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Hi Earlz!  Glad to see you have sunny cool weather, thats the best.   Oh your rewiring, thats cool.  Did your house have some old aluminum overheating wire and no ground system?  (I rewired a whole house once in a wooded area, it was a house destined to be destroyed but I bought it and flipped it - I used regular romex in the whole thing - didnt even make a profit etc).

I havent really had any problems with the electricity , but it was old installation, probably around 1950s or earlier. It was these kind of cable called kuhlo cable. In swedish "kulo kabel".  Its pretty much lead metal cased electrical cable and this stuff just not legal anymore, can become conductive and give you a electrical chock.

 So yeah i figure i rewire downstairs now when i have time off the work.
I have read in the states you are using 110/240v  , here in sweden its 230/400v.
Intresting to read about diffrent countries electrical grids and how things are wired.

Back to topic. Yeah the montserat font looks sweet. Usually i use night modes on exchanges so this fits like a glove.

The GSCs are working and I received 1 superblock payment so far.  Can you please try creating an easybbpstake and user rec so we can see if you get a daily reward also?

For sure. Later tonight i wll make a user record and a bbp stake.

Hey Earlz, whats up brother,
Did your hash match the one in the op post and did the version show just to double check?

See the different css, thats what we had to do to upgrade our bezaleel theme (the red background).  I think I like it.  Especially with the Montserrat font, did you try that font?

Yeah, I can help you set up sancs in testnet.  You can read that one post in the OP post, near the bottom, that shows more details on how we did it in one of the old threads, let me know if you have any problems.  Do you need tBBP?  Its 4,500,001 per sanc.  Let me know the address if so.

Its all good here in Sweden, currently sun is shining and 15+ Celsius in the snowy spring.
I ran in terminal :
Code: [Select]
getblockhash 72711


so looks like it same as
(Please ensure your version is greater than this, otherwise your testnet branch will not sync. 

We are at block  ___72711_____ as of March 23rd, 2021:  Blockhash 77e19c10aef66caf8a44752c27cecc374dd11d54822d731c4f41af27946bbf5c.

Then i ran:

Code: [Select]

  "chain": "test",
  "blocks": 73128,
  "headers": 73128,
  "bestblockhash": "df276328f7b4484e77f6f9517f2b20dce4666333d40d314ea65f2c655e3a69a3",
  "difficulty": 6.144261732406791e-005,
  "mediantime": 1616754190,
  "verificationprogress": 0.9999479411738612,
  "initialblockdownload": false,
  "chainwork": "00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000016ceef9ee332c",
  "size_on_disk": 68095333,
  "pruned": false,
  "softforks": [
      "id": "bip34",
      "version": 2,
      "reject": {
        "status": true
      "id": "bip66",
      "version": 3,
      "reject": {
        "status": true
      "id": "bip65",
      "version": 4,
      "reject": {
        "status": true
  "bip9_softforks": {
    "csv": {
      "status": "failed",
      "startTime": 1544655600,
      "timeout": 1576191600,
      "since": 21730
    "dip0001": {
      "status": "failed",
      "startTime": 1544655600,
      "timeout": 1576191600,
      "since": 21700
    "bip147": {
      "status": "failed",
      "startTime": 1544655600,
      "timeout": 1576191600,
      "since": 21700
    "dip0003": {
      "status": "failed",
      "startTime": 1544655600,
      "timeout": 1576191600,
      "since": 21700
    "dip0008": {
      "status": "failed",
      "startTime": 1553126400,
      "timeout": 1584748800,
      "since": 36000
    "realloc": {
      "status": "defined",
      "startTime": 2602725462768,
      "timeout": 24,
      "since": 0
  "warnings": ""

Its alright i got plenty of tBBP , yeah i will do some read up on the sancs and what not, im currently completely rewiring my home to TNC-S system with rcds and spds so i wil mostly be on here on evenings.

Anyhow i will speak to you later.

PS: I noticed a bug on windows version on the leaderboard when switching between summary view and details view that the owed bbp are the same for all participants on detail view while on summary view it looks correct i Believe. Im sending with a screenshot.

Hello Rob.

I downloaded latest windows version that you released and it looks like it works, the wallet is synced up and i see my old tBBP in there so looks nice.

I will do some readup about sanctuaries in the coming days and maybe i can spin some up in testnet.

Around 2/3 from biblepay and 1/3 from monero so far. I havent checked wallets yet today but i will take a look later when i go to workshop.

I will also enter testnet again and see if i can help with anything.
Have a good one!

Status update on the tube wells in Pakistan

Im sitting here in the spring sun in Sweden writing this report. Its wednesday  24th 2021
Im super happy to announce that so far we have collected over 600 USD  for this project.  Essentially we are more then 60% of the goal in less then 48 hours.

I want to thank all who have donated for your kindness.

Hello Rob.

