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Archived Proposals / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: June 25, 2020, 01:36:13 AM »

Also, is very nice that we have another Venezuelan in here, Mr. Costa it'd be very nice to talk to you.

Bienvenido hermano. mucho gusto.
Claro que si, It is good to have more people from South America.
I d more than happy to have a talk

Pre-Proposal Discussion / Venezuela initiative proposal
« on: June 13, 2020, 05:10:07 AM »
Good morning at the fellow members of the community.

After having shared my thoughts with Rob i would like to make a proposal.

I am not even sure if I m posting in the right place so  my apologies beforehand if not.

There have a been a lot problems during  the last 10 years in Venezuela (which is considered in many cases worst than a 3rd world country)
Food and medicine supplies being the gravest .
So in coordination with the local Greek Orthodox Church we have set up an ambitious charity  plan  that includes the distribution of clothes,food and medicine to institutions like orphanages and nursing homes, publicly preparing meals and the activation of an ambulance which will operate like a mobile unit to provide care to those who can not afford private insurance.

The foundations that we are planing to help are under the Catholics Church jurisdiction and this serves  2 purposes.
a) the Catholic church enjoys total respect in this torn country , away from the corruption of the political powers.
also the Vatican has a "nuncio" as a diplomatic representative in this country, the highest and most respected diplomat among all. which ensures the protection and the success of our cause.
B) Being myself an Orthodox I see this a chance to bring the two dogmas of Christianity closer, at the very least here in Venezuela.

These are the preliminary basic steps. We have revised a more detailed plan that will be ofcourse available for posting.

I am NOT seeking for funding -that has been already taken care for the first stages-. My part of the funding will come of course in the name of our community.
What i am really asking is guidance from the rest of the community of how to link this initiative with BiblePay, how to exploit this good deed to make us known to even more people.  I have never been that good in organizing these kind of things :D

I am really sorry for the long post and I d like to hear your feedback
Have a great day


** Increased Dynamic Whale Stake Rewards after block 199,000 ! **

Type in 'exec dws' into the console and retrieve the latest whale stake quote:
43.3% return on your stake!

Post here if anyone needs help burning BiblePay for an annual whale stake reward.


exec dws 212000 180 I_AGREE

The above command burns 212K for 180 days for a 32% reward.

(Shorter durations have a lower reward than longer).

Good evening.
I did not get that , Is this the same as moving funds to foundation wallet and receive the ROI?
Or you have to move back funds to your personal wallet and execute the command? is there any difference or is it the same thing?

Thank you.

Congratulations on these wonderful news Rob.
All the credit goes to you and your team. I actually did nothing.

What i urge everyone to do, is to sponsor (if possible) an orphan.
I started with Alejandro today (and i would not be able to do it without your and the CoDev's help Rob)
and i hope that i am going to meet him and the other orphans in person shortly :)

I will see to the best of my powers to make sure that the communitys effort will not be in vain and that the orphans here in Venezuela do get what they are promised.
Thank you


Looks like we need a bounty offers page, and Ill create one asap.

In the mean time Id like to offer a bounty of 3MM BBP to anyone who would like to modify our whitepaper to be current.
Current whitepaper:

It needs updated to have our latest info about RandomX and PODC, etc.   And anything in it that is inaccurate should be corrected.

EDIT:  Sun has provided me with the original docx in English, so the job would entail:  (editing the word docx file) and updating the paper to be current (for a new English version) so we can update our OP post (it says "being updated" currently).

EDIT II:  Here is the original docx that needs updated:

Original Link:


Good evening. Old post, but i wonder if the bounty is still active :D
In any case the link for the doc file  doesnt seem to be working anymore.
Thank you.

Thanks for making it clear Rob.
 I think each one of  should make an effort to help people around the world through this project, and get more people to join the cause.
As you have stated so many times i dont like either where things are getting in our era. Time to do something about our souls too.

in any case i will forward you all the emails to keep me guided.
Thank you.

That would be cool; well if you want you can try Steven at again - his phone # is 800-563-6099 (Steve M.)  His email is [email protected].
Just ask him about the $20 orphans with dedicated bios, and if he still wants to do it to email [email protected] with a good deadline etc.

Or otherwise you could check out, and search for Venezuelan orphans, but I prefer if we find a company that they are at least silver or gold certified on guidestar (a lot of the bigger orphanages are certified), as we really need to start upping our game and only yoking ourselves with quality partners.  I think we need to improve our brand from "tattered" to "high quality".

Thank you.

I already contacted Steve about the revival of the project, and i made a list through concerning Venezuela projects (initially. i wouldnt mind contact other charity organizations globally when i have the time), and i am ready to communicate with each of them.

My main question is what exactly am i negotiating with them ;D
if someone can please explain me clearly  what we offer and what we seek.
Second are we interested to cooperate with any charity program -that meets our criteria- or only orphan based programs?

That would be cool; well if you want you can try Steven at again - his phone # is 800-563-6099 (Steve M.)  His email is [email protected].
Just ask him about the $20 orphans with dedicated bios, and if he still wants to do it to email [email protected] with a good deadline etc.

Or otherwise you could check out, and search for Venezuelan orphans, but I prefer if we find a company that they are at least silver or gold certified on guidestar (a lot of the bigger orphanages are certified), as we really need to start upping our game and only yoking ourselves with quality partners.  I think we need to improve our brand from "tattered" to "high quality".

Thank you.

