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61 - Mandatory Upgrade
- Add feature autolock utxo stakes: Must populate "unchainedaddress=nnn" in your config.file to use this.
- Modify superblock calculation, to allow daily superblocks to be accepted.
- Add toolbar buttons for Prayer Requests, Forum to the left menu
- Add Donate To Foundation in Send Money
- Add Portfolio Builder transaction list icon for received rewards
- Add more of our custom icons for future use
- Add icons to toolbar buttons
- Add advanced txdesc HTML drill in from txlist->double click (similar to what classic has)

Ok guys, you should be on hash:

getblockhash 117281



Before you get through test case #4, lets make sure you are utilizing the new feature that autolocks the stakes.

In order to do this plz add this to your biblepay.conf:


Where nnnnn is your TestNet public wallet key (you can get this from unchained, click wallet, copy the testnet address from the wallet) into the conf file.

Let me explain the reason for this:  The core wallet does not know your unchained address so it needs help.  Once it knows this, it can recognize your BBP position(s);  and will be able to autolock your stakes as you put them on.  So if you have 1 stake, it locks, then you add to the position, it locks, etc...

Please test that too- you can see if your position is locked by putting one on, then go to COIN CONTROL (from Send | Coin Control), and verify the lock exists next to the new stake?

Test Case #3:

- Uploaded video (Title: The Armor of God, Nickname: talisman)
- Tipped Andrew Scribner's "10,000 reasons" video (777 tBBP)

Tipped 25,000 to Talisman.

Did you notice, that we now have automatic speech recognition creating manuscripts for the videos?  You can click on your Full Armor video, click the bottom right icon that looks like a computer screen (after you start playing the video), this opens it in a new window, then view the manuscript as it plays.  Ill be adding more of these AI features in as we go such as face labeling.  We can label a face, and it will recognize this face (for searching) across the library.

Test #2
Was able to send 6000, then sent 1000 back to the test wallet.

Test #3
I uploaded a new video. 10,000 Reasons. Success!

Hi Andy--

I found your video by Searching for "Reasons" and I added a comment, upvoted it, and tipped you 25000 BBP.

Let us know if you got it!

And if Talisman can tip him too that might help us confirm its working.

The only tiny tiny issue I found is the "Successfully tipped" dialog seems to flash on the screen after you tip (Ill make that into a toast popup asap).

So I just uploaded a video:  TestNet Video 09032021, if you want to tip it : 184,473 bbp is my balance.

I do like the new wallet, and in fact I am using it as my main wallet. I hope that all goes well
I also like this unchained "social network". It is a cool idea.
I had an idea, though it might take a lot of work. Sort of an incentive to invite people to join, users would get a small commission. But they must commit to help Biblepay by doing minitasks.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the compliments, and yeah, that will be nice if everyone agrees that a simpler core wallet is better, and we put all the advanced functionality on the sidechain.
In addition to the social media features, one big push Im trying to make before the end of the year is the c# integration- this lets a company, with a developer, pay BBP to use some of the back-end features (storing videos, storing files, microtransactions in c#, etc).

Using the new release as your Prod wallet is "slightly" risky, but you should be OK as long as you monitor the hash in Prod against Chainz every so often (the chainz block explorer).  If we run into a problem you could go out of sync, but then if everything goes fine, you will make it to the mandatory cutover date.

I like your idea, but I think I need more info on how we would popularize the ad to get people to try it (for a bonus).  I only have a couple thousand email addresses and the people these go to tend to not respond.  Our twitter feed doesnt seem to help much.  So I need more ideas on how to reach people with something like that, and how it would work.

65 - Mandatory Upgrade
- Add feature autolock utxo stakes: Must populate "unchainedaddress=nnn" in your config.file to use this.
- Modify superblock calculation, to allow daily superblocks to be accepted.
- Add toolbar buttons for Prayer Requests, Forum to the left menu
- Add Donate To Foundation in Send Money
- Add Portfolio Builder transaction list icon for received rewards
- Add more of our custom icons for future use
- Add icons to toolbar buttons
- Add advanced txdesc HTML drill in from txlist->double click (similar to what classic has)

Ok guys, you should be on hash:

getblockhash 117281


On Wednesday, as I was trying to repeat test case #2. I send some coins to the wallet once and it appeared.

