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Hello Brother Rob.

I noticed that the linux testnet download link still is some old 1.6..... version.

Hi Bro. Earlz,

I hadn't tested the BINary version of Linux (Ive been running on compiled).

Your right, there was a problem with the zip.

Alright I updated the testnet deployment system, and corrected this; please try now!


Production Proposals / Re: Kairos Children's Fund Small Business Grants
« on: September 14, 2021, 11:18:54 AM »
I don't want to make another proposal right now, maybe next month again. But if you want to support the small business proposal program, you can donate here:
BGPqae3ip1f6QuYnsYqp3vx9CZ27dgUkGa BBP
3Hq3ngbT16RPPsRE1xCrLb1s49a8TXBvQC BTC PayPal
** many people have asked why I am using a personal PayPal account. In the Philippines, it is hard to get a business PayPal if you are a church. currently, we are registered under my church, though we will be getting a separate license soon.

Sounds great, Andy!

Status update on Development - and Future Projects

Roadmap (Milestone deadlines have been verified, and everything is accurate):

Highlight for this Christmas:
- We want to go live with BiblePay social media.  This would move out of Beta and into production.
- This gives us a YouTube compatible presence (one for churches, one for users), and we will also have a Facebook type presence (that is not released yet).
- Facebook gives us Christian friends, find a friend, and a prayer network.
- We are currently integrating with a successful prayer platform that went out of business!  We will provide more details on this as those features are release in Beta (ETA:  beginning of November 2021).  What's exciting about this is the CEO of that platform is joining BiblePay to give us authorization to use his ideas, and he's helping us with it; this should make our prayer system very powerful, and our #1 focus is Gospel features for the Kingdom, this is in alignment with that vision.
- Unchained is going to be rolled out on more than one domain!  This is exciting also: meaning that we actually have a potential client that wants to brand biblepay.  That's all I can say about this at this time; ETA end of December 2021.

So remember, you can play with, you can send and receive funds in TestNet or MainNet mode, but it is still in beta.  Help us make it prod ready by Christmas.
(It will also be an alternative wallet for BiblePay that works on cell phones and does not require the core wallet to run).

BiblePay Core Wallet:
We plan on releasing Harvest at Christmas also.  This new version of the core wallet strips it down to the basic fundamentals, for high security.  All of our custom features are being moved to  We will ask everyone to move their Portfolio Builder positions over to unchained as well.

NFTs:  We are moving these to the sidechain.  In the mean time before Christmas, you can expiriment with those in unchained.

Amazon:  Our storefront still works, if anyone wants to SPEND biblepay:


BiblePay TV:  BiblePay TV is still in alpha.  I confirm that its still running because I have a family member using it.  With low demand, I imagine we will keep this project in the background.
 Once more interest is shown, we will add more production orphans to BiblePay-TV.

Don't let any naysayers tell you BiblePay is dying;  it's not true.  I've been receiving phone calls (7 hours of calls this week) from interested investors.  One owned a $6 billion copper mine and is Christian.  Another is an unbelievable opportunity but requires mass integration, etc.  Bottom line is good things are coming and God is opening doors for us.  I have volunteers helping me, working in the background to field the calls and assist for this next quarter.  We have radio ads planned for the end of this year to rollout the 'new' feature. 

God bless everyone and their families.

Do we still need testers how do I help? I have never participated in testnet
Hi Bro. Skrillex,

Yes, we still need help; for some reason testnet is in a lull, but I want us to release a high quality product by Christmas along with these other cool things diverging on the same timeline!

Can you help us?

Let me know if you want to be added to the paid tester list in the OP post?

And if so feel free to start testing with the test cases in the Wiki; let us know if you have any problems or questions?

Test #13
 Proposal: Ice cream for everyone

Test #14
 Error when I click proposals list

Hi Andy--
Good test- it revealed a couple flaws.  Error in the list; two validation points missing.
So I fixed the proposal list (remember, the list will only show the proposals for the particular chain mode you are in).
However on the actual ice cream proposal; we were not checking to see if you exceeded the superblock limit, nor if your receive address was for the right chain (added those two things)  (Because 10MM is too high for this monthly gov. superblock).