Dont mention it . Copy. i ll get in touch with him (in person if possible) and i will keep the community updated if i come along something that fills the necessary criteria.

I have an orphan update and a side project for someone to take on:

I've been trying to negotiate a wholesale rate for orphans through SAI.NGO (Venezuelan orphans), however Steven the President has been affected by coronavirus, and, they are battling civil unrest in the actual orphanage (and government arrests, etc).  So he put our deal on hold until further notice.  That deal was to provide us with $20 per month wholesale orphans With BIOS.

What Id like is for someone to look at, and see if you can contact a lot of the bigger orphanages (like the one in India), but, we need them to be guidestar certified.  If someone could reach out to them and try to negotiate low rates (IE $25 per month or so) for a block of 30-40 orphans.  The company must have a perfect track record and be at least midsize so people can trust them.  (IE over $1 mil per year revenue and preferably a platinum certification -- not just a globalgiving cert).   And Id like them to be able to create orphan BIOS also such as this one:

What Im trying to do is add features to our foundation where we can accept crypto donations that help sponsor orphans monthly or fractionally.  For example, donate now to help 2 orphans.  Or, donate N monthly to help your own personal orphan.  And, Im working on adding matching!  We already have one person willing to match, so we should be able to get this off to a good start.  Im excited about working on the web side of this, so Id appreciate some help on the negotiations.

On a side note, now that I see the way the civil unrest in the word is expanding (and the way I believe - things will unfold into Daniels 70th week), Im very happy we resisted creating a 501c3.  I think we are on the right track now.  Meaning, we can be the coin that accepts crypto donations for charity (not fiat donations).  We'll find a way to match part of these donations (even if its a small match) and execute the charity need with a discount to make the user happy.  Our place can be spending crypto-dollars on charity, for example.    I believe during the years of persecution, the 501c3 list will be a great list of businesses for the Antichrist to start shutting down - starting with churches, etc.

An example of how this might work is this:
John Doe is an old bitcoin miner who has 1 mil extra in bitcoin.  He feels like he should give $100,000 to charity.  What if he could sponsor 100 orphans through us, with a 10% match and a 50% discount (as compared to  Not impossible; if we have wholesale rates of $25 per child, John Doe sponsors orphans at a deep discount (as compared to retail at compassion), gains a BBP match towards the orphans, and even receives some BBP as a reward. 
Im thinking the program might be as simple as this:

On our matching side, our compassionate gifters (and interested whales) will give BBP to a fund (escrowed for matching),  held in a matching escrow fund.
John Doe comes along and sponsors 1 orphan at $20 per month - and we promise a 30% match (due to the algorithm quote for the week).
     The way this works is John Doe would pay $20 per month in a form of crypto to us (into the foundation) and receive $6 each month (credited to his account) in BBP (that comes from our matching engine).  John Doe will also receive the distinct orphan BIO in this case, for as long as this relationship continues.


I'm going to get started on this and attempt to roll this program out by the end of June.

If i could be of any help regarding the Venezuelan orphans initiative , since i reside here in Venezuela,  please let me know Rob.
There are grave problems in the country and it would be really nice for our community  to be able to help.

Good morning Rob. seems i am too lazy to do all the upgrades. :D
I m alreay running the necessary updates. Thanks for rewieing my stats

Good morning everyone. Oops there seems to be another version of the wallet availiable, is the upgrade manadatory ?. I wonder if this is the reason why BBP payments  dont reach me since we moved to the new miner.
My address appears on the leaderboard BRjjPsFm818gPkWibTBrDaXnYzre1yFs89 and the monero mining seems to work just perfectly.

any insight about the lack of BBP payments? Thank you


1) On the hashrate halved, thats normal, (I probably should have mentioned that, sorry).  Yeah, you will now see the half hashrate, but, each hash is still going toward both XMR and BBP now - so in effect its just like it was before (but with half the rate counting 2* for each hash).

2)  On the command line please ensure your BBP address is here:

3)  You should definitely see "XMR accepted (N)" for each accepted XMR share (but there are no longer any BBP accepted share messages).
However, each XMR that is accepted should increase your leaderboard for a BBP share now.
If you are increasing BBP in the leaderboard with < 10% stales you are working fine.

Excelent, we are good to go then.
Thank you kindly for the reply Rob, i know you are really busy with the project and i really appreciate that you also find time to help the newbies.
God bless you.

i am sorry insisting on this one, but  having tried on XMRIG  5.11.1 and 6.0.0 also, i seem to have my hashrate halved, like the times when i used to mine monero only .
Likewise There is no accepted BBP messages on the miner nor for Monero.

Since i am not that techsavy i always run the command line from the console
( xmrig.exe -o -u  -p  --threads nproc_count) and i never mess with the batch file.
It would be highly appreciated if someone could share an example config file of the miner  that the rest of us could work on.
Thank you.


Ok, is now live with merge-mining.

Please upgrade your miner to XMRIG now, otherwise your shares will be rejected.

Our satellite pool has been notified.

Good evening Rob. The old bbprig miner seems to work ok *only checked that it works* when you interchange the pass username in the command.
Is that the case, or regarding to the rejected shares ,  we do still have to upgrade to the xmrig 6.0.0?


Anyone else experieincing any problems on with RX mining?

i experienced a similar problem yesterday although i dont have the screenshot.
"Update your miner, your ip will be banned for 10 minutes"  or something along this line

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