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Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: June 18, 2022, 11:33:57 AM »
Thanks to everyone who helped in testnet.

Earlz what is your mainnet receive address so I can send you a reward?

Evenin brother Rob.

my mainnet adress is:
Code: [Select]
I hope this next biblepay release will  propel biblepay to a bright future.
Thanks for having me man.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: June 06, 2022, 03:09:56 AM »

I edited the cat NFT , changed price, changed description a little and put it back up in the market place.
Looks like it worked.

Code: [Select]
Successfully submitted this NFT on TXID cad0dbc94c2e0bf038e3323c72fecb6bc0a1f334ac0e3295a90779dfbd868a4b.

Thank you for using BiblePay Non Fungible Tokens.

NOTE: Please wait for one sidechain block to pass before you can view the NFT.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: June 03, 2022, 01:33:59 PM »
Evenin Brother Rob.

So I entered a proposal in TESTNET mode, and it went into the chain (I can see it in 'gobject list').  And I waited until the triggers formed, and I can see the trigger on it.  I also voted Yes on it by going to Proposals List in testnet and clicking Vote Yes, and it gave me a command that I pasted into the controller wallet, and that command worked.  Now let me check and see if I got the payment:
getrawtransaction fca8688b199051c16a5cee00f9618a595585b6d11d445336b2ecedad813af79b 1
Hey it worked, great.  See the payment for 100K?  Thats the testnet one.  Im glad Entering proposals works again for our users - they will be able to enter these from any BMS node now (since we have removed the add proposal page from the Sanc itself, for rebase reasons).  And, watchman on the wall works, and the payment emitted in the Monthly superblock.  PASS

I also tested to make a proposal in testnet. Sure enough i see it in the "list proposals" after a while. The url link i had set worked, no problems.

Also i tested to vote and got the RPC command to copy paste and got :
Code: [Select]
gobject vote-many cac48c26fbf806689882f1a3776e1fd8dd63ace0bef89d6f3d6bbd5f320215e2 funding yes

  "overall": "Voted successfully 1 time(s) and failed 0 time(s).",
  "detail": {
    "9eed011a5d22f453c40cc162d11f20002b829f8f665c88cdf55e07f38e80ce4b": {
      "result": "success"

and with the gobject list command i can see it in the rpc terminal aswell.

Code: [Select]
gobject list

  "cac48c26fbf806689882f1a3776e1fd8dd63ace0bef89d6f3d6bbd5f320215e2": {
    "DataHex": "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",
    "DataString": "[[\"proposal\",{\"start_epoch\":1654276381,\"end_epoch\":1654881181,\"name\":\"EarlzTest001\",\"payment_address\":\"yZC5dLa2uHaGLAF9wNYW9dXBy4SvpSwJFa\",\"payment_amount\":777777,\"type\":1,\"expensetype\":\"Charity\",\"url\":\"\"}]]",
    "Hash": "cac48c26fbf806689882f1a3776e1fd8dd63ace0bef89d6f3d6bbd5f320215e2",
    "CollateralHash": "b34f28f612eb47c3b97f7538a1d4e3d8791297685006789711de612fa4e202a0",
    "ObjectType": 1,
    "CreationTime": 1654279900,
    "AbsoluteYesCount": 1,
    "YesCount": 1,
    "NoCount": 0,
    "AbstainCount": 0,
    "fBlockchainValidity": true,
    "IsValidReason": "",
    "fCachedValid": true,
    "fCachedFunding": true,
    "fCachedDelete": false,
    "fCachedEndorsed": false

Next i did the portfolio builder settings on the testnet,  setting up the portfolio builder adress and signed the stakes in the core wallet. The email adress aswell.

I successfully sent 2 portfolio stakes, although i dont think the leaderboard on testnet is showing the correct values for me.  Correction i see the leaderboard has updated and shows the correct values for me. So that checks out.

Next i bought your NFT the "big kitty" 
Code: [Select]
You have successfully purchased this NFT on TXID e150bb0c76eb673ed1b96f10df795b54d892de65841ec63432a8b7331e7190ba.

In the wallet balance i had 10 000tBBP  now i see that it has changed to  9996.67 tBBP but i saw that you had put it up for 5555 tBBP.
Still i can see the NFT in  My NFTs page, so that works.

