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Hi, I want to start a new campaign to attract countless users and introduce others to biblepay coin

In the form of a tweet with free coin content for the amount ??
One or more people will be paid within 24 hours if they do the following
For example, these things can
Follow the biblepay coin Twitter account
As well as join to Telegram
Add friends and comment wallet address

It can be sent from one dollar to much more than a few hundred dollars at random to one or more people who join the campaign in each tweet with a specific time
For example, a End's after 24 hours or 5 days or even 1 hour

This is a well-known method for attracting users and widespread and targeted advertising, which is used by many large or even new projects.

I currently have 3,000 followers on Twitter, but for this campaign, the amount of followers does not matter much, because for the reward, most active users participate in this method if one or two actual payments are made.

I only collect 10% of the amount of each campaign and send the rest to the winners.

Again, this is just an idea and a suggestion to attract new users, be generous and have targeted advertising.
For me, each tweet will be 10% of the total amount collected, which is a good incentive and earns me money, and I can also be useful as a member of the community.

If you agree with the start of this campaign, I will leave the wallet address here to collect the cost. Support it whenever it reaches an acceptable amount, for example a few dollars, I will tweet with the same amount

This is also my Twitter address for sending messages or talking more

biblepay address for take campaign Give


Once again, 90% will be sent to the winner or winners who are selected with the software and everything will be recorded transparently.

I tried once, but because there was no prize, it was not very well received. I hope that with your help, the community, I can form a continuous and useful campaign.

Also at the end of your article another suggestion for dear Rob
Why not register the biblepay coin in the Tip app and exchange of
It costs one dollar and has several hundred thousand active users. I am one of its users

Thank you for all your support and I am happy to work in a Christian community to make the earth a better place.

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