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Thanks for the update Rob....

Sure and btw, Tokok didn't respond to my email (for my withdrawal request) but they did send me my Ethereum.  However I didnt get my biblepay...  Will check with them again before I make a judgement call on them...

*** Tokok is going out of business ***

I just found out (one of our exchanges) is apparently going out of business immediately.  There is a notice on the web site that in order to withdraw your coins you must e-mail them.  Please check into it if you have any there.

I've got about 5MM or so sitting in there so I will go through the process and let you all know how the experience went.

May this be a lesson for exchanges who report dishonest volume figures:  God is watching.  One positive thing about this is we are no longer affiliated to this dishonest practice nor should we partner with anyone who has unfair weights or measures or practices a lie.  When we signed up for Tokok, I believed the coinmarketcap volume figures and we had to find out the hard way they were being fabricated by their own internal software.

Then the shady withdrawal process on Tokok, even if they honor the withdrawals, they've got it set up to charge you a 5% per month fee on your balance (so your balance will be gone in 20 months).  This is basically a legal (in their eyes, scam in my eyes) way to steal all the account balances they currently have.  They need to repent....

*** Note regarding our RandomX Pools ***

MineXMR is our payment provider for outbound XMR payments from our pools to the user.  (We pay half of the rewards in BBP, which come from our pool, and half in XMR which come from the external partner pool).

MineXMR is going out of business on Aug 12th, 2022 so we had to switch payment providers.

In the case of and, we switched over to

The change has just been made.  You should not notice any difference as a miner.  The only apparent change is when you navigate (from the left menu) to Pool | XMR inquiry, you will see Support XMR which is a page where you can paste in your XMR address and see what your owed balance is.  (Regarding any amount MineXMR owes you I am sure they will make a final payment, but you can always manually go to and click Pay Now with your address pasted in).

Technical Note for Pool Owners:  Please switch your config value [ "XMRExternalPool" ] from to "".

May everyone be blessed by God.

Production Proposals / August 2022 Cameroon One Orphan Expenses
« on: July 29, 2022, 03:18:47 PM »
We are transitioning back to Monthly governance proposals (from POOS).
We currently sponsor 35 orphans from cameroon-one, but our monthly budget will not cover the entire portfolio.
(Rob is currently covering the difference).

This proposal is for the July expenses.
I am seeking 12.8MM bbp (approx $400) which should cover approx 10 orphans of our 35.

Dear Rob,

The Hash of (linux wallet) does not appear to match the published hash on the website

Published hash                        = 70e0c55f4af8c93f2387e8e91aa56f27972d969b2c633472e1f46bedb53a4214
Newly Downloaded file hash = ac764d5e04e05d7ae1c13a555f01b98bdf35786eb6137261281ff518d32ee03d
Hashes do not match...


Thanks for pointing that out.

The problem was not any security issue, but that the deploy script somehow lost the permissions to write the hash to the web site.
I fixed the deploy process and redeployed.

The Win64.hash.htm is now c2ba*.
The Lin64.hash.htm is now 648c*.

** We now have two superblocks per day for Portfolio Builder **

First, to find out what the ROI is for portfolio builder, please see this page:

Notice that we now accept "portfolio builder donations".  This allows users who feel charitable to donate to our portfolio builder kitty (any amount they want) and this raises the ROI for all the other participants for 30 days (the donation is split among participants for 30 days).  See the "PB Donations" page for more info.

So realize that you will receive two rewards per day:
One for the base reward matching the PB Leaderboard
One for the excess ROI sourced from donations

May God be pleased with BiblePay.

Received another! 3 millon BBP....
TOtal 6 Million!
here is a link of yestardays news in English!
I'll provide the latest news english link when I see,,,,
It was on our local channels news I'll provide the english article when its available!

Thanks for the article.

We will keep praying against this flood and for the restoration of these people.

today another 30 villages have gone under water!
Oh no, thats terrible.  Do you have any news links about this current flood?
Most of our news in the US is now polluted with left-wing aligned news about various subjects.

Production Proposals / July 2022 Cameroon-One Orphan Expenses
« on: June 25, 2022, 06:54:34 PM »
We are transitioning back to Monthly governance proposals (from POOS).
We currently sponsor 35 orphans from cameroon-one, but our monthly budget will not cover the entire portfolio.
(Rob is currently covering the difference).

This proposal is for the July expenses.
I am seeking 12.8MM bbp (approx $400) which should cover approx 10 orphans of our 35 for July.

Last time we distributed 30+ families !
you guys showed amazing support by contributing 37% of 480$ total raised!

but this time the flood have more serious impact lots of people are suffering!

we need emergency funding to help these people and I believe in God & you guys!

over 17 village is under water..
We need your support!

we aim for 20$ per family this time!

here is the BBP address:


Here is Monero address:


I'll provide almost live fundraising report!

Guys, Austin said this last distribution was a success with 30 families being helped.  Take a look at the two attached pics of the bagged food.

Plz pray about this and if you feel led, please consider donating to this cause.

He mentioned to me he needs to pull in the donations by July 1st so they can go out and distribute them that week, so the need is dire right now.

BiblePay Current Discussion / Re: Hope for orphans center
« on: June 22, 2022, 01:09:59 PM »
Phase Iv

Hello brothers and sisters,

Receive much greetings from Kenya family. We are writing to seek for your prayers and any kind support towards our orphanage centre.  You have made us achieve some 3 phases. We say thank for all who have been of help. We look forward to do the above item.

 In a number of days things have not been going well on our end. We seek from you friends a support to help in food, clothes, school supplies (books, pens and school uniforms) on this food is the major thing to make them strong. We pray for God to open ways this phase to be complete. Once the project is done will attach all pictures

For those at heart to help here is the south exchange depositing : BMqkugTgJdEXMZa7uTxdPFsAbQTrMkqSSc

 or you can do western union through; Joshua oendo Isaiah. P.o box 8 ogembo 40204 Kenya Africa. ‪+254 725 564 930‬.

May the Lord richly bless you as we look forward for a kind help.

Hope for orphans center.

Pastor Joshua.

God bless you Pastor Joshua and may God richly bless the orphans in HFOC.

Thanks, that seems fairly straightforward.  :)

I noticed the setup specifies ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Is there a reason not to use the latest version of ubuntu LTS (long term support)? Meaning ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Just that its not tested.  If it works we can adjust the instructions.

Active Discussions / Re: June 2022 - TestNet Release - Exodus
« on: June 18, 2022, 11:59:06 AM »

Evenin brother Rob.

my mainnet adress is:
Code: [Select]
I hope this next biblepay release will  propel biblepay to a bright future.
Thanks for having me man.

Thanks Earlz, sent you 5MM.

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