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The penalty should be between 50-90% of the utxo (depending on that formula in the wiki page at the bottom in the FAQ)

We do enforce this at the network level, so no one can get around it.  Anyone who tries to spend that coin anywhere on the network will not be able to because everyone who checks it requires the burn penalty.  If you do spend it of course you loose that amount to the burn address

Im thinking about capping it at 50% instead because that might cause a propensity for revenue to come in for us (IE if we say we are going to take 90% of someones coin, no one will unlock it early who in their right mind would do that and lose 90%  when they can leave it staked and make the massive return they are making etc, so maybe we should cap the penalty at 50%, plus it makes us look to have more integrity).  On a side note there is a reason I originally set it so high, because if you do the math on stakes over 40% per year we pay quite a bit per day on those compounded, so thats where that formula came from.

Ive seen full HEX stakes get nuked, POOF, gone

Some Examples:

But the HEX website didnt have a UI to warn the user,
people were clicking End Stake button without even knowing they were at risk of losing coins,
took many months before they finally added a Popup warning with another click you have to do,
but I dont think it shows you how much you will lose

(I believe shows the penalty amount for your stakes)

Theres a Stake Wall of Shame

HEX penality wiki

Ive also heard that some compromised/hacked HEX wallets have had their HEX nuked

I'm working on a couple new wiki documents to fill the following needs:

-- Those investors looking at biblepay for the first time, why is BIBLEPAY special?

-- Those new users we are losing because they can't even understand any of this stuff at all.  IE retention.  A single page on getting started and what you can expect at the end.
A lot of new users dont even realize what they can get out of BBP at the end.

What Makes BiblePay Unique?


Spreading Christianity
Helping those in distress

Rewarding CPU cycles donated to cancer research

Everyone can mine it
Pays daily interest for holding

Hosting Christian content censored on other platforms


Over $250,000 donated to charity!

Built 13 water wells in Pakistan


InstantSend, 0 confirmation transactions!

EX: Instantly buy Dominos pizza!

EX: Instantly buy gift cards!

2nd layer of nodes, Masternodes (InstantSend, PrivateSend)

Monthly Budget System

51% attack resistant with Chainlocks

Dash Innovations

Dash Airdrop?


RandomX Mining (BBP+XMR Merge Mining)

Decentralized Encrypted Email and Chat

Coin Age Voting

Proof of Orphan Sponsorship (POOS)

BiblePay University


Promotional Videos


BiblePay Lightning

BiblePay TV

Self Directed Portfolios

Air Wallet

Christian Spaces

Bug Bounty Program


BiblePay vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin is dominated by ASIC miners, BiblePay is CPU Only, anyone can mine!
Bitcoin does not pay you interest for holding it, BiblePay does!
Bitcoin does not have a bug bounty program, BiblePay does!
Bitcoin consumes more electricity than Argentina!
Bitcoin takes 10 minutes to send, BiblePay can send instantly!



- NFTs! (The first Bitcoin derived coin with NFTs!)

- Referrals?

- High risk staking?!


BiblePay has been around since 2017, and Rob has been involved building cryptocurrency since 2013

BiblePay is a top 100 coin by code commits, Rob is an amazing software developer, he has combined DASH, Gridcoin, Monero and other ideas into one coin BiblePay (BBP)

Anyone can mine BBP, the algorithm is CPU Only!, it uses RandomX (Moneros algorithm), you actually get 200% mining revenue mining BBP, because you get BBP AND XMR!

You also can get paid for JUST HOLDING your BBP, you could potentially make up to 18% a year in interest that is PAID DAILY -- If you hold BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH or DOGE too, you can DOUBLE THE INTEREST!

BiblePay has donated over $250,000 to charity, at one point sponsoring over 300 orphans a month! BiblePay has also built 13 water wells in Pakistan that help over 8,000 children get water every day!



Just copy pasting a bunch of stuff, hope everyone is well!

Archived Proposals / Re: UTXO Staking on Steroids
« on: April 07, 2021, 01:00:21 AM »
Very cool!!! Wow! Great job Rob!!  8)

Archived Proposals / Re: UTXO Staking on Steroids
« on: April 01, 2021, 09:21:18 PM »
HEX Referrals

- Adoption Amplifier (lasted for 1st year)
Users exchange ETH for HEX on website that interacts with smart contract
If the user has a cookie with a referral, they get 10% bonus HEX
and the referrer gets 20% bonus HEX

[I made like $300 from doing this, staked it for 10 years, its worth over $10,000 now]

Referrer gets 0.4% and 40 cents of each stake, transfer and swap, up to certain limits
(This one is kind of stalled due to cost to get gnosis safe, $30 (really $100 but someone is helping cover cost), and sadly theres no auto way to get it right now, they havent built/released shop yet, they only have a form you can fill out and then send them crypto to get it)

Referrers receive a minimum of 0.1% staking interest, can set up to 50%
(So you don't get paid until the stake ends?, I havent seen anyone use this one yet)

Referrer gets a 4.7% cut of the initial stake
(Code in queue for audit, and not publically released yet)


A ton of bullish news for BiblePay!

