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Hi Rob,

I didn't even realise it was live, sorry for the silly question but how exactly do i put it for sale :).

Hi Bro. Stav,

To put it for sale when you go the Opensea page to view it, be sure your metamask wallet is connected to the polygon chain, and the site should automatically recognize you as the owner (it uses Ethereum erc-20's key for authentication , it has no log in page).
Then you should see the Sell button in the top right.
Then click sell.

On another note I do see the problems that Earlz notified about with Portfolio Builder and fixing it right now. 



*** NFTs 2.0 are ready to Test ***

I successfully created a NFT called "Holograhic protection" 
I think the NFTs store looks solid, i noticed that the price in USD  that you see after the eth on polygon logo shows in USD but for the value of ethereum hence Bald Head for example thats sold for 0.75 Matic says "

So yeah feel free to buy my NFT then i can buy it back.

*** Portfolio Builder 2.0 is ready to Test ***

First i created a tBBP only stake, opened up Biblepay core>File>Receiving Adresses>New>(right click, Edit)>Changed name to Portfolio Builder.
 Copied the wallet adress and  went to Send and pasted the wallet adress. Populated the Amount and sent it away for staking.
After a few blocks it showed up at    @ Biblepay>Portfolio Leaderboard

bug: On leaderboard when you click on Summary/Details it doubles/increases the total amount of assets, for me i noticed this when i hit the summary and details my original staked amount doubled and thereafter after each click.
This seems to reset when you move away from portfolio leaderboard and reenter later its back at normal but then when you start looking details etc it begins  increasing again.

I also have some MATIC in the portfolio and the coverage seems about right the percentages.

Hi Bro Earlz,

Thank you for testing!

So on the nft, very cool, let me look at it and buy it and I will do another reply.  On a side note:  Since these nfts are on the chain, we can actually make our own storefront and checkout process so we can tailor the experience more, but I think for right now OpenSea is good especially since it has a lot of exposure, and btw, they allow people to use credit cards during the buy process. 

On another side note, they have a feature that is sort of broken (only works on ethereum) where we can embed single NFTs into BiblePay web pages (meaning its another option to make a nice Orphan NFT page) but its currently not working - I replied to one of their Github threads about it.

10-4 on the new portfolio builder position.  I saw that bug once and could not reproduce but now that you show more details let me try to reproduce that again.

Here is Stavs NFT he created in social (in the Christian room):

I see Stav has not entered it for sale yet.

And Earlz, here is your paperwallet one:

I see you have it for sale for $3,500 so its a little out of my price range lol.
You can edit it and change the price to something like ".001" Weth which is $3.20  ( I think that might be the house minimum).  If you get a warning: This price is below the collection floor price, thats OK you can still continue to click Sell Anyway. 

For yours you can simply Edit the price with the Pencil for example (or make a new NFT).

Active Discussions / Re: New mobile app - BETA testing
« on: January 15, 2022, 01:59:04 PM »
Hello, I created this Reddit thread for some help with regarding to the Unchained app. ( I can't send any BBP from it as it gives me an undefined error.
Hey Reaver, did the unchained wallet end up working properly?

*** Portfolio Builder 2.0 is ready to Test ***

Continuing on our trend with Metamask, Smart contracts, and defi, I have transitioned our next version of portfolio builder over to metamask (from trust wallet).

This new portfolio builder still rewards users for private key balances (your private BBP keys still stay in the core wallet).  There is no custodial risk (which is one of our big pluses).  However, when we were on TrustWallet, we were limited to monitoring select currencies, and they have a high listing requirement (something out of scope for BBP currently), and additionally the support for trustwallet UTXOs is pretty centralized.

So I think most users will welcome this new defi system where we can add almost an unlimited amount of various ERC-20 tokens/contracts (on BSC and Polygon for now) to our Portfolio Builder Reward System - as long as the contract is reputable).

