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Acts 24 Bible Study Questions
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Acts 24 Bible Study Questions

Acts 24:1-9 Flattery, what is it? How can we spot it? How can we avoid using it
ourselves? How does flattery show a lack of trust in God?

Acts 24:10-21 What is the foundational truth for Christianity? How does the doctrine of
the resurrection affect your salvation? How does it affect your daily walk with Jesus? How does it affect the truthfulness of our Message?

Acts 24:15-16 Talk about our conscience. What is it and why has God given everyone a
conscience? What happens if we do not listen to our conscience? What happens to our conscience when we fail to respond to Godís Word?

Acts 24:22-27 Talk about how God is faithful to care for His children. How did God care
for Paul and bless him even in his time of difficulty? What are some examples of how God has blessed you in difficult circumstances?

Acts 24:25 Discuss why it is essential that we obey God immediately. How does delaying obedience to God affect us spiritually?


* Pray that the Lord will watch over your lips this week.
* Pray for someone that needs to know Jesus as their savior.
* Pray that you will not go against your conscience unless it is something that is clearly stated in Godís Word. Pray for today's service that Godís Word would touch the hearts and consciences of all who would hear.
* Spend some time thanking God for all His blessings to your life.
* Pray that you will each be sensitive to hear and obey all of Godís Word.