I ran the getrawtransaction command and got:

Code: [Select]
getrawtransaction e150bb0c76eb673ed1b96f10df795b54d892de65841ec63432a8b7331e7190ba 1

  "txid": "e150bb0c76eb673ed1b96f10df795b54d892de65841ec63432a8b7331e7190ba",
  "version": 1,
  "type": 0,
  "size": 244,
  "locktime": 0,
  "vin": [
      "txid": "86584ea4d831ebb19b10d4d5fa0295a077c99ded9ce655135b22941488319625",
      "vout": 1,
      "scriptSig": {
        "asm": "30440220170e8427856c3ade6efd573ea18f54ae4d019aae277080c9ec0a4696fa2ef78d0220745c9f42c84cf7ce1ff70f21a2deac9527dbd4c7352ee484bb440acce52c5a36[ALL] 0211305574a8f9d059a86e91fe8d71ad449658632acc9d5494b6d4796e34bee92f",
        "hex": "4730440220170e8427856c3ade6efd573ea18f54ae4d019aae277080c9ec0a4696fa2ef78d0220745c9f42c84cf7ce1ff70f21a2deac9527dbd4c7352ee484bb440acce52c5a3601210211305574a8f9d059a86e91fe8d71ad449658632acc9d5494b6d4796e34bee92f"
      "sequence": 4294967295
  "vout": [
      "value": 9996.67490918,
      "valueSat": 999667490918,
      "n": 0,
      "scriptPubKey": {
        "asm": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 5a616cdd995daa7ea61671dbd7a63db3e982abe3 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",
        "hex": "76a9145a616cdd995daa7ea61671dbd7a63db3e982abe388ac",
        "reqSigs": 1,
        "type": "pubkeyhash",
        "addresses": [
      "txoutmessage": "<XML>BuyNFT</XML>"
      "value": 2.00003082,
      "valueSat": 200003082,
      "n": 1,
      "scriptPubKey": {
        "asm": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",
        "hex": "76a914000000000000000000000000000000000000000088ac",
        "reqSigs": 1,
        "type": "pubkeyhash",
        "addresses": [
      "txoutmessage": ""
  "hex": "0100000001259631881494225b1355e69ced9dc977a09502fad5d4109bb1eb31d8a44e5886010000006a4730440220170e8427856c3ade6efd573ea18f54ae4d019aae277080c9ec0a4696fa2ef78d0220745c9f42c84cf7ce1ff70f21a2deac9527dbd4c7352ee484bb440acce52c5a3601210211305574a8f9d059a86e91fe8d71ad449658632acc9d5494b6d4796e34bee92fffffffff026660d3c0e80000001976a9145a616cdd995daa7ea61671dbd7a63db3e982abe388ac113c584d4c3e4275794e46543c2f584d4c3e0aceeb0b000000001976a914000000000000000000000000000000000000000088ac0000000000",
  "blockhash": "97a4f66c25449726aea0c8f760b93346512c6e846bc622d3c3fd9f227edda8a2",
  "height": 149831,
  "confirmations": 1,
  "time": 1654285539,
  "blocktime": 1654285539,
  "instantlock": true,
  "instantlock_internal": true,
  "chainlock": true

This is all i have for now, i will do some more testing in the coming days.
Have a good one.

That is some sweet updates Rob.

Another exchange will be awsome, its needed for sure.
Will be intresting to test out. Lets hope we get some nice trading volumes.

Coingecko , im using it aswell, easy to make your portfolio.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 26, 2022, 06:49:14 AM »

Update on the RandomX mining on the testnet for the 209 sanc  , it has worked just fine, this mornin when i checked the testnet core wallet i see that i have indeed received a payout for tBBP.. 2 payouts so far.  first came in at 03:22 and the second at 11:24 , appears to be around 8 hours between the payouts.

Miner i have been using is Xmrig. 

I also checked out the block history and i can see my testnet adress there indeed, looking good, the grey template easy on the eyes.

Next up i  tested the Biblepay University: Scripture Memorizer. 

The font size is good, not to small. Works like i remember, grading and switching between modes works aswell.

Then i took a look at the Biblepay University course materials.
The course materials pdfs for module 1 and 2 all works for me to open, no errors there.

