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    • June 21, 2018, 07:17:43 PM
Kairos Childrens Fund is a small sponsorship organization. Biblepay is supporting 10 of the Kairos Children's fund kids. We are a charity in the Philippines helping children to get a good education, knowing that this is the best way to help them climb out of poverty. 

Since it is summer, we are raising money for the summer projects which we offer the children. Each of them are attending a church-based discipleship program, and we also give them the opportunity to learn a musical instrument or join a sports clinic. I am requesting 600,000BBP, which at the current rate is $160(as of March 21).

We are really thankful - as the kids are also - for the support from Biblepay.

The next school year will start in July.

We encourage sponsors who will want to develop a relationship with their scholar, and desire to encourage them throughout their education.

This link ( will download the brochure that will allow you to sponsor a child, if you would like to individually support.
Check out our facebook page or website for information and updates...

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