For a start we support these initial 6 contracts:

Code: [Select]
            List<Asset> l1 = new List<Asset>();
            l1.Add(new Asset { Chain = "POLYGON", Symbol = "MATIC", ERCAddress = "0x0", Price=2.33 });
            l1.Add(new Asset { Chain = "BSC", Symbol = "BSC", ERCAddress = "0x0", Price=459.00 });
            l1.Add(new Asset { Chain = "POLYGON", Symbol = "WETH", ERCAddress = "0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619", Price=3226.59 });
            l1.Add(new Asset { Chain = "BSC", Symbol = "WBBP", ERCAddress = "0xcb1eec8630c5176611f72799853c3b7dbe4b8953", Price=.00008146 });
            l1.Add(new Asset { Chain = "BSC", Symbol = "CAKE", ERCAddress = "0x0e09fabb73bd3ade0a17ecc321fd13a19e81ce82", Price=10.81 });
            l1.Add(new Asset { Chain = "BSC", Symbol = "FIELD", ERCAddress = "0x04d50c032f16a25d1449ef04d893e95bcc54d747", Price=.003 });
            return l1;

To get an idea how to add a testnet position, first change to the testnet chain.
Verify your erc-20 address is saved in your Wallet page.
Next go to the biblepay core testnet wallet and make a new receive address, and label it Portfolio Builder. Copy the address to the clipboard.
Go back to social, to Wallet, and save this address in your "Portfolio Builder BBP Address" field.
(This lets unchained know two things:  Where your BBP rewards go to, and where to look for core staking transactions).

The good news is once these two fields are populated, we do everything else for you automatically (no need to set up new portfolio builder positions, we auto detect them - but you do have to send the BBP staking position to yourself in the core wallet, and, the new position to yourself in metamask initially).

To get started simply add a position from the list of assets you see above - over one of those two chains - to your metamask wallet.

Let me provide 3 examples:

Example 1 - A BiblePay Lone Stake (this means the user doesnt have a metamask position):
Stake 200,000 BBP in the core wallet
To do this:  Send 200K from your core wallet to the Portfolio Builder address.
You should now be in the leaderboard.

Example 2 - Stake $100 of BBP and $100 of Polygon:
Send 2Mil BBP to yourself in the core wallet. 
Step 2:  Send $100 of MATIC to yourself in metamask on the POLYGON chain.
You should now be in the leaderboard with 100% coverage with a hybrid BBP + MATIC position.
Click DETAILS to see two rows.

Example 3 - Stake $200 of BBP + $100 of WBBP + $100 of FIELD
Send 3 mil BBP to yourself in the core wallet.
Step 2: Send $100 of WBBP to yourself in metamask on the BSC chain.
Step 3: Send $100 of FIELD to yourself in metamask on the BSC chain.
You should now be in the leaderboard with 100% coverage with a hybrid BBP + FIELD + WBBP position.

We can use help testing this to verify that the positions establish, less coverage positions show as less coverage, and that we receive rewards daily in the core wallet for the positions.

Imho, this system has the potential of attracting millions of users also, since there are millions of metamask users (IE they earn latent rewards on coins that are under their own control).  In contrast to leaving them all in pools etc.  So this is one of our crown jewel features:  Christian retirement accounts.

Additionally, the sky is the limit on how many contracts we can add.  We can really add hundreds of reputable tokens.
Also:  With PB, we can assess both the primary chain token and also the contract balances.

I will be sure we pray about this on our bi-weekly call.

All:  If anyone is led to give, I will match the sum of the amount given in BBP at the end of the gathering.

Austin, please update us once a week with the total raised and also let us know when you are ending this.

*** NFTs 2.0 are ready to Test ***


 We have moved from homemade NFTs to OpenSea - Polygon - ERC-721 NFTs, primarily to:
- Provide a wider marketplace for "Christian NFTs", "Orphan NFTs", and "General NFTs" and SEO for those three marketplace pages
- Ability to pay for an NFT with Credit Card or any Polygon compatible currency
(Side Note:  I do want wBBP to be an option, but there is no BSC chain yet available for OpenSea, so for now to pay with wBBP, you have to do a cross chain transfer.  Example:  BBP->wBBP (BSC)->BNB (BSC)->BNB (Polygon)->MATIC->wEth (POLYGON).  )

So to test this, realize all NFTs created cannot be deleted - I did some research, and even people who want to delete them on opensea, their best option to date is to transfer the nft to the burn address (0x0).  So just be careful, if you click the Add NFT for Real box, it will really be added to opensea.