I like this Biblepay University feature beeing free, available, decentralized. Thumbs up on this one.



Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 24, 2022, 12:57:44 PM »

** RandomX TestNet Mining Case **

So I made this page relatively accurate for a new user to get started (its similar to the one we have) but it dynamically populates the port too depending on which chain you are on and the DNS address of the sanc you are mining against:

Be sure to change your chain to TESTNET mode before hitting this page (your header should say TESTNET):
(That ensures the port on the page is correct).

So looking at that page, you can make a new batch file on windows to mine against sanc1.  In my case Im mining against port 3002 against sanc1.

And then you can wait a little while and check our Leaderboard, and it should be very similar to what you are used to in Foundation (its a direct port of our old software).
Next you can go to Pool Metrics and see that your hashpower has increased the pool hashpower.

Finally, lets mine for a while then wait 24 hours, and you should receive testnet coins from the sanctuary over to your personal wallet.
Be sure that you have your Testnet BBP address in your mining batch file so the pool can pay on the right chain.

Then give us an update that you actually got paid (I recommend using an address book address that is labeled for TestNet mining so you know that you got it).

Btw, if anyone wants to mine against prod, that code is running against MainNet live (against our current mainnet branch version) so it should theoretically mine and pay (thats why you should see the correct Height in the Pool Metrics page for mainnet and the correct height for TestNet).

I created a new batch file for xmrig with the following contents:
Code: [Select]
@echo off
xmrig.exe --donate-level 1 -o -u my_monero_adress -p my_biblepay_testnet_adress --rig-id=rig00 --cpu-affinity 0x79e79e  -k -t 16 --log-file=sanctest

And it connects just fine to your sanc Rob.
Code: [Select]
* ABOUT        XMRig/6.5.1 MSVC/2019
 * LIBS         libuv/1.40.0 OpenSSL/1.1.1h hwloc/2.2.0
 * HUGE PAGES   permission granted
 * 1GB PAGES    unavailable
 * CPU          AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X 12-Core Processor (1) x64 AES
                L2:6.0 MB L3:32.0 MB 12C/24T NUMA:1
 * MEMORY       5.4/15.9 GB (34%)
 * DONATE       1%
 * ASSEMBLY     auto:ryzen
 * POOL #1 algo auto
 * COMMANDS     hashrate, pause, resume, results, connection
 * OPENCL       disabled
 * CUDA         disabled
[2022-05-24 19:28:49.237]  net      use pool
[2022-05-24 19:28:49.238]  net      new job from diff 250012 algo rx/0 height 2630596
[2022-05-24 19:28:49.239]  cpu      use argon2 implementation AVX2
[2022-05-24 19:28:49.645]  msr      register values for "ryzen" preset has been set successfully (407 ms)
[2022-05-24 19:28:49.645]  randomx  init dataset algo rx/0 (24 threads) seed c258e69a83509a5c...
[2022-05-24 19:28:49.647]  randomx  allocated 2336 MB (2080+256) huge pages 100% 1168/1168 +JIT (1 ms)
[2022-05-24 19:28:51.504]  randomx  dataset ready (1857 ms)
[2022-05-24 19:28:51.504]  cpu      use profile  *  (16 threads) scratchpad 2048 KB
[2022-05-24 19:28:51.986]  cpu      READY threads 16/16 (16) huge pages 100% 16/16 memory 32768 KB (482 ms)
[2022-05-24 19:29:07.955]  net      new job from diff 125006 algo rx/0 height 2630596
[2022-05-24 19:29:15.918]  cpu      accepted (1/0) diff 125006 (424 ms)
[2022-05-24 19:29:17.323]  cpu      accepted (2/0) diff 125006 (403 ms)
[2022-05-24 19:29:38.787]  cpu      accepted (3/0) diff 125006 (431 ms)
[2022-05-24 19:29:44.741]  cpu      accepted (4/0) diff 125006 (384 ms)
[2022-05-24 19:29:51.789]  miner    speed 10s/60s/15m 8360.0 n/a n/a H/s max 8370.2 H/s
[2022-05-24 19:29:56.676]  net      new job from diff 323464 algo rx/0 height 2630597

Looking at and pasting my xmr adress i can see its mining just fine aswell.

