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Togo Twitter & Reddit & Advertising
« on: December 16, 2017, 12:12:56 AM »
4 months ago in August, I created the BiblePay Twitter and BiblePay Sub Reddit

- I read every bitcointalk post and post updates and news to Twitter and Reddit
- I also periodically go through the past few days of bitcointalk posts and string together different topics that I post about and organize on the Reddit (and keep updated)

There are actually quite a few people who do not read the bitcointalk thread and only read the twitter and or the reddit. They help give people information into more digestable pieces. And the documentation of topics on Reddit do not get lost in the main thread and can live on and be expanded upon and reach more eyeballs who may help out.


- setup design/style and uploaded logo and banner
- documented and organized major topics on the sidebar
- I answer as many questions that are posted that I can, and if I can't I post them into the bitcointalk thread
- I have created 76 reddit posts (and have kept quite a few updated with new information)
- currently has 105 subscribers
- 28,352 page views


I cant take full credit for all the traffic, since the Windows and Linux mining guides are on the reddit which people click on from the website, etc.
(I did write both of those guides and keep them updated though)

Windows Mining Guide has had 4.9k views
Linux Mining Guide has had 2.6k views
Combined about 7.5k views


- I analyze, research and use popular hashtags
- try my best to always add relevant emojis and to add images to posts
- Ive posted 76 tweets and 10 retweets (most retweets are of Compassion International)
- I have followed 74 relevant twitter users and liked 373 relevant twitter posts
- currently have 114 followers

1,614 total profile visits
108,126 total tweet impressions ("delivered to a Twitter accounts timeline")


Assuming I spent an average 1 hour a day doing the above over 4 months, that is 120 hours

Going forward I will continue doing this advertising/news-reporting/note-taking/documentation work for Twitter and Reddit and I will bill it quarterly


In addition, I also did advertising/marketing of BiblePay in:
- bitcointalk altcoin discussion and altcoin mining threads --->;u=1087591;sa=showPosts;start=20
- /r/CryptoCurrency and /r/altcoin --->
- Steemit articles --->
- multiple popular Discords (Spacestation, ONEX Capital, CoinSheet, MasterNodesPro, Strape.come (Richard Heart), Dash Nation) 
- in comments section of many online articles in top 2 pages of google results
- in answers of multiple Quora questions

I focused on keywords: "cpu mining", "masternode", "asic resistance", "christian cryptocurrency"
and multiple variations of those keywords, going through the forums and top google results
I also would try to jump into DASH and Vertcoin threads if I could

Ive spent about 20 hours doing the above

There is not much more work I can do advertising since I have already hit all the top relevant articles and threads
Going forward, I will still try to sneak in BiblePay where I can but probably wont be billing for it at all


I am requesting 517,000 BBP from the P2P budget

120 hours Twitter & Reddit + 20 hours Advertising = 140 hours at $15/hour = $2,100
divided by $0.004062 per BBP = ~517,000 BBP

The P2P budget this month will roughly be around 1.75 million BBP (so this proposal will be about 30% of the budget)


gobject vote-alias 46e3ee892800b272a8fa44cf4eda13506c73c297c1bc4773a0b718e7f200b4d3 funding yes SANCTUARY_NAME
gobject vote-many 46e3ee892800b272a8fa44cf4eda13506c73c297c1bc4773a0b718e7f200b4d3 funding yes
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Re: Togo Twitter & Reddit & Advertising
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2017, 05:31:27 AM »
First of all: thanks so much for all your hard work! I party agree that doing all this should be compensated. But I also think your proposal is something that I have concerns about.

I think that when people realize you can effectively ask money for doing pr, we may get an army of money hungry 'shills', which may help the coin grow in the short term, but I don't like it. For example, the same 'shills' might get angry and damage the coin if they realise they won't get paid.

Remember that (asian?) guy who was on bitcointalk who seemed to have his heart in the right place, and built a very amateurish blog, and kept asking for coins afterwards? I'm afraid that a lot of people will follow in his steps, and make proposals up to our necks asking for money, cluttering the proposal-list and taking up the time of sanctuary-holders who have to sort through all the proposals.

I think it's maybe better if we set up bounties or something. Or at least something that is simple and clear for all parties. I see other coins doing bounties and it seems to work really well. And we can vote on a bounty budget from the pr with the sanctuaries.

Yeah, I think that pr-stuff needs to be discussed and outlined beforehand, and not billed afterwards. Not that I don't think you should get some compensation.

(And of course, you're also being compensated by the rising of the value of your BBP as a direct result of your hard work, and I also think a lot of the things you did, you did because you believed in the project with your heart, and not because you wanted to get paid for doing it.)

I don't really have an answer to my 'problem', and I fully agree you have to get paid for your other proposals, but I just want to speak my mind on this one :)
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Re: Togo Twitter & Reddit & Advertising
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2017, 01:54:48 AM »
There was later discussion with jaapgvpk and others in the main bitcointalk thread about backpay, etc,
I documented the discussion on reddit if anyone is interested!:


Update on my 5-7 Quora Answers related to CPU Mining advertising BiblePay

My answers have gotten over 7,500+ views this month!


Also in the past 2 weeks:
Twitter has grown from 114 to 152 followers
Reddit has grown from 105 to 140 subscribers

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Re: Togo Twitter & Reddit & Advertising
« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2018, 02:58:05 PM »
Thanks Togo for your outstanding work!

Ill be voting YES.