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Archived Proposals / BiblePay faucet
« on: October 16, 2020, 06:01:25 AM »

I want to develop BiblePay faucet where users will earn a free BiblePay coins in return of seeing ads.

Project details

Users will need to login with BiblePay address.
Website backend will check if the address is valid via BiblePay rpc command.
Then users will need to click google captcha and submit the form.
Then they will need to wait x amount of minutes until next click.
When user amount reach the threshold the user can ask for a payment.

Admin dashboard

Setting the amount of minutes that users will need to wait until the next click.
Setting the payment threshold.
Setting the ads code.
Extracting BiblePay addresses that requested payout.
Enabling disabling ads placement.

ETA 1 year max.
Result - full source code.
Payout - 1 BiblePay masternode after the website is finished.
Programming languages - front end angular, .net core backend,

Sorry if this proposal request is not right or wort posting here.


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