I have not received any tBBP yet from the pool but i have not been mining long enough i believe.

All the pool drop down  menue looks good to me.  Pool Metrics, Leaderboard, Getting started looks to be working. I can see my tBBP wallet adress in the leaderboard.

Overall it feels just like foundation pool , navigation wise. One thing i noted is that in Block History there is no search window  for you to check up on your adress.

I will do an update tomorrow and see if i have gotten any payout on the testnet.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 22, 2022, 01:15:42 PM »
Hi Earlz,

Great testing.
So on the testnet transfer, which sanc are you debugging against your sanc or this one:

The reason I ask is the RandomX mining and the Balance testing needs done against sanc1 (the one pasted above 201914556214) simply because the pool settings need enabled for the server side to ascertain your tBBP (and mainnet balance).  I would have to walk you through how to set up a pool for you to be able to see your own balance from your own sanc.

When you hit my sanc does your correct balance show?
You can also try spending it etc.

(Btw, balances should show in about 1 block).

Indeed Rob. That was the culprit i was trying to do this on my own sanc. Now i tested on your 209 sanc and for sure i can see the balance, sweet.

ill try the randomx mining tomorrows against ur sanc.
Have a good one.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 22, 2022, 11:32:19 AM »
Evenin Brother Rob.

I will put together a test case now so you guys can test some randomx mining in testnet next.
Theoretically what we will do is expose a few of our sancs to port 80 and start a load balanced BMS presence for production.  When we go live at the end of June, we can take down and point that domain over to, and take down unchained also, and point that domain to our Sanc pool.
This means this software you are testing now will end being our Mining pool, our Staking (portfolio builder) interface, our BBP University, our memorize scriptures, our gospel web pages, and it will also allow you to log in via metamask (like a web 3 login).  I didnt see any comments or questions on that-- do you all understand, and like that feature?  We will be doing away with username and password in the next release.

Not sure if you clicked the accountability PDFs; please be sure those work too.

I checked out the accountability reports and they all work for me, no problems there.
The orphan collage and the water wells for children in Pakistan works aswell.

I like the ease of access in the menue for sure.
I also verified the blockhash on my home core wallet:
Code: [Select]
getblockhash 145394

Im in sync on this node aswell.

Test case to Register as new User:
- Go to Authentication - Profile
- Our system recognizes you are new, and launches metamask (if you dont have metamask, I think it just throws an error telling you its not installed.  We need to make it redirect you to wiki page to explain this web3 mechanism before we go live).  Anyway if you have metamask installed, it will prompt you with a signature request.
- The sig request is the brand new non harmless type (IE cant access coins) and its a signing request for logging in.  Now sign the message.
- We store this signature for up to 30 days as a cookie on your machine.  If you are on a non-secure machine you can Log Out, otherwise for convenience you can keep coming back authenticated.
- Once logged in the header should say Logged In.

The log in with the metamask wallet worked just fine, easy as pie.

Test to populate your profile:
- Navigate to Authentication | Profile
- Populate nickname and save it .  Change avatar.  It should auto save the avatar.
- Verify that you have a BBP wallet (this wallet is now derived from your Metamask key! An improvement).  Another words if you move machines, and reload your metamask key, your bbp webwallet coins will move with you.
(Lets test spending some coins from the web wallet.  )
- First, Switch chains by clicking Change Chain- then the header should show chain : TESTNET.
- In testnet mode, verify your bbp wallet has an address for TESTNET now (its no longer starting with a B).
- Try spending some testnet coins by sending them to your biblepaycore wallet.  Verify they come through on the core wallet side.

Nickname and avatar i had no problem to change, i can confirm that i have a bbp wallet adress that starts with a  y and not a b for the testnet and switching chains switches the bbp adress aswell.

Next i sent some tBBP to the new wallet adress.

This is as far as i have come, it does not seem to me like the funds have arrived at the new wallet,  5 confirmations i see in the core wallet:

Code: [Select]
Status: 5 confirmations, locked via ChainLocks
Date: 5/22/2022 17:27
To: yUZLNhASGdT6PrY4Ypfv4FySAd1fjLifaj
Debit: -10 000.00000000 tBIBLEPAY
Transaction fee: -1.52611867 tBIBLEPAY
Net amount: -10 001.52611867 tBIBLEPAY
Transaction ID: 86584ea4d831ebb19b10d4d5fa0295a077c99ded9ce655135b22941488319625
Output index: 1
Transaction total size: 1521 bytes

Height: 145881

I have tested to log out and log back in, refresh etc.
Any ideas Rob?

