sat) (price on 12-28-17)
$30/hr - Rate for javascript, CSS, photoshop, crypto-programming

Time Log:
10 hrs - Research and integration  Porting Biblepay into bitaddress codebase
10 hrs  - Development of JS, CSS, HTML, Gift wallet design, website graphics
6 hrs - Testing, deploying, support
= 26 hrs

Relevant Links:

Biblepay Paper Wallet site:



Thank you for your consideration and favorable support. I have many more innovative ideas in mind. I can do them all with your support! Please post any questions you may have.

Title: Re: Biblepay Paper Wallet
Post by: jaapgvk on December 28, 2017, 02:04:00 PM
Beautifully done!

One suggestion, onder the header 'Import address command' it says:

./biblepay-cli importprivkey

Of course that's the linux command, maybe you could add some clarification for windows users also?

Title: Re: Biblepay Paper Wallet
Post by: Rob Andrews on December 28, 2017, 02:32:34 PM
This looks pretty good...