Btw, I believe Earl pointed out that this tube well will help up to 250 children perpetually to receive fresh water.

Our earlier wells were each $700, but they were single wells.  So I just want to point out this is a different type of well, and it will be interesting to see the pictures of the tube wells.

I will edit post and add the more specifics about what type of wells and amount of  children  they can support, good thinking.

I donated a little to get started; Earlz will you keep us updated every 7 days or so to let us know how much we raised?
Absolutley i will keep updated once per week and im thinking lets let fundraiser run for 4 weeks unless we got enough funds before that.

Hello Daniel.

Even if you have no masternode, still just running core client helps out.  Also im thinking biblepay 20 satoshis in the future!
Thanks for all your kind words.
it is a project that hits home.
Thats how i feel aswell.  Lets hope and pray biblepay goes to a brighter future, i feel theres alot of good that we can do.

Hey Rob.
Could you try help out this new user is having problems, will link to his thread:

General Support - Solved / Re: BBP seems slow to transfer
« on: March 22, 2021, 09:13:03 AM »
Hey Derek.
I dont dare to speculate on your situation, we need to bring in Rob or maybe MIP can assist aswell.
One thing i can tell you is that if you have mined coins on the forked chain then those arent valid on main chain.
Lets see if we can get Rob to help you out.

Status update, as of march 25 the goal of 1000USD has been met.


I want to thank the biblepay community for making things like this happen. Thanks for donating to this project and over the years.
Now i will send the funds to Rob and let him handle the rest.

Hello Biblepay community.

As a fellow biblepay enthusiast im glad and proud to be part of this project, theres many blockchain projects out there, but biblepay has a soft spot in my heart.
We have an opportunity to help out our neighbours, brothers and sisters out in the world.
Lets come together and help those in need, to be a light in the tunnel.

ill end this short statement with a quote from evangelist Billy Graham that i sought fitting:
“God has given us two hands --one to receive with and the other to give with. We are not cisterns made for hoarding; we are channels made for sharing.”

The goal for this fundraiser is enough funds for 5 freshwater tube wells to be buildt.  Its 200 USD per well so for 5 wells we are looking at   1000 USD total and fresh water for 250 children.
The wells are tube wells that have depth of 40-50 ft or 12-15meter.

You can donate in Biblepay or the following cryptocurrencies:

Donation adresses as following:

Biblepay:  BDkBhuuLtRgzZHenK43xaod5i9FsM5J651

Dash:        XqFrDzKnZNwyCyqz6VqVhhWauPjJqShNut

Litecoin native segwit: ltc1qxycmv2crkk44ff3dpnuycg57le5g2hseler4e3

Monero:  43jLCqxs5mp6fDMdA6cNwahjotrw7zej13YFPsmJtC16c2jH6x3ttavUnTJWXgWoNecWNhaMzHhRhBD4xJym4tNAUB2NaJ4


Link to previous well donations to Paaniproject from Biblepay :

More information on paaniproject website :

General Support - Solved / Re: BBP seems slow to transfer
« on: March 22, 2021, 07:35:43 AM »
Just received this from Southxchange

According to the official explorer the transaction doesn't even have 1 confirmation, so the fact that you see +50 confirmations means you are forked off the main chain. Please contact the BBP team for assistance:

So who do I contact about my wallet not working?

Hello Chris.
Yes it shouldnt take that long for transfer to take place. You can try erasechain command to return to the main chain. I will link to a guide for it:

Other then that Rob is the guy to talk to talk to.

Hi Earlz!

Yeah, I would not mind that. 
You know we were able to do a *lot* for a village of children for the cost of one well.

And Sonny from Paani seems to be a pretty cool guy and they appear to be reputable.
I would definitely be interested in donating part of it.

Do you think we should start a fundraiser thread for a well?  Actually if you want would you like to start the thread here?  This will give us more horizontal community participation I think if you did it.

Thanks and good idea bro.

Sure thing i can set it up, though i could need some guidance, i will send you a PM.

On another note i read your report on the coming months.  All positivity here brother. I feel like more and more rings on the water is added.   Its great to see yours and Mips dedication to the project. Improving and evolving it so to say!

Speak to you laters, have a good one.

General Support - Solved / Re: BBP staking
« on: March 15, 2021, 10:48:54 AM »
Yeah I just did actually. I managed a tx with a coin under 100 BBP so I started one right away. Thanks for trying to help though!

Cheers man!
Well dont hesitate if you encounter any problems  we are here to help  8)

General Support - Solved / Re: BBP staking
« on: March 15, 2021, 10:26:01 AM »
Did you get it sorted out so you can do some staking?

Hello Rob.
I was thinking perhaps we could do a fundraiser for some more water wells, im thinking it was a great way for us to maximise the amount of people in need that we can help.

Or perhaps if you have some other intresting project on your mind.
Have a good one!

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