So that proposal will never go anywhere (I can delete it later).

Anyway, for now can you please enter another one (and be sure to do it in TESTNET mode, so it goes against this new codebase etc).


Regarding the proposal, I don't have enough funds in the foundation wallet? Could I ask for a donation? BKGCHHJTQ5EZxGqR36vPXTtvQphN8xBWjV

sorry for the long silence. I was quite busy this week until now.

No problem at all, things are busy for all of us too so its fine, Im glad we have til Christmas for this release, so we arent under the gun and under extreme pressure like we used to be quarter to quarter.

I already had credited you 256K in your balance, you should have a balance, but just in case I sent you 5K more, you should have 260K.

Well thank you very much for your generosity, It is well received.  In time, I would like to pay that forward, most definitely! Lol, I looked at my miner this morning and had to rub the sleep out of my eyes, as I thought my miner earned that.. definitely started off my morning right!

Side not, yes I have been researching the project over the past day (charities, bitcointalk, medium etc.)  Despite the earlier "attacks" BBP received in 2017-2018, things look very very promising and seem to "check out", so far! LOVE the photos, letters and write ups on Pakistan wells! Adoption in the future, for me, will become a reality.

Praise the Lord that you and your team were able to "defend" BBP those many years ago.  As Christians, especially in "crypto world", tend to come under spiritual enemy attack, nice to see God prevail through your team!
God Bless and look forward to supporting BBP while becoming more involved! Cheers!

Thank you!  Yes we had a little bit of a dark period in 2018 after our price crashed and some infighting occurred, but thank God we made it through that and I believe our community got more humble because of that.

At one point we did have a lot of attackers who tried to upload viruses into childrens letters and sold our coin for 6.66 on a repeating script, etc, but thankfully, those people left.

General Support / Re: Error new Wallet
« on: September 09, 2021, 08:10:20 PM »
NO issues here with my wallet.  I was actually wondering if there had been any errors/bugs reported with the wallets "encryption" option being activated?  I couldn't see any issues in forums, but never hurts to ask. tyia

Ive been using an encrypted wallet for a few years and never had any issues.
The only issue is you have to type 'walletpassphrase blahblah 999999' in the rpc in order to unlock it, which is understandable.

You can also back up your wallet to a flash drive before you encrypt it and have an extra backup.

I usually am late to thing  :D.  Thanks for the warm welcome! I've been into crypto for about 3+ years (mining, exchange, stakes).  When I saw BBP about a month ago (yes, late again to the party!), I was quite interested. As a Christian myself, I embrace the idea of Scripture embedded into the chain. Especially for a Christian!  I am currently mining day 2, all is well! I plan to HODL my BBP, not sell it. While continuing to support this project, being active and telling others about BBP. Anyways thanks again, won't clutter up your thread.  Someday I can post my own!  ;D

Its so good to have more Christians here, welcome Haze, brother in Christ!
I sent you a little startup capital.

Your not cluttering the thread, we welcome you.

You should be able to post without approval in roughly two more posts.

(We get a lot of hacking attempts here from the internet at large etc).

Welcome aboard.

So, you probably noticed, the difference with our sanctuaries (those are our masternodes) is we require each sanc to sponsor one orphan.  Were trying to set a Holy precedent that helps others, etc.

Hopefully we can spread the Gospel to millions of crypto users over the next 5 years.


" RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners "

Directed here from POST: Rob Andrews - August 25, 2021, 12:19:56 PM
"I am going to archive this topic while we clean up the forum."
PLEASE navigate to our main thread - "Link"

The promotion is over but you are welcome as a new miner, welcome aboard!

Test Case #4 - Add a Portfolio Builder Position
Q1. Indeed i see it verified
Q2. Verify more than one PB position correctly adds in Summary and Details show each detail?
I have sent 2 stakes but the details summary just show as a single big one.  Good news is atleast the amount is spot on.
I saw talisman had the same experience.

