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Good afternoon.

Easy to change the themes, the default indigo blue looks awesome. dark mode not to bad either. Well alot of choices, thumbs up Rob.

The gospel feature looks real nice aswell.  Illustrations with all the pictures are a  sweet addition. The wiki and the theological  studies looks fine to me.  Easy to read, the font size looks all good on my 1080p monitor.

One thing i was thinking of was when you click on "Bible viewer"  you get forwarded to biblegateway in the same tab, personally i think would be better if it opens up in new tab so that the sanc  ip tab is still there.

Overall i think it looks fine Rob, snappy and no lags when navigating around.  Will be intresting to see what comes next.


Thanks for Testing Earlz!
Yeah that sounds like a good idea, we can open a new tab for the bible viewer.

On a side note, the data that you view when you view accountability for example is stored in the sidechain now, so that is a nice addition.
(Illustrations, wiki, expenses, revenue) all that is in the sidechain.

Since my last post, I ported our RandomX mining system in to aspnetcore.  Isnt it interesting that our users will be mining against sanctuaries?

I also built out a separate randomx pool for testnet, and one for mainnet.  So now we can mine properly (and test properly) in testnet for our releases.  (That will come in handy when we make a large code change and we have to test true randomx mining).  The sanctuary will pay the user for their mining activity from the hot wallet balance in the sanctuary. 

I will put together a test case now so you guys can test some randomx mining in testnet next.
Theoretically what we will do is expose a few of our sancs to port 80 and start a load balanced BMS presence for production.  When we go live at the end of June, we can take down and point that domain over to, and take down unchained also, and point that domain to our Sanc pool.
This means this software you are testing now will end being our Mining pool, our Staking (portfolio builder) interface, our BBP University, our memorize scriptures, our gospel web pages, and it will also allow you to log in via metamask (like a web 3 login).  I didnt see any comments or questions on that-- do you all understand, and like that feature?  We will be doing away with username and password in the next release.

Not sure if you clicked the accountability PDFs; please be sure those work too.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 11, 2022, 09:14:15 AM »
Reminder for MIP and me:
When we retire our windows pool server, we will need to move the endpoint for the "MobileAPI" to a new endpoint.
I will update the OP post with this.  I think this will need to be in production by June 30th (and cannot be tested earlier than June 1st).

Fourth week update

This week we have received donations for 252 USD and total of  1133 USD

We are getting closer to the goal of 1400 USD total or 7 water wells to be dug.

Thanks for all your donations, lets change some lifes.

Very nice!  Soooo Jesus' like.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 08, 2022, 01:36:40 PM »
So I guess I can let the cat out of the bag:  The Gui 1.0 has been released.

So if you go to the root of your sanc address like this:

We now respond with a gui.  Note that in the future, we will be able to get rid of the port once we have a BBP wallet (or metamask) login schema working.
But anyway lets talk about what we have now.

First of all, the theme settings are now working, you can click your avatar circle and change to dark, light theme etc.  Note that our new themer also supports 16 sub themes, so you can also pick a color above the master theme, and it will tint the menus and tables for you and the theme is stored on your machine.

So I ported Accountability over to the sidechain:  All the expenses, revenue, orphans and orphan expenses now live in 4 sidechain tables (these went in the last 5 blocks or so).
So if you click on Accountability, then run a report, we actually run this report from the sidechain on your node and gen the pdf, its pretty interesting...
(Of course permissions are not complete yet, so we still need to devise a way to let an authorized signing key Add more expense records.  Im currently the one to add the monthly expense record but we can decentralize that by having an ACL list feature added to BMS). 

Next check out In Development | Demo Dash | Demo Table.  This just proves that our next upcoming datatable will support sorting, searching, and Pagination.  If you use the Search option on the new datatable, this searchbar limits the results down to rows that contain the search anywhere in the system (for example, say historical payouts for randomx , you could type in a few character etc).  And check out the accordian, its a bootstrap feature that lets the user minimize a section of a page .

Now check out Gospel menu.  Each of the 5 sub menu items, those actually required me to port Illustration, Wiki, and Article tables from our centralized sql server over to the decentralized sidechain, so all those records are decentralized now too!  So click on some Theological studies for example, and its pulling the record from your local sidechain then displaying its corresponding article.

