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Another small issue is that the sending BBP window is too big for my screen and can't be resized,

Hi Andy,

Sent  5  MM to you.
Regarding the screen size, I believe its already as small as possible.  If you go to the overview page first, and grab the screen and make it as small as possible, its smallest size is 700 x 650 roughly (thats the smallest that every widget in biblepay can fit in).  Is your screen bigger than 800x680?  This accomodates small VMs also and some older monitors.
Then you go to Send Coins, and it fits within that window.
If you are referring to something else let me know with a screen shot etc.  For example if you are saying a button within Send cant be seen.

Ill respond to the other post soon.

Changes worked fine. May I have some tBBP sent to address yfjk71zdJCaNg3AWNcUSTkXCNr7qsm3ja8 ?

Sent 5 million.

78 - Leisure Upgrade
- Allow width to be expanded, and height to be expanded of main window (CSS)
- Add ability to create a new Receive Address (it labels it with 6 random hex chars)
- Change font-color of Debug Console

Test Case #1:

Installed on Windows.
Found 3 peers, synced in 14 minutes (117 MB downloaded).
Block: 117061 (blockhash of 117037 verified)
Network name: test
Build version: v0.17.0.5-Barley-Harvest

- GUI refuses to maximize (to cover entire screen). Icon is greyed out. Resolutions of 1920 X 1080 and 1024 X 768 tried, no luck.
- Traditional theme made it difficult to read responses in the console; I had to use light theme.

Curious thing: testnet wallet receiving address is not listed when you click file>receiving addresses. Are we going to have to create addresses through the console?

So on the width x height of the overview page main frame, the CSS didn't carry over entirely, so I enabled the expansion of the width up to *2, and the height up to the vertical limit (although height doesnt scale as well as width so it leaves some black space when maximized, but I think it looks relatively OK maximized now, main thing is the horizontal stretch has to work in case someone is viewing an extra wide grid (like sanctuaries tab).  So in the next version, see if its good now.

On the debug console, I really like our dark theme more than the Dash blue theme, so I want to fix any bugs in it.  I changed the blue to a little brighter (I think that stuck not entirely sure), and changed the text-color to silver.  For me it looks good now, please check it.  Note: You might have to change your theme once then restart if it still looks dark to you (as I saw that happen once but not on my last session).

On the receiving addresses, I have no idea why dash took that out; I googled it and dont see any conversation.  All I can think of is they must be trying to keep users from overloading the book or maybe trying to oversimplify the UI.  Anyway, I think we need that feature, so I added "New" (on a side note I compiled Dash and its definitely not there), now you can add an address.

Plz look out for the next version - will be out in 15 mins.

The link for downloading the Windows 64 is broken

Yeah, when I was releasing it there was some security issue, but it should be good now, please try again.

(Note the link changed also).

Ok all, TestNet has officially opened!

Let the testing begin!

I have Updated the OP Post with a WIKI document (see the middle of the OP post for the document "TEST CASES"), please open that.

I will be appending all the new test cases to this document to make it easier to track.

Feel free to start testing.  As you finish each test case, could you please paste your Test Case # and responses as a reply to this thread.

Let me know Who needs tBBP after you sync, and let us all know if there are any problems.
Afaik, Windows is ready and Linux is ready.

Let me know if you are on mac, and Ill double check the mac deploy.

Hi Rob,

You can count me in as well; I have some free time coming up (esp. after September 7th).

Sweet, I added you to the OP post, thanks!

The wallet is very close - the mac issues are fixed - I'm now testing sanctuaries on my local LAN.

Brief update how the fundraiser is going.
At the moment so far  i have exchanged 800 USD.

Donations have been received so far in Biblepay, Dash and Monero.

Thanks for all the donations so far.

Great update, thanks.
Looks like we are in this for a while then...

Whales, can you please step up to the plate?

I would love to be a tester so I can help Biblepay grow! Let me know what I can do!

Welcome aboard, Andy!

I will start creating test cases either tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest!


Signing up for testing as usual, lets get this on! :)

Welcome aboard, Earlz!

I'm going to [edit and] sign up the testers in order in the OP post so there is no confusion as to what tester #s we have on the list.

Testnet ETA is about 1 or 2 more days; I have the new version working on Windows and Linux now; working on a couple issues I found on the mac right now.


*** Barley Testers needed for next biblepaycore wallet version ****

NOTE: We are paying $30 an hour for the FIRST 10 TESTERS.  Please visit the thread and sign up as a core wallet tester.

*** We are looking for an additional part time BiblePay BlockChain developer, C# ***

We are looking for a part time dev that knows c# that is interested in writing new gospel features for
The dev needs the equivalent of MCSD, MCDBA.  And preferably needs to understand a little bit about blockchains as well.
Any applicable candidates please inquire by emailing [email protected]

December 2021 Release - Barley

Welcome to TestNet - Barley!

This is BiblePays Q4 release for 2021!

Also, we will be testing a lot of unchained features to ensure full integration.

1) We still need 7 more testers:
     Please reply to this thread if you are willing to execute all of our test cases, and these will be explained in more detail to make it easier.
     We are offering a bounty of approx. $30 per hour to the FIRST 10 TESTERS.
     NOTE:  The Payment to you will be done at the end of the testing round, summed by the average time per test case for a grand total figure.
      We do not pay for Research, but, we will pay a padded time per testcase to give you more than enough time (rounded up to the next 15 minutes) to perform all cases easily.

Testing is Starting: Aug 31st, 2021
The expected End of TestNet for this version is:  December 4th, 2021
Expected go-live date for Barley:  December 25th, 2021

In this thread we will be testing:

- Dash changes:
   We have rebased to dash 0.17.3. 