Market cap is still less than 1 million dollars, we are still very early!!!

I wrote the Dash Easter Egg article
Any and all feedback welcome, feel free to use, All credit to Rob!

I will spread to Dash community soon

Thanks earlz! added!


Website TODO?:
- front page
--- replace dynamic whale staking with UTXO mining

- mining page
--- add UTXO mining

- masternode page
--- add info about orphan sponsorship requirement

- get coins menu
--- remove dynamic whale staking
--- exchanges submenu, replace graviex with bobolex
--- faucets submenu, remove graviex and cancer, add Randomx reward?

- cryptoguru page
--- update block reward breakdown from front page

- charities page
--- update accountability link

- faq page
--- update accountability link
--- remove letter writing?

- resources menu
--- update accountability link

You guys see anything else?


Bitcointalk threads

ANN is open!




Next I want to write article for Dash Easter Egg Rewards and spread it to Dash community

I created a guide for UTXO Mining:

Any and all feedback welcome!, All praise to Rob for his documentation,
please feel free anyone to use or edit

BiblePay (Oct 2020 to March 2021) Updates

Any and all feedback welcome!, had trouble deciding on a picture for UTXO mining (staking)


Thank you all for the welcome backs!
Sorry I disappeared and shutdown my explorer server :(

Thank you MIP for taking over Twitter!
I recently cleaned and updated the Reddit and added MIP as a moderator

Ill be testing UTXO mining soon, and then spreading the update article

Writing out the words for an article, covering the upgrade and October 2020 to now,
any and all feedback welcome! also anyone is welcome to use it!


v1.5.4.5 Mandatory Upgrade

Download Wallet:

- UTXO Mining (Stake BBP, BTC, LTC, DOGE or DASH coins and gain interest!)
- RandomX Mining Charity Fee Removed
- Decentralized Encrypted Email and Chat
- BiblePay University (Free Theology Courses)
- Decentralized Autonomous Charity
- Phasing out of Proof of Distributed Computing, Dynamic Whale Staking and Dash Stakes


UTXO Mining

Get paid to hold BPP, and other cryptocurrencies!

[Sanctuaries now act as UTXO oracles, meaning they have the capability to assess another chain's UTXO status]


Easy staking: Hold BBP

Hybrid staking: Hold BBP **and** Hold BTC, LTC, DOGE or DASH

NOTE: 722 million BBP, 2 BTC, 33 DASH, and 39 LTC is already staked!


State of the Stakes Report


UTXO Mining Guide

How to Stake (Video)

How to Stake (Descriptions)

Vote on adding Ethereum


RandomX Mining (BBP+XMR)

Orphan-charity fee removed from pool:

With this change the BiblePay client will no longer require a special pool,
we can become more compatible with DOGE and LTC's standard, so we can be mined in other pools

NOTE: Each sanctuary must sponsor a real orphan, so BiblePay still gives more than 10% to charity!


Decentralized Encrypted Email and Chat!
[The BiblePay network is used to transmit the data (not the Internet)]


BiblePay University
Take college level theological courses in BiblePay desktop client, for free!


Decentralized Autonomous Charity


Dash Easter Egg Reward Program
375 million BBP available for 73 million DASH addresses,
Randomized rewards between 5000, 10000, and 1 million BBP!
DASH addresses are eligible if they received DASH between block 1 (inception) and block 1,395,000 (Dec 2020).


Features Phasing Out / Removed:

- Proof of Distributed Computing (PODC)

- Dynamic Whale Staking (DWS)

- Dash Stake (DS)


BiblePay Lightning

BiblePay TV

Self Directed Portfolios

Air Wallet


13 Water Wells Donated to Pakistan Villages


Robs Thoughts:


My Previous BiblePay Update (July, August 2020)


How to get BiblePay (BBP) coins?


- what is current and future block reward breakdown?
- what is the status of automatic price mooning?

- add "listutxostakes" command to UTXO mining guide?
- accountability link in wallet needs to use foundation. instead of web.?


Thank you for all of your hard work Rob! Thank you everyone!

Explorer is down:

Thanks, in the mean time please use this one:

I think Togo has to resync it from scratch.

Sorry, I had upgraded nodejs, mongo and iquidus to latest versions,
but explorer kept getting stuck around block 150,000 and daemon kept crashing,
I couldnt figure it out and took a break

Ive now fully deleted everything
and installed minimum required versions for nodejs and mongo, rebooted and am trying again

Ill report back over the next few days

2600 BBP

BiblePayNews - Dash Stake article listed on MasternodeBuzz!


I think if we keep publishing to Medium they will keep putting us in their articles!

2600 BBP

Thank you for all of your hard work Rob!

Thank you MIP and the community!


Explorer Update:

It stopped around block 133,000 or so
kept running into error of undefined vout or scriptPubKey or something,
I added in some null checks to the code,
its back to syncing!

2600 BBP

14 is down for maintenance,

Ive updated all the software, reapplied settings and am resyncing from 0 with new parallel feature!
Should finish syncing in about 6 hours

2600 BBP

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