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Archiving Testimonies ! To build each other!
« on: April 19, 2022, 02:28:29 AM »
Christianity in Bangladesh dates back to 400+ years in the British ruling era, but there is a lack of documentation.
 These histories are like testimony and they build us up! Though there are many written resources. But in this era
of visual media and technology, people donít tend to read those! So, we here at BOLD want to make this documentary-
type series of those Church history in both Bengali & English! It will educate and act as a resource for the present-upcoming
generation! Itíll also help to build all the Christiansí faith boldly by reminding their early leader struggles and wisdom that they received from GOD!
I target to make 20 documentaries of 20 different Churches!  I've some basic equipment!

Canon 200d, a decent PC, tripod, mics!

I need:

* 3 lenses (800$ roughly)

*I need a small drone! (580$)

* travel and logistics for 3 people(700$ month for 3 persons travelling & food/logistics)!

That's all!

Here is one of my previous testimony that I produced!
An inspiring story of 85 Year old Grandpa serving God in Bangladesh!

The goal is to make one documentary each month!

If you want to know more, you can email me at: [email protected]

Addresses for donation:

BBP: BFcy4y3u8W253JVLPqQQmW3nbzCtZrGEzL

USDT tron Trc20:  TMesGPJecE2LED2YqqCxdMBvpUEUN5YaTw

Monero: 477HTAJgRxABjAR6bjJFrSjoLi59qurVc5iBg9wBswrGfUp3XpJ6fAz51aM5JtLPVjZe1Q95xErMWYuQxUT82SggG1PwGZi

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