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General Support - Solved / BBP seems slow to transfer
« on: March 22, 2021, 01:51:22 AM »

I'm new to BiblePay and I sent a Transaction to Southxchange and this was 5 hours ago.  When I asked about it I was told I may have an old wallet and need to upgrade. I downloaded the Core wallet just this week.
I also have a small transaction that I sent around  7:30 am that is still not anywhere.
Why are transactions so slow I mean can't it even use my node to help with the sending otherwise whats the point of us all having nodes?
Did I just catch a bug or an error like Grin and MWC they both just had large errors just this week.
Anyway heres my newbie code BARUHeADFLg44Hcn8VkUDXUvD8EqMR1gah-0-67-11-11-55
He still didnt pay me on my mining to it but did welcome me to the party so I'm just mining normally and intend if things like this are solved to make it my primary cpu mining project.
I love that this is Christian and not just greed (evil) based but as I have Cancer I am also looking to be able to do some things before i die so gotta look at the bottom line too. Slow transactions are not gonna fly with just normal miners.

God Bless, Derek C

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