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Issue Resolved (Or rather my Confusion)  ;)

"was only for people who had a balance in the pool (not a balance in barley harvest)."

Again, Thank you for taking the time and patience with me, Rob. I'm either getting older and confuse easily or recent markets have my brain in neutral and confused these days. ;D ::) Please disregard or remove that post/thread

That email was strictly to instruct people to withdraw their funds from the old pool, because our new pool is no longer custodial.

Thank you for taking the time and patience with me, Rob. I'm either getting older or recent markets have me confused these days. Please disregard or remove that post.

I see confusion in BBP Social medias, or FUD, from users who dual mine (no staking), with regards to the email " is moving - Action required".  Glad I'm not the only one  ;D

So, when I sent an email to Biblepay, this was the reply ---> ""For external wallets, we have these available:  BiblePay Core (home wallet), BiblePay Unchained Mobile (available in app store & google play store), SouthXChange (you can use SX as a wallet), and also our web wallet at ‘’.
I have a back up of your balance, so once you give me your new address, I will gladly withdraw the funds to you, please send that to me along with your email address.
Best Regards,

Heres the email I received ---> "Dear BiblePay Foundation and Pool Participants—
I am notifying you because you have a balance greater than 1BBP in foundation_biblepay_org.
We will be moving this pool to a new system in approx. 70 days, and the new pool will use decentralized deposits (in contrast to custodial).
Therefore will you please withdraw your BBP from the pool to an external biblepay address at your earliest convenience before July 20th, 2022.
Thank you in advance,

this is me --- > So, I've been mining BBP for a long time, those earnings have always been in the Biblepay Core Wallet (Barley Harvest 0.17.15).. If I want to keep my BBP in the BBP Core wallet  (Barley Harvest 0.17.15) I would make a new address in the same BBP Core wallet (Barley Harvest 0.17.15) and then send my BBP there? It would all stay in the same BBP Core wallet then?
I do not stake, I only mine. So is this for people staking, mining, or everyone?

General Support / ? Email to Withdraw current BBP from Core Wallet ?
« on: June 16, 2022, 01:35:20 AM »
Confused a bit from Email received:  "the new pool will use decentralized deposits (in contrast to custodial). Therefore will you please withdraw your BBP from the pool to an external biblepay address".

I've been Mining with the BBP Core for over a year...
Question 1 - I can't seem to verify this received "email/announcement" on any BBP Social media or forum. Or instructions.
Question 2 - withdraw to "external biblepay address". Does this mean outside of the BBP Core Wallet to another wallet (not BBP Core)?
Question 2b - What "external" wallet is compatible with BBP? I mean Ledger has DASH, but will it hold BBP? Are you wanting users to exchange BBP to something else, then withdraw, just to move it back to core wallet at a later date? Or move it back to the new decentralized via metamasak (ugh)..

maybe it's just time to cash out...(frustrated due to lack of info)) :-\

Mining / Re: Sudden Connection Errors
« on: October 06, 2021, 03:39:25 AM »
UPDATE: Connection re established. The Foundation is, once again, "reachable" via website, XMRig and ping.

Mining / Sudden Connection Errors
« on: October 06, 2021, 02:38:34 AM »
Today I am receiving errors in XMRig and am unable to Mine:

-  "Connection Error - Operation cancelled" and "Connection Error - connection reset by peer".
- -  unable to ping and website is offline. Update: website is back online, yet errors persist.
-   MineXMR works fine when mining XMR alone.
Unrelated but interesting: about two days ago, my network connection was suddenly "dropped" for about an hour, at the the same time my BBP Wallet slapped me with " 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool " ... I lost out.  I KNOW the meaning behind this, I just find this a little odd, concidering my net never does that.  Team is looking into this. lol.

That's some great news/updates! 
I just wanted to say to any interested readers, I DO NOT think BiblePay is dying. Market/history/volume shows a steady climb up, over a longer timeframe. That's "good stability", folks.  Associates/buss/charities/investors all check out, and there are several.  I've spent the time researching BBP for a couple of weeks, prior to recently joining/mining/supporting. I support this project! I HODL and share!

General Support / Re: Error new Wallet
« on: September 09, 2021, 07:08:05 PM »
NO issues here with my wallet.  I was actually wondering if there had been any errors/bugs reported with the wallets "encryption" option being activated?  I couldn't see any issues in forums, but never hurts to ask. tyia

Its so good to have more Christians here, welcome Haze, brother in Christ!
I sent you a little startup capital.

Your not cluttering the thread, we welcome you.

You should be able to post without approval in roughly two more posts.

(We get a lot of hacking attempts here from the internet at large etc).

Welcome aboard.

So, you probably noticed, the difference with our sanctuaries (those are our masternodes) is we require each sanc to sponsor one orphan.  Were trying to set a Holy precedent that helps others, etc.

Hopefully we can spread the Gospel to millions of crypto users over the next 5 years.

Well thank you very much for your generosity, It is well received.  In time, I would like to pay that forward, most definitely! Lol, I looked at my miner this morning and had to rub the sleep out of my eyes, as I thought my miner earned that.. definitely started off my morning right!

Side not, yes I have been researching the project over the past day (charities, bitcointalk, medium etc.)  Despite the earlier "attacks" BBP received in 2017-2018, things look very very promising and seem to "check out", so far! LOVE the photos, letters and write ups on Pakistan wells! Adoption in the future, for me, will become a reality.

Praise the Lord that you and your team were able to "defend" BBP those many years ago.  As Christians, especially in "crypto world", tend to come under spiritual enemy attack, nice to see God prevail through your team!
God Bless and look forward to supporting BBP while becoming more involved! Cheers!

Mining / Re: Mining does not work
« on: September 09, 2021, 02:23:33 AM »
It worked. How do I delete this message?

Glad to hear you were able to resolve your issue! sometimes it can be frustrating, I know. Keep persevering, my friend!  I do not know how to delete your own posts, unfortunatley, at this time.  I hope to familiarize myself more.

The promotion is over but you are welcome as a new miner, welcome aboard!

I usually am late to thing  :D.  Thanks for the warm welcome! I've been into crypto for about 3+ years (mining, exchange, stakes).  When I saw BBP about a month ago (yes, late again to the party!), I was quite interested. As a Christian myself, I embrace the idea of Scripture embedded into the chain. Especially for a Christian!  I am currently mining day 2, all is well! I plan to HODL my BBP, not sell it. While continuing to support this project, being active and telling others about BBP. Anyways thanks again, won't clutter up your thread.  Someday I can post my own!  ;D


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