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Title: June 2018 Compassion Recurring Orphanage Monthly Expenses
Post by: Rob Andrews on June 20, 2018, 01:13:37 PM
Each month we sponsor approximately 329 orphans currently (309 from Compassion, (20 from Cameroon One and BLOOM)).

Rob, the lead dev charges the expense on his credit card, and keeps a copy of the receipt. 

The expenses can be viewed by navigating to | Expenses and viewing the PDF.

We have prepaid 879 childrens premiums so far (between Feb - May 2018) (out of a target of 1854 prepaid premiums),
  meaning we are preapid with compassion at a level of 47% - which is well along the way in
 removing the danger level in the future for these kids (IE we are now 3 months completely prepaid for all children). 
NOTE: This stat is as of June 19th, 2018 - while June has not been paid yet, so the prepaid % will rise within 10 days (after Rob pays the June invoice).

(We have a target of being prepaid 6 months in advance before we continue sponsoring new Compassion children).

All funds raised by this endeavor are spent at, with any excess going to prepayments for the future (the prepaid amount is stored at compassion in the account).

To see the amounts we raised in the past by selling BBP for bitcoin see this page:
 See | Orphans | Orphan Fundraisers.  You can audit the total by finding the sum of all fundraisers.

I am committed to using 100% of the funds received in this months proposal entirely for our orphan premiums for compassion, and anything left over 100% to the future in the form of prepayments.

I am requesting 8,000,000 BBP this month for Compassion.

All orphanage coins are spent on orphan expenses at and Rob will 'tip' in a little extra to ensure Gods money is put to use for Gods children.