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BiblePay -
Mandatory upgrade for Sanctuaries (Leisure Upgrade for Users)

- Ensure investor blocks are always 50% (+7 bbp)
- Help revive our LLMQ Quorums

The Linux binaries in appear to only have  BiblePay.BMSD

Thanks bro Oncoapop, I am ready to release now, and will check that and announce it shortly.

Hi Rob,

Since version my Sanctuary keeps going to invest , i revieveSanc then its fine for  a bit and then after a while it goes back to been Invest, any ideas?

Hi bro Budinga, hope you have been good!

Could you give me the sanc IP?
You can try this, from the home IP type:
telnet your_sanc_ip your_sanc_port
And see if it answers?

If other nodes can see your sanc it should stay in non investor state.

Oh btw, you have to allow whatever your port is through your VMS firewall too (as a sanc). 

Blast from the Past

We used to have an RPC command back in mid 2019 called "Version Report".  It was useful in determining how much of the network upgraded from one version of BBP to another.

I decided to throw that back in the code as it is useful right now to see when we get a supermajority of the sancs mining on v0.17.4.2 (meaning that the Investor payments will be reduced to 50% when this number gets closer to 90%+).

This report was just released in the latest version (above), but for now, I ran it:

exec versionreport

  "Command": "versionreport",
  "version_report": {
    "Version": "Popularity,Percent %",
    "1737": "100; 48.78%",
    "1738": "40; 19.51%",
    "1741": "65; 31.71%"

This means that a supermajority of the sancs are still mining on old versions.

PS We actually need 70%+ to upgrade to for the investor pay distribution feature to work correctly.

Mandatory Upgrade for Sanctuaries and Home Controller Wallets

- Add more robust POSE ban for investors (keep our quorums intact) and keep investor payments at 50%
- Add Investor pose status to masternodelist UI and masternodelist rpc command
- Added exec versionreport so we can see the % that have upgraded

** Note: On your self compiled sanctuary, you can simply type "git pull origin master && make -j4" to upgrade.  Then stop and restart all instances.

Thank you, Rob. Perfect timing: I am going to try to resync using since the chain on 2/10 of my sancs on the temple has been halted >12 hours.

Output of `getblockcount` for each sanc
1.   444333
2.   444333
3.   444333
4.   444086 <---
5.   444333
6.   444333
7.   444333
8.   444333
9.   444159 <---
10.   444333

Mode(s) of the dataset: 444333

Sancs 4 and 9 are halted since 7:36 this morning. Time now 20:45

However, the 2 sancs in question report being ok:

Sanc 4
  "AssetID": 999,
  "AssetStartTime": 1693214535,
  "Attempt": 0,
  "IsBlockchainSynced": true,
  "IsSynced": true
    "PoSePenalty": 0,
    "PoSeBanHeight": -1,
    "revocationReason": 0,

Sanc 9
  "AssetID": 999,
  "AssetStartTime": 1693213491,
  "Attempt": 0,
  "IsBlockchainSynced": true,
  "IsSynced": true
    "PoSePenalty": 0,
    "PoSeBanHeight": -1,
    "revocationReason": 0,

I only checked as you previously mentioned a similar issue. I don't remember any of my sancs going out of sync with each other previously, but I did not have this many sancs before and certainly not all on one VPS.

Furthermore, Sanc 4 mined blocks at 00:35 and 12:16 (the former maybe it was in sync but the later, I recorded that it was AFTER it was halted and lagged by at least 50 block at 7:35) and Sanc 9 mined blocks at 07:34 and 18:35 (I am sure that both times, Sanc 9 was out of sync as I recorded it was lagging at least by 50 blocks at 08:16).

Is there any mechanism to ensure sancs in a temple are in sync with one another? I caught this as I have a script (attached) to find the mode (most common ie consensus) height of the sancs in the temple and then flag any that deviate from this by at least 50 blocks.


Hi Bro Oncoapop,

Glad you mentioned this; I observed the same conditions on my sancs (10%-15% halted at around the same block numbers, chain wont continue).
There is a lot of related detail to this answer.  First of all, the chain is healthy.  If a sanc gets halted at a block, that means its view of the chain wont allow it to continue due to InstantSend rules.
Since we have deterministic sancs enabled, LLMQ on, chainlocks On, instantsend On, there is a very high level of integrity to the chain itself (you cant add a block to the chain unless it passes the chainlocks rules for the whole supermajority).
However, an instantsend transaction that is 'questionable' can actually stop the chain on an individual sanc, if that sanc feels it is a dangerous lock.
I believe this is what happened because of Talismans transaction (certain sancs had it in memory) and when they get resyned with -erasechain=1, finally they are purged of the memory.
The other thing is with this Investor mode, we have a high level of sancs that are not keeping the quorums (because they are confused who to talk to), so without quorums, we have this propensity of not agreeing on IX tx's; when our quorums are "on", we all advance in lock step.
One other problem we have right now is since LLMQ quorums arent sticking, half of our investors are being paid full block rewards (in contrast to 50%).