Final update

This week we received donations for  87.5 USD and thus this project has been fully funded.

I will now send over the funds to Rob and let him handle the rest of the process.
Thanks for your donations everyone, God bless.

Yeah and I think that 20% yield they were offering lured a bunch of unsuspecting victims into the pool for a "risk free reward" but that was too good to be true.

Yeah, I just read a little more about the 20% return here:

It looks like UST had a deal with Anchor, where Anchor was offering 20% APR for deposits held in UST, and this accounted for 75% of the UST circulating supply up to April, meaning most of the use case of that coin was from investors chasing the yield. 
Worse in that article it explains how Do Kwon had started a similar stablecoin that failed called Basis Cash:
Thats pretty damaging because he deliberately distanced himself from it so he could use it as a guinea pig and work out the bugs for the future luna project.

Indeed. It was a great time to launch  a stablecoin, bear market and all.. Now you hear questions like "can/will all stablecoins crash like ust" etc etc.... Ofcourse theres diffrence in how these stablecoins are built,  so i think research is important when investing and not just go with the "hype" all the time.

That terra went down to zero i can buy, being volatile and all , but the point of a stablecoin is just to be stable, to be pegged to the dollar , eur or whatever, yeah this was a blow to investors for sure...

Will be intresting to see what the consequences of this will be , more regulation for crypto or just for stablecoins?  Who knows...

** Luna crashes from $40B in market cap to almost nothing in May 2022 **

Yeah i feel with the investors of this crypto. going from high 100 usd+ to 0.0001 usd  would be devastating for sure. Not just that but their alghorithmic stablecoin ust  which should have been pegged to 1 dollar down to 0.05 usd.

I almost invested in the ust when they had this promotional 25% apy  for the stablecoin. Well im glad i didnt.

I guess from this could say "dont put all your eggs in the same basket"

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 18, 2022, 11:55:10 AM »
Just for sanity sake since Im mining against sanc1 in testnet, can you please verify the hash Earlz:

getblockhash 145394


Are we all in sync?

Next I will write a test case so we can test some randomx mining in testnet!

Indeed we are in sync, i ran the getblockhash and i get the same numbers as you.  I also ran the mnsync status and the masternode status command and both looks good.

I also saw that the bms has auto updated successfully to the new version.

Fifth week update

Last week we received donations for  182.25 USD  and a total of  1315 USD

One more week of donations and i think we will reach the goal, then i will send over the funds to Rob for further handling.

Thanks for your donations, stay awesome.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 17, 2022, 10:17:54 AM »
Good afternoon.

First of all, the theme settings are now working, you can click your avatar circle and change to dark, light theme etc.  Note that our new themer also supports 16 sub themes, so you can also pick a color above the master theme, and it will tint the menus and tables for you and the theme is stored on your machine.

Easy to change the themes, the default indigo blue looks awesome. dark mode not to bad either. Well alot of choices, thumbs up Rob.

Now check out Gospel menu.  Each of the 5 sub menu items, those actually required me to port Illustration, Wiki, and Article tables from our centralized sql server over to the decentralized sidechain, so all those records are decentralized now too!  So click on some Theological studies for example, and its pulling the record from your local sidechain then displaying its corresponding article.

The gospel feature looks real nice aswell.  Illustrations with all the pictures are a  sweet addition. The wiki and the theological  studies looks fine to me.  Easy to read, the font size looks all good on my 1080p monitor.

One thing i was thinking of was when you click on "Bible viewer"  you get forwarded to biblegateway in the same tab, personally i think would be better if it opens up in new tab so that the sanc  ip tab is still there.

Overall i think it looks fine Rob, snappy and no lags when navigating around.  Will be intresting to see what comes next.


Fourth week update

This week we have received donations for 252 USD and total of  1133 USD

We are getting closer to the goal of 1400 USD total or 7 water wells to be dug.

Thanks for all your donations, lets change some lifes. 

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