To test, you will need to save your ERC20 address from metamask in your user record.  Simply go to BBP | Wallet | ERC-20 Wallet | Refresh Balance, then once you see your ERC-20 public key populate, click Save, and this will save your address on your user record (we do not have access to your private key, so its safe).

You also need more than 1000 bbp in your mainnet address to test this.

So I recommend creating a real NFT that you might want to sell while you do testing.  Otherwise if you want to create a fake one, you can simply create it and not put a price on it and transfer it to the burn address later.

Im interested in knowing who creates one first so we can try buying it and then we can sell it back to another person, but please keep the price as low as possible so we can afford to play with it.

Once you save your NFT, our system mints an instance of an ERC721 contract and transfers it to you as the owner (so we do not actually own it), but, it gets minted into one of our three "collections" (think of those as rooms).  This allows you to view the collection that our users created.

Note that by default a new NFT is not listed for sale.  You have to create it first, then navigate to it with the link that we give you when you mint it, then click on "Sell" and set the price.  You can also find your NFT on opensea if you click on your logo | My collection.

Hi All-

Please stop testing NFTs for a while.

It looks like we can integrate with OpenSea and use the ERC-721 spec instead, which should give us much more NFT exposure, since the whole world can then view the NFTs.

I will update again when the code is ready to test.

Hey Everyone, thanks for testing Barley up to this point.
Although we are still testing, Im taking this time to tally our testing hours and pay what we owe to our testers.
But please continue testing for free until we finish our test cases and have our release.

Barley Testnet Hours per Tester:

Tester   Test Cases    Mins_Testing   Owed USD   Owed_BBP     TXID
Earlz   24   346   173   2162500                                                           0770e34dd1a42f39cd41008fc0d53398d571f6f0a02bfb7b715a666773e8f3e8
Andy    18   151   75.5   943750                                                             0e833d0207f4e63494a295990e3985e06951fc41e61776bddb5f05e8624192ba
Talisman   6   62   31   387500
AIDS   8   53   26.5   331250

Thank you guys.

That's a great idea for the project. Sorry what i meant was coinbase wallet its a bit like metamask but with the coinbase logo. Sorry im a bit of a noob with Ethereum token's, as far as i know it has support for the binance network.

Or am i just completely misunderstanding it?
On a mostly unrelated note, Heres an example of one token that isnt on coinbase but allows you to checkout and buy their token with coinbase, know ahead of time you have to be logged in to get to the screen where you can see the coinbase payment option :      (Keeping this here as a guide for us when we can do this).

As far as this new metamask liquidity, it does open us up to being able to buy bbp with many more options (since wBBP is Uniswap compatible now).
- You can buy bbp on SX, then wrap it to wBBP then send it to metamask
- You can buy BNB first, say you already have some in Metamask, you can go to Yieldfields, and click Uniswap Exchange, and when metamask comes up you can convert BNB to wBBP!
- Or you can transfer wBBP from one metamask wallet to another (I created two metamasks for testing and did that yesterday just to see the transaction) which btw costed me .07 cents on BNB.  Since they are much cheaper per transaction than ETH chain.

Let me know if I answered it or not my friend.

Great  work!

wbbp is not supported by coinbase wallet is it? I just wanted to double check.


Thanks, Dynaxius is the one who originally released wBBP so credit to him for that and thinking about BSC.

As far as coinbase, no we arent listed there yet as their minimum listing requirements are pretty high (I recvd an email from them about a year ago and it was something like $20mil per day volume).  But one thing we can do with coinbase is apply as a merchant, which gives our users the ability to pay for things with a coinbase acct (such as an NFT or an orphan).  We should definitely do that, then we can have their partner logo and their checkout process.  Its similar to integrating with paypal.