Thankfully I believe there is a solution to all this without a mandatory upgrade.  Im releasing a mandatory upgrade for the sancs later today that should make the sancs lock in the LLMQs and place investors in their investor brackets more accurately; then we can reassess the situation.  The telltale sign is to check our LLMQ quorums over a couple weeks and see if we stay in quorum mode.

In the mean time, just relaunch any sanc that is out of sync with -erasechain=1. 
Both chainz and SX are not affected.


Sanctuary Block Sync feature

If you have the need to sync BBP blocks fast, you can download the chain from

(Useful if you have more than one sanc for example, and you want to spawn multiple copies of the chain to data directories).

Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: August 20, 2023, 06:55:44 AM »
I'm facing a problem the balance doesn't change from -1.00 no matter how many times refreshed.
Yeah, I see the problem...
We have a cluster of sancs down from sanc1-3 due to a reindex operation.

Please try again in 10 minutes and it should be back up.



TXBIT.IO (Coin Exchange) is going out of business.


Thank you for releasing the new BBP wallet version!

It reinstalls over the old and the previous issues were addressed!

1. Selecting Unchained from the wallet after install of the new version shows BMS upgrading and reinstalls BMS directory (which I previously deleted).
2. Unchained then loads in the (default, in my case Edge) browser and is automatically logged in with the correct BBP value in the address and Unchained version. All my NFTs are correctly displayed!
3. The phone works well and very clear from my BBP number to my Canadian cell phone! I can call the BBP number from my cell phone but I did not know it was ringing unless I had my browser window open and could see the pop up.
4. I also tried SMS which works both ways! This is great!

Congratulations on the success! Excellent work! Thank you!  :)


Hi Bro. Damian,

Hey thanks for testing this.  I'm so glad the bootloader works more professionally now (doesn't let the user hang if it needs to sync the initial files for the first time, or if it needs to upgrade.  It also kills straggling copies when it upgrades).

So I'm really happy you tested the phone, thank you sir.

SMS is still a work in progress; there are some issues with certain countries SMS to each other; I actually released that by accident, sorry.  I need to explain some of these goals; because they are rather complex now.  (For example, competing with Zoho and making an SSO for BBP users with an Outlook type inbox, etc).

I got your DM about the NFT... I'm going to debug that, it brings up some very good points.  I have a hunch that the 'common sense' used when we had ERC712 possibly some of those rules got lost when I moved back to native BBP; sigh, its a stressful situation.  On one hand I like the rigid interface of ERC20 NFTs but otoh I like it when BBP owns the NFT natively... Let me elaborate after I debug the specific issue.

I also owe a broad discussion on the roadmap.  You have some great ideas but we have limited resources.  I think what we need is to get this roadmap into a gantt chart and a project mgmt system with stories and epics so we can understand whats currently slated as compared to the potential wishlist, and we can also let the community (or possibly the Sancs) vote on what we do each quarter!


Active Discussions / Re: March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: August 15, 2023, 06:55:35 PM »
rob again I can't dial other countries numbers

Please post everything leading up to the problem; IE if you have a phone number and can call US numbers - and then the flow and then the problem.

Just a friendly note, Oncoapop, in the inner text of the instructions, its supposed to be 4,500,001 for the collateral.

Dear Rob,

As I have deleted my BMS directory, BMS no longer launches but a parallel version on my other desktop shows BiblePay v4.3.2 on the Chrometab and BiblePay Unchained v6.07 on the home page. The wallet shows the correct address BUT a balance of -1.00 BBP.

Interestingly, using the Phone service tab (Phone v.12), it correctly reports my Unchained BBP address (BAu...WRR) AND CORRECT balance (1,335,601... BBP), but fails to make a call as I am not logged in.

Also, when I purchase (Buy it now) NFT Lamb (2,514 BBP), my wallet is charged 2,514 BBP and 4.73 BBP but fails to appear under my NFTs as I am not logged in.


Theres got to be a reason its not upgrading from 4.3.2 to 6.5.2 - I sent you a DM about it and we can try a reinstall with reupgrade to see where it falters in the ugprade process.

So on the lamb, I added a piece of BL lately that stops a user from buying an NFT if they are not logged in but you have to be upgraded to see that.
Once you upgrade we can see if you can view the lamb in My NFTs.

In the near future we will be able to show the user more clearly that the node is upgrading (IE a message) and we can also enforce the new version when it has broken compatibility (IE when a major release is released, the node should stop working and show a clear message that it has to upgrade, otherwise it dies off).  I'm working on that.

Thanks for the update Oncoapop.

I got called to be best man at a wedding so things have been a little behind here, but I'm checking on this today.

I forgot to mention, on the localhost version of Unchained, we no longer use metamask.
It strictly connects to the unchained.conf file, gets your keypair, and considers you logged in if it has a valid keypair.
This keypair links your wallet to the cockroachdb user record instance which gets your Nickname (and allows you to use social media features etc as a community user).

We should not have changed the location of the unzip; I will look at the installer process and for a log and get back to you.

What version are you currently showing on the home page?

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