Q3. Wait 24 hours, and look for the next superblock (you can get the height by typing getgovernanceinfo). Verify that you received the correct daily reward?

will check back 09-08 and see if the daily reward is correct.

Test Case #5
Q1. What is the name of your NFT so we can buy it?

Its called: Footprints in the sand

Q2. Did you buy the NFT successfully, and you can see the NFT in your nft list?

I believe i bought the NFT successfully but i dont see it in "my nfts" section. Just my original nft.

Q3. Were you able to Edit your NFT and can you see that your NFT is now visible in the NFT marketplace?

Its in marketplace and also  edited the description and the buy it now price and it worked.

Test Case # 7

Q1. Did your transaction turn into a lightning bolt?

After around 3 seconds after i clicked the send button the lightning bolt appeared.

Q2. Was the chainlock = true?

On #4, Q2, regarding the Details view of the portfolio builder, the details actually shows the SUM(of each Ticker) for the Participant (it does not show the individual stake amounts of each ticker).  This way, you can add to your position and it will combine them-- but, you can also see your position, like DOGE , BTC, BBP etc from the details view.  This is actually how the current system works in the prod wallet.  I basically ported it to be as close as possible (although we dont have a double click drill in YET, but we will get there I believe).  So anyway if some of us can throw on some small non-costly Foreign tickers we can test it (I had a DOGE on in there and it worked, but it was spent).  On a side note:  a person can find the details by pasting their staking address in the portfolio builder and click Query UTXO and it should show the details rows that end up matching the sum for that ticker.

Good On #4.

Note, on the superblock payment, wait about one more day then you can type 'exec nextcontract' in the rpc and you should see the height and your estimated payment (note that the RECEIVE address will be your biblepaycore staking address).

Great on Test case #7.

Moving on to Test Case #5, NFTs:

So yeah, I found a few new bugs (apparently introduced by adding ajax):  The buys and bids were not working right.  Required a new unchained release (done).
Now I went ahead and bought a few NFTs, and they bought, now they appear in my NFTs, so I edited them and put them back in the marketplace so you guys can try this again.
Please once you own them edit them and put them back so they can be available.
Also check "My invoices" to ensure you can see you were charged for them.

So yeah, I bought footprints and put it back so you should have at least one payment for it in My Receipts.

I tipped your video (the Earlz video) 11111 btw also, plz see if you got it.

Guys, do we need to re-test tipping videos?

Note, there is a new test case for Orphan NFTs also.

Testing  Test Case #11:

This is primarily applicable to Rob, please skip.

Q1. Does our 'spork show' command work?   :  PASS

Q2. Can we still change a spork?  :  PASS

Q3. Can we still create a sanctuary with 4,500,001?  :PASS

Q4. Verify that sanctuaries can run on non standard ports? :PASS
I created a 4th sanctuary in testnet on port 10000.  It is functioning correctly and I can see the sanc on other nodes in their list.

43 Upgrade for TestNet

- Merge POOS (Sanctuary proof-of-orphan-sponsorship) in (this merges in the poos penalty when the sanctuary doesnt pay for the orphan, and adds our POOS columns to the Sanctuary View UI page)
- Make next daily superblock height calc cleaner.  Add ability to audit a contract by height (exec nextcontract height).

Sent a greeting card!

When trying to make a proposal, I realized I didn't have enough funds BBP. So I will look into this later tonight.

Did you view the PDF and ensure it was correct?

It had the right graphics and text?

Sent a greeting card!

When trying to make a proposal, I realized I didn't have enough funds BBP. So I will look into this later tonight.

Actually that is a quirk in foundation;  we use your Prod balance in testnet; 
So I credited your BBP balance by 256,000 in the pool (foundation).
NOTE: When you create the proposal, definitely do it in testnet mode please (because Prod still has its own proposals etc).

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