Hi Earlz:

See attached pic:
This shows that your sanc and my sanc have gone to POOS 0 (0 is Good Standing) and these are the two with the Bios of children (see the very last column of the Bio Url) that we set up last night at 1am Sweden time.

So this means we should now be getting sanc rewards.   (100 bbp for a non orphan sanc, 2700~ bbp for an orphan sanc).

Hi All,

I forgot to ask for your BBP receive addresses when I asked you all to sign up as bbp testers.

At this time I need your BBP receive addresses so I can pay out what we owe in test cases up to this point:

#1 - Earlz

#2 - AndrewScribner-Kairos Childrens Fund

#3 - Talisman


Please post here.

Then we will continue testing until complete with free testing from the loyal members that have persevered.

At this time Paid testing has ended.

Thank you for what you have done up to this point.

*** BiblePay on PancakeSwap - Add liquidity with wBBP (Wrapped BIBLEPAY) Plus BNB (Binance Smart Contract Coin) ***

If you would like to add liquidity to the wBBP/BNB pool, you can do so from this URL on pancakeswap:

If you need wBBP, go to wrapping services and convert BBP to wBBP here:

If you need BNB, you can now buy it on SouthXChange.

Whats the idea here?  You are providing liquidity to the pair at pancakeswap, which means your investment value will increase if BNB/BBP increases.

To add wBBP to your MetaMask wallet as a custom token:

For wbbp/field or wbbp/mue staking, farming, pools:

Hello Brother Rob.

I got testnet Sanctuary up and running on my pi 4 now. I had some issues with syncing up on the testnet, then i realized i had forgotten to set up the ports on ufw *facepalm*
Anyways its up and running, OS version: Ubuntu 21.04  and i gotta say its running smooth over wifi, no ethernet cable needed.

 Temps around 37 celsius (98 Fahrenheit)  Cpu usage on conky seems to be around 4-5%.
8GB ram and 220GB m.2 sata ssd so i skipped the swapfile setup.
I ran in terminal:
Code: [Select]
[email protected]:/opt/biblepay-develop/biblepay/src$ ./biblepay-cli mnsync status
  "AssetID": 999,
  "AssetStartTime": 1640865359,
  "Attempt": 0,
  "IsBlockchainSynced": true,
  "IsSynced": true

And it looks fine.
I also ran the
Code: [Select]
./biblepay-cli masternode status  and received   },
  "state": "READY",
  "status": "Ready"

So looks fine from what i can tell. 

I will redo the Greeting card test case on social now.

Test Case # 12

Logged in at
Code: [Select]  then top left menue path: Biblepay>Greeting Card  then i populated the fields
Q1. Does the card appear to be correct?

Indeed it worked just fine, got 2 pop up windows as follow:

Then i simply clicked the link to the greeting card. Looks solid to me.

So i was thinking about this greeting card thing.
It would be real sweet to on the mobile biblepay  wallet to be able to cash in the greeting cards with a qr code , kinda like you get an invoice and you can just scan the qr code and sign the transaction more or less...

Well was just an idea i had to step up the game  8)

Hi Bro Earlz,

Wow thats really excellent.

So you have a RasPi that is virtually better in most respects than the average pc (except its one core and of course the performance on the RAM and SSD is a little lower than buses on pcs) but you have a modern OS (21.04) so I assume there are no compile problems, or did you need a lot of arch switches and changes to the compile pattern?
How long does it take to sync from zero in testnet?

So yeah I see you in Sancs list, thats awesome, now we have 3.  I just tested LLMQ and it does not work yet, but we need to wait the full 48 hours still.

Excellent on the greeting card.  Yeah, thats a nice idea about redeeming funds on the mobile, we can mention that to MIP on the next call.

I'm going to work on dbAAS next, this allows any biblepay user to spin up a Database instance on our cluster and subscribe to a mysql database for themselves using our service.

Im also starting on the federated social network.  This lets anyone spin up a copy of and let it integrate with their private copy.

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