Today (Friday), I send coins and nothing after half an hour, so I tried again, and it didn't appear.

I created a new wallet, but still nothing appeared

I even tried to recover the wallet using the keywords, but it was just the same.

I must be doing something wrong, as I have tried several times but nothing works.

Its not you Andy, its first of all no one is mining so the chain is stuck at 117280.
I left my miner on yesterday; but I see an error in the log; hang on, Ill try to diagnose this.

EDIT:  Ok, I see the problem here; first of all, its our first daily superblock payment using Unchained, so there is a new issue.
The daily superblock being created has a little too much in it (it seems to not be subtracting the miner subsidy from it).  This is going to require a function upgrade (IE a mandatory upgrade to fix this to get us past the block).  Guys, when you upgrade, please see my new hash to make sure we are all synced.

Anyway this is a good time to upgrade, because the next text case needs to autolock the stakes anyway (that keeps them from accidentally being spent in future test cases) and this next version auto locks the stakes.  It also has a few new features we can test; so lets look forward to the next version, it will be out in 30 minutes.

On a side note Andy I wanted to mention: As long as you have your seed phrase, you should never see any missing funds.  All funds send to and from biblepay to and from the sidechain are trackable using the TXID.  So lets do this, after we are moving again, each time you send something back and forth, please write the TXID down in notepad and keep it for a while.  if you ever see anything dissapear post that txid in the forum here (and always note this is From Core->Unchained or vice versa cause I have no idea which direction you are going) and we can track it. 

Test Case #2:

Upgraded to v0.17.0.7
Verified wallet is the latest version
Verified blockhash 117225
Sent 2222 tBBB from core to unchained (TXID=a76c8d94a5e79b24cd786ce3835fd6657dc7e092c81d490eb6e1c11412e0669f)
Core balance reduced accordingly
Waited 1 block
Unchained balance showed deposit
Sent 99 tBBP from unchaind to core (TXID=6de18c769616ea84011018d2b370af76d5b540532e289d1f090702ceaac1efac)
Core wallet showed deposit immediately (as pending)

Curious: unchained cut a 3.34 tBBP transaction fee for a transfer of 99 tBBP

Ok, great on the actual test case.

On the fee, first of all the fee is not based on the amount you send, but actually on the transaction size and how much extraneous data is attached to the transaction.
However, 3.34 bbp is still too high for a single 255 byte transaction (should be about .15 bbp or less etc).
Anyway, this is normal for a while until we get done with utxo staking:  the fee calculator in unchained is set deliberately high to accomodate the data that flows back and forth for portfolio builder (I dont want any queries to fail during this period).
Ill revisit it once we succeed past utxo and onto NFTs.

I sent tBBP to the unchained wallet and saw 1000 BBP in the wallet. When I tried to send money back, my BBP suddenly disappeared

I was able to upload a video successfully
Lets wait one block, and try the test case over.  Because it could have been when I was deploying the changes to the server, and that would cause your balance to need re-read.
However, after each block and after 3.5 minutes, the code is smart enough to update your balance on the screen.
So you should not have "lost it" - check that.

You might not realize this about unchained:  If you walk away from the computer for more than 15mins or so, the session is cleared and the server puts you back in MAINNET.  You might be back on the wrong chain - check that also.

On the video, I need the rest of the info too (the info asked for from the test case).  We also need the test case # you are working on.
Preferably, when you answer the questions, lets put the Question # also in the reply, so I can refer back to it etc.

69 upgrade for TestNet
- Make GSC contract compatible with Dash .17 (pushtx has changed in bitcoin, height needs to be exposed)

Everyone, after you upgrade, please check your Tools | Info page again, make sure you are on the latest.
Also be sure the hash matches (getblockhash height from the console):

getblockhash 117225


Now we can resume testing unchained sending/receiving funds, plz verify the account balances definitely increase on each end.

screen size is ok now

yes... in test #1 the hash was correct. Sorry, I forgot to reply about that

Thanks Andy, sounds like were making progress.

New version is coming out now, thanks for your patience and testing.