Look good?

Im still working on a new scheme to decentralize the bbp wallet send-money page from unchained - so that the private key is either tied to metamask, or possibly to a bbp browser plugin.  Im thinking about using Metamask to handle our logins and then we can port the User Profile over to the decentralized chain.  So for example what Im thinking you come in as a new user, if you dont have metamask we tell you to install it and then you can log on, otherwise you cannot log on without metamask.

If you do have metamask, we ask you to sign a code (once every week roughly) or when you log out--and this login page then gives you access to your decentralized profile like any other web site (until logged off), and your profile is then stored on the sidechain.  (For nickname, name, anything else we might normally need, bbp public key, utxo pub key etc). 

Then our users would always be using their pub cryptokeys to access our site (similar to openseas method).... I think this might invite a lot more of the hardcore web3 community over here.  With the goal being to eliminate the username and password login in the future phasing out traditional logins.  Then we need to move the bbp wallet (for web purchases) to either a plugin on the page, or, to a derived key based on something you sign in metamask (Im still thinking about this idea, because I want it to be easy for the user, and maybe having metamask is asking enough for the user, if they already have to use metamask to log in, they may not want a second plugin).  But anyway I could envision someone signing a "bbp" message from metamask, then our javascript can derive their keypair from that signature - hence being the method for spending from the bbp webwallet, and in this case user would not lose the bbp priv key as long as they can access current metamask - and of course all we store in the sidechain is the public erc20 address to link the user to the profile.  (Im leaning toward this method for our next iteration).

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 07, 2022, 09:20:47 AM »
Hi Bro Earlz,

Great on the testnet sync!  Great on the great testing.
So just so you understand, any data that gets inserted in the sidechain between blocks (into DSQL tables) also gets replicated into your local node into the mysql tables.  If they do not contain the correct schema, the schema is automatically expanded.  If records need inserted they get inserted (as that block syncs).
So for example, last night I inserted 100 records into Gospel Illustration/Article/Wiki on the sidechain (so we can make a decentralized gospel menu).
You can see some of these transactions in this block:

So this means as an admin of your node you could theoretically go into Mysql and type 'select * from Illustrations' and see these particular records now they are available to the front end gospel app.

I will move on to creating v1.0 of our GUI so we can demo that soon.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 06, 2022, 02:47:26 PM »
Hi All,

I had a couple people ask me in chat about testnet syncing and I finally had a chance to verify the sync.
Im on Exodus, and we seem to be on block 143823.
Here is a good hash:
getblockhash 143823


I believe we are in sync (my sanc has stayed in sync with my home node).
It could be that no one was mining (from what I can see no one was mining for 5 days).
I turned on my miner and we moved up a block...

Please verify the hash above?

Great news:
I just had this large dpi issue happen to me on my testnet ubuntu 20.04 server (I randomly opened the ./biblepay-qt wallet in testnet mode) and the wallet was double the size.

I noticed after trying the EXPORT solution above, option #3, it didnt work.
However, when passing a 0, it did work successfully.

I modified the OP post to reflect the change.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 05, 2022, 05:38:24 PM »

I'm working on adding some powerful features to BMS including the ability to serve a GUI from our sanctuaries.  This means we will be able to add gospel features to BMS later, and in the near term, we can convert our RandomX pools over to Sanc Pools (meaning that every BMS node would not only be a CDN and a video streamer, but also a randomX mining pool.)

Since this upgrade is major the nodes cannot upgrade themselves in this case, so I expanded the wiki guide to include Manually upgrading the node.

Please see this guide:

See the bottom section, manually upgrading.  Please follow that and your node should upgrade.

Then you can move on to testing the Sidechain test cases.  In the mean time I will work on porting a RandomX pool to the BMS sidechain.

** BiblePay Social Media System is Live **

Visit us at:

And you will find our Sanctuary videos (videos streaming from our sanc network), Prayer room (pray for others and mark prayers as Answered), post on the timeline and more.

