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Active Discussions / Re: June 2024 (Q2) - Babylon Falling Release
« on: July 09, 2024, 09:49:36 PM »
Chainlocks is working, along with LLMQs in TestNet now.

Will be posting very soon with updated wallet.

See attachment.

Progress has been made.

Wallet features are working now, including LLMQ.

See testnet thread.

Hello and May God continue to bless the Dev, staff and community as we continue to focus on Him!

Just a quick question or confirmation: In The BBP Discord, is the user "Markus Bruckmueller" a part of BBP staff? I ask because they are/have been recruiting there. If not,  I wanted to report said user as BBP Discord rules are very clear on this.  TIA :)

God bless you too, Haze.

I've never heard of him.

Just a quick update on the newest rebase to everyone:

There were about 100 bullet points of development.
98 are finished and the wallet is working, but Im still seeing very strange behavior in the LLMQ formation in testnet.
I have it running on 3 sanc nodes, in my VM's.

Still need to pull the logs and fix this last issue.
Im hoping to analyze them this weekend.

If all goes well we can theoretically have a BBP release in 45 days or so, will update asap with progress.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2024 (Q2) - Babylon Falling Release
« on: May 18, 2024, 07:03:05 AM »
Hi rob i just realised my wallet is stuck 2 days behind i cant seem to get it to sync again any ideas?
Hi, yeah, I see the problem; although I tested a full resync a few times before the latest release I apparently added some consensus breaking logic later in the development cycle that caused this.

So, Im adding some fixes for this and will need to release a mandatory testnet upgrade to get around this.
Let me do a round of testing with my 3 testnet sancs to ensure we are staying in sync and resyncing first to avoid issues.

Ill post when I have the mandatory upgrade ready.  Thanks for testing.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2024 (Q2) - Babylon Falling Release
« on: May 10, 2024, 06:46:15 AM »
Downloaded and synced seems to be working as intended.
Do you want me to send you some tBBP?
If so what is address and how much do you need?

Active Discussions / Re: June 2024 (Q2) - Babylon Falling Release
« on: May 10, 2024, 06:44:18 AM »
So there were about 99 issues to fix while refactoring (maybe 1000, lost count) and Im very happy with the outcome as this ended up being a solid wallet.
Almost every test passed, including moving to sha256, and mining, and the reward schedule and the governance add and view and watchman voting.
One issue that is present, is quorums are not forming on the sancs and chainlocks is not working.  This is pretty normal however if quorums arent even forming.
So Ill be looking into that next.

If anyone was asking earlier how to mine, you just set up a sanctuary on testnet and when the sanc boots, it will launch one miner thread.
You can see it with getmininginfo.
Right now in testnet you can manually mine if you want with:
setgenerate true 1
But we will probably turn that off for prod as we dont want pump n dumpers mining (even though they dont get paid for it).

Active Discussions / Re: June 2024 (Q2) - Babylon Falling Release
« on: May 10, 2024, 06:41:10 AM »
Mine is 3 weeks behind to sync,
It was stuck yesterday. I started it again today.
Probably just an addnode as I verified the chain was clean up to best block with a reindex.

Try 'addnode add' from the rpc.  Then wait a half hour to make sure you have peers.
Then verify the block hash I posted in the OP post.

Downloaded and synced seems to be working as intended.
Sweet, will talk to you in testnet thread.

I'm in
Great, will talk to you in the testnet thread then.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2024 (Q2) - Babylon Falling Release
« on: May 06, 2024, 04:50:37 PM »
Just downloaded the wallet.
Ok, verify that you are synced to the ref blockhash in Testnet and the version of the wallet is => new wallet.

I will check block reward amount for sancs asap.

I already entered a gov proposal and voted on it - waiting for watchman on the wall to create a trigger.

If anyone is available to test in testnet, the release will be ready in 1 hour.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2024 (Q2) - Babylon Falling Release
« on: May 05, 2024, 02:51:36 PM »
Alright the time has come for Babylon Falling.

The Windows wallet is ready for download.

I created 3 public testnet sancs:  2 regular and 1 temple.  I also created an investor Altar.

So now we can test LLMQs, and payment amounts, governance proposal and watchman on the wall.

Active Discussions / June 2024 (Q2) - Babylon Falling Release
« on: April 30, 2024, 07:32:54 PM »

June 2024 Release - Babylon Falling

Welcome to TestNet - Babylon Falling!

Testing Starts: May 4th, 2024
Testing Ends: June 4th, 2024

In this thread we will be testing:

- Ability to create a sanctuary of each size (Altar, Sanctuary, Temple) with collateral amounts (455,001, 4,500,001, and 45,000,001) and corresponding payments of (10%, 100%, 1000%)
  a. Verify each size of sanc can register properly and appear in the deterministic masternode list
  b. Verify the payment amount on each sanc
  c. Verify the chain can sync from 0 after we solve some temple blocks
- Verify the monthly superblock still works and emits and is the correct amount
- Verify Quorums form
- Verify Temple and Altar coins in wallet lock in coin control and require an unlock (like regular sancs) so they dont get spent by accident
- Verify inactive sanctuaries (IE investor nodes) receive 50%
- Verify masternodelist shows the Tribe for a Temple
- Cutover height     ________195350_________________________
- Block hash :
getblockhash 195350

Explain Changes to Entire BiblePay Network:   

- Explanation :


Wiki Articles:

Older - Create a Sanc:

Starting Version:    0.20.3:

(Please ensure your version is greater than this, in order to sync.  See post #2 for current hash.

Testnet Download Links:


     Windows 64-bit:
     Linux :  Self compiled version ready (please post if you want Ubuntu binary)

NOT READY (ask before trying):
     (Inquire first before downloading)
     MacOS QT:

     Linux 64 bits (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:

To self compile:
git pull origin develop


Create a biblepaytest.conf file with the following contents:

Place the file in ~/.biblepaycore

Start testnet by typing:
./biblepay-qt -conf=biblepaytest.conf

(Note the blocks and chainstate will sync into the ./biblepaycore/testnet3 folder.

NOTE: If you only have one machine, you can run in testnet side by side a prod node.

To create a TestNet Sanctuary:


                                                                   OUR BIBLEPAY CORE TESTERS

#1 -

#2 -  Mr. A

#3 - Rob Andrews

#4 -

God bless everyone, including non BiblePay users.

7 more days until the TestNet release.

Man, I don't know many of them do not trust in this project! Hats off brother for your dedication!
Thanks; even though there is not much of a reward right now, I think we are still close to deploying the cutting edge use cases, and God will help us get through the fog and make a valuable service for Christians (and non Christians) that fulfills voids in the current world systems:  Banks start to collapse, people turn to Crypto.  Retirement accounts earn less than inflation: people look for alternative investments, like crypto-indexes and crypto based instruments. 

The new code is cleaner, I can see why they refactored so much.  They gutted a lot of fluff out of the old wallet.  They refactored the whole program so its more efficient.  I had trouble understanding the new "node interface" that Dash uses now; there is a lot of new code that sets references to the NodeContext and the CoreContext so that requires some work for BBP custom code to be ported over to work with it but it was a good learning experience for me anyway; I think we are over the hump now and I'm hoping to have it in testnet by the end of the month.

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