Test Case #2:

- Unchained wallet generated: yU41ehpvX8UBgPJ4v5TNTYdLRtVxCis7U6
- Sent 7777 tBBP from core to unchained (TXID=78257706f1124f94715633de1c442c7db1cbd4b23732e65cca28b7998268df61)
- Balance appeared on unchained after one confirmation
- 777 tBBP sent back to core wallet (TXID=9b50ece056d940d87a16714f6de768abfa792bc4b18a97a336abe3ec68321d46), unchained balance reduced
- Waited 2 blocks, deposit did not appear in core wallet
- Made another transaction from unchained to core (77 tBBP, TXID=9670f1d4c2b7d87549f6371e0495b6524ec86fecfb12e8b79d8a8d4d95a9820f), unchained balance reduced
- Waited 2 more blocks, no sign of both deposits

Ok I see you had success from steps 1-4, then we started to collapse in 5,6,7.
So Ive been very busy testing these issues, and I found that these particular features are working in PROD, but not in testnet, so looking deeper, I can see bitcoin has actually changed a couple fundamental things in the core wallet (that dash inherited) that break testnet!
One they changed the way transactions are pushed to the network (they require Promises now which we dont have).  So arggggh, this stuff compiles but doesnt work.
Another thing I found is a bug in our superblock which required a change anyway.
This actually requires a mandatory upgrade for everyone including the sancs.

So, I was able to port in the changes to get money transfer, tipping, and normal behavior working in unchained against tesnet this morning.
Now Im compiling a new version that fixes the superblock issue also (on a side note, this is what was required for us to have before we can create a UTXO stake in Unchained so we can test a GSC reward next -- thats what Im trying to get to next so I can make more utxo test cases).

Anyway we will need to upgrade to now, in order to move further.

Please hang on and I will release this, and then guys, be sure to verify the version is definiately when you restart.
Also, double check the hash again, Ill post a new one.

On another side note:  Andrew mentioned this:  You mentioned there is a big lag during the load, then we load (you mentioned an exit or crash but I havent seen that so if that ever happens again please give me the debug.log details and let me know if you mean silent exit, or actual crash, could be that your port is still listening etc), anyway back to the screen loading time:  I did a very light analysis on this, and I see that the wallet is really just wasting time during the initialization (its not even checking the efficacy of the blockchain... on my system its lagging about 50 seconds during each boot)..  Lets do this:  LLMQ should start within 48 hours after the next release (the height is passing now).  We will revisit this as soon as LLMQ successfully forms and see if its waiting for quorums.


Hi Rob,

Could you please have a look at the foundation pool? Not a single block in the last 16 hours, a bit odd even with the low hashrate...
Yeah, very strange - the resolution on the screen changed to smaller than normal and it ran out of ram, strange.  I rebooted it, lets watch it now...

73 is not accessible right now (HTTP Error 503).
So this looks like it was caused by multiple issues: first of all no sancs, caused some errors in the biblepay dll to crash it, so first of all I added more handling for that situation and redeployed it - now moving on to no sancs, I added 3 sancs to testnet and they are running.
But I see yet another issue, that apparently dash does not allow an LLMQ quorum to drop below 2 participants - if that happens, the node just crashes (Yes, the code says assert -> go ahead and crash).  So hopefully we dont encounter that situation again (I encountered it twice while the llmqs started).
Anyway all 3 are running now so lets see how far we get this time...

I just tested sending 5bbp from unchained in both prod and testnet.

Ill add more test cases today.

And we also need to make a way so users can donate to the foundation from the Send Page....

Everything seemed good for the first test
v0.17.0.5-Barley-Harvest with 3 connections

FOr the next test, I need BBP. This is the address:

I switched to testnet successfully.

I was able to set up an account, create a wallet.

Also created an address in the testnet.

ERROR: I tried to send money from my wallet but it showed an error. Wrong address?

For some reason when I downloaded the newer version of Bailey, it took longer to load, and then shut down the first time.
But the interface looks better this time.
On test #1, could you please confirm the answers to the hash question just incase : that you successfully checked the hash and are in sync?

On Send Money from Wallet question, I need more info plz give me the address you are pasting and tell me what you are tryng to do for example paste it in the core, which page, and what address you want to send it to?  This way I can tell you if you are pasting a tBBP address -base58 prefix - into a prod field etc?

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