And in the near future, more features are schedules to go live:  For example, in our Exodus testnet thread, we are decentralizing our back end to use our sidechain.  Also, we are working on Web3 Single Sign on  which will shift from using a name/password toward a Cryptocurrency login (similar to metamask) and this will also bring us a browser plugin version of the biblepay wallet for more decentralization.

On a side note, we have one partner using the biblepay social media system and sidechain:

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 02, 2022, 09:20:41 AM »
So our videos are stored in HLS format so they can be decentralized (meaning they are split up into many pieces) which gives us the ability to stream them from multiple sancs and view them with fast start.
To test this, its easiest to upload a small mp4 (smaller than 5 meg) simply because otherwise you will be waiting for the file to be converted from mp4 to HLS before you see the block transactions start.

I uploaded  a  5 meg file to a group in this block:

To try this, upload your file.  Then quickly go to the:
Page, and look at the memory pool.  Once the file is converted to HLS, you will see the memory pool increase in size for each Piece of the file.

Then view the block:

Find the *.ts files.  Each .ts file is a piece of your video and this metadata is stored across our DSQL servers so everyone has exactly the same view.
Additionally, our SQL server creates a representation or "view table" (one table per data type) automatically, so that our front end system can access this metadata with extremely fast speed.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: May 02, 2022, 09:13:38 AM »
Next I'm going to post some test cases related to BMS that should work After MySQL is installed on your local BMS node (before that point these commands dont work).  Also note that each of our sancs have one decentralized mysql database each.  This is so we can decentralize the DSQL queries.  That will allow our front end systems, such as social media system or Gospel Front End System, to reach the decentralized database for SQL queries.

Test 1, ensure your sidechain syncs:

Restart BMS.  Verify you are at block 152 or higher:

To get the block hash try this:

This will also show you the transactions in that block and the hash and the diff etc.

Note that is already using our sidechain for Photos and Videos.
So this next test, lets add a photo to a group in  To do this go to any group (or you could go to your home profile timeline) and then Add a picture.  Save the post.
Now quickly go to this page

At this point the memory pool should have 1 transaction waiting.  Once it is mined, you can then go to the new block number (IE if its one higher, you have to change the block height here):  Change NNN to the correct height:

Then look for the transaction that contains your image.
This shows how we not only have a decentralized file storage system, but now a decetranlized DSQL system also.

(On a side note, optionally, you can install mysql workbench on Windows PC if you want to learn how to query your own sanctuary for the image metadata). But that is mostly unecessary because we can do this with RPC commands. 

Let me know when you all are up to this point and I will move on to explain a video.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: April 28, 2022, 06:44:10 PM »
*** Additional Instructions Added to BMS Install Wiki ***

Testers, the BMS installation procedure has been enhanced to allow our sidechain to work with MySQL.
This will give us the unique ability to be the first known coin that can leverage DSQL in mainnet (allowing our social media product to run on the sidechain, and, giving us many other Layer 2 features).

The wiki guide here has been extended:

For those of you who already have BMS running please do the following:

Stop BMS by going to the node, to the terminal, and simply press ctrl-c.  (It may already be stopped due to the failed upgrade, simply continue from here with the BMS program stopped).

Find the place in the document where it says "Installing MYSQL".  Start running those commands as root until "End of MySQL".

Once finished, start BMS again (by running the command to start the node:  dotnet BiblePay.BMSD.dll).

At this point the menu should appear and the node should not crash.

Post if you have trouble.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: April 25, 2022, 07:10:51 AM »
I just checked the vps and i see that the bms has changed from 10.2v to 10.31 version.

Ok great.

I will work to release the sidechain feature next then we can test that.

We are going to need a mandatory upgrade on the biblepayd for the sancs soon, but no rush (not released to github yet).

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: April 23, 2022, 07:39:53 AM »
Automatic Upgrade test case:

So the BMS nodes have a nice feature in that they can automatically upgrade themselves when we have a new version. 
So to test this, we were on version 1029 last night.  I just added a tiny feature to demonstrate this upgrade ability.
In this page:

I made it JSON instead of homegrown. 
This page itself also reveals the version (which should now be 1030).

From your sanc IPs, please hit this page and see if your version increased?

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