- Legacy features:
   Our biblepay custom code has been migrated to
We will be releasing and testing those custom features from unchained, and we need to test the core wallet to ensure it works correctly without the features, and still achieves our mission critical goals.

- Known issues:
   Portfolio Builder needs rigorously tested.
   POOS needs ported and tested.

- NFT's:
  Test non fungible tokens from Unchained.

- Major sanctuary coverage:
   LLMQ Chainlocks in 17.3

- Mining:
   Verify RandomX mining works

- Sanctuary Governance:
   Ensure the monthly governance superblock works, voting works, and watchman on the wall works.
   Ensure the payments are correct for sanctuaries, and for POOS banned sancs.

Primary Test Cases:

- Ensure POOS (proof of orphan sponsorship) for sanctuaries works:

- Verify exec price works from unchained:
- Verify we have the ability to see Sanctuaries with orphan URLs (POOS) and the POOS status from either unchained or the wallet *TBD:
- Create a sanc:
(What do we do with Diary entries, unchained?) *TBD:
- Verify leaderboard for UTXO positions has been moved to unchained:
- Verify upgradesanc and revivesanc :
- Verify watchman on the wall (new proposal), vote for proposal, proposal trigger and proposal payment in monthly governance block :
- Verify gettxoutsetinfo:

- Test Chainlocks

Explain Important Changes to Entire BiblePay Network:

- Rebase to and ramifications
   I would like to explain the benefits in more detail of making our core wallet 99% compatible with Dash.

   This should allow us to be listed on bigger exchanges (little custom code, standard wallet), give the user more security and trust from the core wallet side (IE the code is now mostly pristine),  and easier for us to maintain from an IT perspective (merges, security commits, etc), and prevent rebase emergencies.

   The custom features will now run on our sidechain from   .  Our NFTs, portfolio builder, BBP Univ, memorize scriptures, everything from the top level menu will run over there. 

   Our code 'playground' will be in Unchained TESTNET going forward, preventing any possibilities of releasing dangerous code to MainNet.

   Our returning users seeking our features will theoretically gravitate and concentrate at unchained, for social media features and tipping and interaction. 
   (Technically making more sense, as the full wallet does not run on small devices anyway, and requires a full chain with full resources. )

Starting Version:

(Please ensure your version is greater than this, otherwise your testnet branch will not sync.   See wiki page for height and hash).

Testnet Download Links:

     Windows 64-bit:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:
     MacOS QT:

To self compile:
git pull origin develop



Create a biblepaytest.conf file with the following contents:
(optional:  debug=1)

Place the file in ~/.biblepay

Start testnet by typing:
./biblepay-qt -conf=biblepaytest.conf

(Note the blocks and chainstate will sync into the ./biblepay/testnet3 folder.

NOTE: This version will also work side-by-side our production nodes,
so, you also have the option if you are short on machines, to run TestNet side by side a prod node!

To run a TestNet Sanctuary:

How to create a deterministic sanc from scratch:


                                                                   OUR BIBLEPAY CORE TESTERS

#1 - Earlz 

#2 - AndrewScribner-Kairos Childrens Fund

#3 - Talisman


Active Discussions / Re: Biblepay Unchained Mobile Wallet Thread
« on: August 25, 2021, 01:17:19 PM »
Great. I used it and it is indeed hidden now.
I have not used much. I thought that server controls executed on the server, which could mean the wallet generation not being on the server instead of locally. Is that the case for this?
I created a wallet and login on android and pc.

Townhall works as expected - comment, upvote, downvote. Videos play well, I think I tried all of the playback options. Receiving bbp also worked on both.

I sent a few bbp with unchained from the pc to the android. It worked fine. I was surprised though to see ~3x the transaction fee added to the transaction and burned(~1bbp). Is that intentional?

When I tried to send bbp from android, I got an error that the wallet is corrupted. In the error message it says to restore from seed words or decrypt the wallet. However, I had not encrypted the wallet yet, so I did not have the seed words as they are not given until you encrypt the wallet. I have a few ideas to try, but decided to see what you thought about the situation first.
Sounds like pretty good progress.
Thats good that all the videos look pretty good.  Btw, you can also see the video transcript by clicking the video, then while its playing click the bottom right Computer icon which shows the advanced viewer with transcript.  Later we will expose the artificial intelligence features; this allows the user to find keywords within the video where they are SPOKEN.

Regarding the android corruption,  I probably caused that because I upgraded entity classes and this erased user records and a lot of corresponding data.  Could you first, please recreate your user record, restore from seed, do a few tests, and if you get the problem again try to see if you can reproduce it with a set of steps, if so, let me know the steps?

Thanks for testing!

Discussion and Suggestions / Re: Atomic Swaps feature
« on: August 25, 2021, 12:38:30 PM »
It is an interesting idea.
According to the docs at beam, they have atomic swaps in beta now for Litecoin and Bitcoin:

I think the biggest hurdle to integrating this is needing to run a full Dash node alongside a full BBP node in a channel, and provide liquidity.
If my plate was not so full, Id look more into this this year, but honestly we have some very exciting things coming up that I have to address before the end of the year.

If any other devs want to take this on, be my guest.  Preferably with the resources to run the liquidity provider node, fund the dash, write the swap executor, and maintain the system.

This altcoin put links to github, twitter, discord, etc.

It'd be a good way to connect QT wallet users to this forum just by clicking an icon.

Thats a good idea; will add to the todo list for the Harvest release.

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